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The Coaching Leader- Work as Sports Leadership Workshop



Importing the Essence of Engagement and Motivation from Sports to Your Work Team

A football or soccer coach does not need to worry about his team’s motivation or engagement. They wouldn’t have made it to the team if they were not totally motivated to play, even crazy about playing at all times. Motivation and engagement are never a problem in the sports world.

Yet we find managers too often complaining that employees lack motivation to work and perform. They seem to be eternally looking for ways to motivate and engage their staff. Why do players work so hard on their practice, training, building their bodies and skills and do their utmost best on the field without the need for external motivation, while employees do not?

In “The Coaching Leader- Work as Sports” we explore the essence of human motivation and examine the source of the desire to excel and win. We enable leaders to find the triggers of motivation and engagement that work so powerfully in sports and import them to the work culture.

In addition to teaching leadership skills, this innovative workshop will also enable managers to combat negativity at work, confront low morale and cynicism, and create motivated and engaged teams that are capable of a winning performance.

Learn More About this Workshop on this Page


What Makes Sports So Exciting? - Lessons from the World Cup

  • We explored the factors that make sports games so exciting.
  • We have been researching this interesting topic for the past two years.
  • We looked deeply into the hidden causes of excitement and pleasure present in game-play.
  • In our quest, we sought to identify the factors that make play exciting:
    • - Is it competition?
    • - Is it the desire to win?
    • - Is it the trophy? The status of the champion?
    • The recognition and admiration of many?
    • - What about the monetary and non-monetary rewards? But even when no money is paid, people still love to play.
    • - What role does the coach play? Is it the intense human bond he / she creates with the players that motivates them?
    • - What about the team spirit and team members?
    • - Does it have something to do with deep inner human needs like the need to prove oneself; the need to accomplish; the need to excel?
  • - Is it a combination of all or some of these factors?
The answer: It is the combination of all these forces in one process of serious play that delivers the fascinating motivational power players experience.

Now you can import that same power from sports to your work-team using our ready-to-deliver Coaching Leader training workshop. Learn more about it on this page and request a sample copy.

coaching-leader- L-man.jpg

Re-Imagining Work as Sports: New Leadership Concepts

Your leadership training and management development programs no longer need to be limited to tired ideas like the difference between the leader and the manager. You can now deliver a powerful leadership workshop that covers the essential skills needed by executives and managers in a much more exciting way, offering content and experiences that enable your participants to be fully engaged as they experience the excitement of learning a new approach to leading and coaching others.

“The Leader as Coach- Work as Sports” workshop covers critical leadership skills like delegation, motivation, coaching, communication, performance management, team building, and others. Yet you will be able to deliver these skills in the exciting sports-metaphor format that people will easily and enthusiastically relate to and enjoy.

We examine the notion of a “Fair Playing Field”:

  • “The only way I'd worry about the weather is if it snows on our side of the field and not on theirs.” - Tommy Lasorda

We explore the essence of "Motivation":

  • “We should not have to push you to work hard, you should work hard because you want to be a great player.” - Bobby Knight

We discuss the role of "Purpose and Goals”:

  • “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” - Tom Landry

work as sports 200.jpg

Why Compare Work and Play

  • People have always contrasted business and pleasure, viewing them as two different and distinct domains.
  • Yet many top executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs say that they find great pleasure in their work. They seem to love their work so much they don’t mind working long hours and exerting a lot of effort with no complaints. For them, work and pleasure have become one and the same.


  • What made it possible for them to feel that way? And what can a leader do to help staff feel this way to achieve huge rewards for them personally and for the organization as well?


Training that Appeals to Men and Women, in the US and Internationally

In The Coaching Leader, we use the setting of a soccer coach. Soccer was chosen because it appeals equally to men and women.

Moreover, soccer is the number one sport in the world (known as “football”, so the program has an international appeal as well.)


Order Now

The workshop comes with a step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide in MS Word, PowerPoint Slides, and a Reproducible Participant Workbook that you can reproduce to unlimited number of participants.

Before ordering The Coaching Leader; Work As Sports- an electronic product that cannot be returned -  please request a Sample Package. Please specify the title of this program in your request and email complete business contact information to service@humanext.com  

For a Limited Time: Order “The Coaching Leader- Work as Sports” for one user. Pay only $295.00  

Purchase Organization License for $1,995.00  

Or purchase license for up to 3 users from the same organization for $695.00  

coaching-leader-group L.jpg

What if work became as exciting as play?

  • This is the powerful concept behind "The Coaching Leader - Work as Sports" innovative training workshop. Now you can deliver supervisory and leadership training unlike any you’ve known before.


  • Instead of worn-out concepts like the difference between leadership and management, superficial motivational “tricks”, and simplistic, mechanical interpersonal tactics, this workshop goes directly to the source of human behavior to stir intrinsic motivation and inspire committed action.


  • The training is based on an exciting comparison between the worlds of work and play, asking the intriguing question: Why can’t work be as exciting and self-motivating as play?


  • The workshop examines the factors that make play exciting, and offers ways and skills for the leader to act as a coach to create these factors in his or her team players and work culture.

work as sport 145.jpg

Leadership and Management Training at its Best

Based on concepts and lessons from emotional intelligence, motivation, employee engagement, Industrial Psychology, human communication, teamwork, and leadership, the workshop delivers to participants reality-based approaches to leadership, team coaching, and supervision.

The result is leadership and management training at its most innovative best – an experiential workshop your participants will love to take and talk about to their colleagues.

coaching-leader 380.jpg

How to Make Work as Exciting as Play

But even if we fully understood all the factors that make play so exciting, is it really possible to duplicate these factors in the work environment? Isn’t it really a stretch to even imagine that work can ever be as exciting as play?

Through our work, we came to the realization that it is possible to create a work culture in which work becomes as exciting as play. The proof is all around us. We already know people who find their work so exciting. Many top executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians, actors, writers, scientists, and artists do. You most likely know some of them. It is certainly worth finding out what makes it possible for them to find pleasure in their work, and how we can do the same.

The factors that make play exciting are all tied to deep human needs. They are not superficial or light-weight. These same human needs are at play at work. For work to become as exciting as play it has to respond directly and effectively to employees’ human needs. Our work in this area has led us to identify ten specific factors that make play exciting. We then explored the ways a leader can develop a leadership style that fosters these factors at work.


From Sports to Work: Entering Your “Flow” or “In-the-Zone” State

Psychologists have identified a peak-performance state of working – or playing - called flow. Some sports players refer to this state as being “in-the-zone”.

Flow comes when people become fully engaged in a task in which they are highly skilled and which stimulates their emotions and intellect, in effect their entire being.

In “Work as Sports” we examine this state of being and offer ways to create it at work, duplicating the way tennis or basketball players do it on the field.

coaching leader-volleyball.jpg

Lessons from Legendary Sports Coaches

In “Work as Sports” we offer a number of significant “Insights” that enable leaders to re-imagine the way they manage and motivate employees. We benefited from the many books, research papers, websites, and training videos about sports coaching and leadership. We studied the life and works of many legendary sports coaches in various sports, including soccer, American football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other sports.

Integrating what we’ve learned from these sources, we offer new ways of understanding critical notions like winning, competition, individuality and teamwork, delegation, authoritarian or participatory leadership, boundaries of performance: when and how to break them, and other issues vital for leadership and breakthrough performance.

work as sports circle-half.jpg

Redefining Winning, and other Sports and Work Concepts


  • We offer a deeper look at the notion of winning than the one offered by Vince Lombardi who said, “If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?” We agree, but offer a redefinition of winning that ties it to the human need of self-actualization and continuous self development. We explain why winning is a positive reinforcing factor, and how to pursue it at work in a nondestructive way.


Covers the Essential Leadership Skills in a Much More Stimulating Style

Your leadership training and management development programs no longer need to be limited to tired ideas like the difference between the leader and the manager. You can now deliver a powerful leadership workshop that covers the essential skills needed by executives and managers in a much more exciting way, offering content and experiences that enable your participants to be fully engaged as they experience the excitement of learning a totally new approach to leading and coaching others.

“Work as Sports – Leader as Coach” workshop covers the important leadership skills like delegation, motivation, coaching, communication, performance management, team building, and others. Yet you will be able to deliver these skills in the exciting sports-metaphor format that people will easily and enthusiastically relate to and enjoy.


The Super Bowl: Can it teach us Leadership?

Super Bowl (America’s premier sports event) number XLIV is on Sunday February 7. Can you learn, and teach, leadership skills from a football game? Or, by extension, from a soccer game? Let’s first look at some numbers related to this fascinating event:

  • Seventy-five thousand fans will jam into the Sun Life Stadium on Sunday to watch the Super Bowl.
  • A hundred million others will be in their living rooms glued to their HDTV with guacamole, chips and six pack in hand, watching the game.
  • 51% of the Super Bowl audience tunes in mainly for the commercials, according to Nielsen's Homescan survey.
  • Advertisers pay a fortune to get eyeballs on their brands. They pay a $3 million for each 30-second spot.
  • What's the winning formula for a 30-second commercial on the Super Bowl? According to Fast Company magazine, it is to “cast a sexy model, some college dudes and lots of beer”. •
  • Only in the US and Canada is the Super Bowl popular, because people in the rest of the world don’t much care about what Americans call “football”. Instead, they prefer the “real” football, known in the US as Soccer.

Whether it is football or soccer, the question we have is: Can you use a widely popular game like that to teach leadership skills? For the answer, read the rest of this page.


Creating the Spirit of the Olympics in the Workplace

In the Olympics, we see a lot of the same human issues that confront us in the workplace. If you look carefully, you will find that the ways world athletes behave before, during, and after the Olympics offer us a lot of lessons we can learn from to improve people's performance in the workplace. After all, sports have always offered us metaphors and models for coaching and leadership. Here are ways to create the spirit of the Olympics at work.

  • Every Four Years, Not Every Quarter: Most American organizations put too much focus on the quarterly reporting of results. Real change in human performance requires a longer view of things.
  • Coaching for Performance: To perform at their peak, people need to be coached, not managed. The Coaching process of tough yet friendly feedback, modeling of desired behavior, constant guidance and continuous, incremental improvement is a model that works well at work too.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: No athlete will perform in the actual competition without years of rigorous practice. At work, people cannot suspend work to practice. They must work and practice at the same time.
  • Build Teams, Not Individuals: Even competitions that do not involve a team require effective teamwork between the coach and the athlete, and perhaps other people as well such as the managers, administrators, and the medical team. No Basketball team or Soccor team can achieve much without effective teamwork. How much training on team building have you participated in at work lately?
  • Motivation and Rewards: The motivation for the Olympic athletes is never money. It's the global recognition of being the best. It's the satisfaction of beating the previous world record, and going just a notch beyond what was previously possible. That's the kind of culture you need to create at work.
  • Failure Is The Beginning, Not the End: No athlete will strive to participate in the Olympics just once in a lifetime. Most keep going back and trying more. If they fail, they strive harder to win. If they win, they try harder to break their own record and win even bigger.

Request a free sample of The Coaching Leader workshop by writing to service@humanext.com