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Discovering Your Life's Purpose

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A Resolution or a Revolution?

You decide to go on a strict diet to lose weight. Pay all your credit card debt. Eat only healthy food. Join an exercise club and visit it regularly. Visit your parents or grandparents more often.

These are examples of some of the most popular types of New Year Resolutions people make every year. And almost always, these types of resolutions leave people feeling unhappy at the end as they fail to stay committed to them. These resolutions become a source of failure, year after year. They are inherently unrewarding and carry a sense of guilt. They make people feel small instead of wonderful. This should not be the way you start a new year. What to do then?

I suggest that instead of a resolution, you make a revolution. What is the difference?

Resolutions tend to be superficial, touching only the surface of your appearance, personal habits and social persona. A revolution, on the other hand, digs deep inside you to touch, ignite, and inspire the essence of your being, your view of life, and the purpose of your existence.

A revolution means a totally new way for you to think, work, behave, and live. It involves a breakthrough in the way you see your role in life, bringing more clarity, purpose, and excitement to everything you do. And it starts with a re-discovery of yourself, your special gifts, and your purpose on earth.

If this sounds like a difficult thing to do, there are ways to bring this down to a doable level. HumaNext offers emotional intelligence training that makes this possible. And the training is available both in a public event in May, or online as part of the HumaNext facilitation certification process. (See below.)


Develop Your Emotional Self

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How to Discover Your Genius - With a Lesson from Apple's Steve Jobs

A powerful exercise that moves you toward self discovery is called "Discovering Your Genius" , where you come up with specific words that best describe your essence, or your life's calling. But what is this thing we call "your genius"? Your Genius is the exceptional power and energy that come most naturally to you. It's your unique gift, the essence of your personality, and the reason for your being. In your work and career: Your genius has been the source of satisfaction and success in work you have done in the past and will do in the future. Spiritually: Your genius can be thought of as the energy of your soul and the answer to the question of why you exist on earth and what you bring to the world and the human community. In its day to day manifestation, your genius is the major reason why some situations feel just right while others feel just awful.

Discovering your genius has many benefits: It gives you a stronger sense of identity, grants you a clearer sense of direction, increases your self confidence and provides you with the language to communicate your contributions to the world and the way you benefit others.

After doing the two activities and several months of contemplation and refinements, the purpose of my life became crystal clear: To fully apply myself and work my genius to help people, and organizations, grow, achieve, and add value to life.

One of the best examples of the power of discovering and following your life's calling or your purpose can be found in the way Steve Jobs, the famed founder of Apple, convinced then Pepsi's President Scully to leave his job at one of the best international companies in the world and come work for him at the relatively small and unknown company Apple. Jobs asked Scully: "Do you want to spend the rest of your life manufacturing colored water or do you want to change the world?" Scully said that he could not sleep that night after hearing that question that compelled him to confront the purpose of his life squarely in the face. He ended up accepting Jobs' challenge and left Pepsi to join Jobs' mission of changing the world.

Note: You can discover your life's purpose and learn how to coach others to discover theirs as part of our "Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work" workshop.

© 2009- 2012 Francois Basili, President of HumaNext.

Discover your genius and the purpose of your life

Discover your genius and the purpose of your life as you develop higher self awareness:  


How to discover the purpose of your life and coach people to discover theirs

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