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Training Games And Activities


Use these Training Games, Activities, and Simulations to Rediscover the Joy of Learning

Below is a collection of some of the most innovative games trainers play, powerful training activities, and realistic learning and training simulations.

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There is an abundance of evidence that having fun at work or in the classroom makes people more productive and more capable of learning. Our mission is to help create an exciting workplace in a learning organization where people say Thank God It's Monday!

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Why Games and Activities Engage Us

Many trainers, and some communicators and managers use games and activities in their sessions because they know that participants like games as a tool for delivering knowledge. But what exactly do games and activities offer that engage and captivate us? That is the question that Marc Prensky, a writer, consultant, and game designer has sought to answer. The following is based on his findings:

  • Games are a form of fun. As such, they give us enjoyment and pleasure.
  • Games are a form of play. That gives us intense and passionate involvement.
  • Games have rules. That gives us needed structure.
  • Games have goals. That gives us direction and motivation.
  • Games are interactive. That gives us doing.
  • Games have outcomes and feedback. That gives us learning.
  • Games have win states. That gives us ego gratification.
  • Games have conflict/competition/challenge. That gives us adrenaline.
  • Games have problem solving. That sparks our creativity.
  • Games have interaction. That gives us social groups.
  • Games have representation and story. That gives us emotion.

The result: Using games in your session or presentation helps participants engage a large number of their senses, thoughts, and emotions, while giving them direction, motivation, structure, ego-gratification, and enjoyment.


A Compendium of Icebreakers, Energizers, and Introductions. Fully Reproducible $99.95

Select from 75 quick exercises to break down barriers, increase motivation, and provide the best possible start to your training program. Compiled by a team of five trainers with a wide variety of experience, the games represent a rich mixture of styles and an extensive range of approaches. There is an index of activities by objective to help you choose the most appropriate activity for your application and fully reproducible participant materials are included to save you hours of preparation time.

This exercises-packed collection includes activities on... Training Objectives... Break the ice... Liven-up sluggish sessions... Motivate participants... Switch attention... Prepare participants for the training at hand ... Active Relaxation... Anagrams... Blind Balloon Relay... Ego Ideal... House and Garden... I'm Somebody Else... and many more...

196 pp/ 3-ring binder /$99.95


Training House Reproducible Games and Simulations $195.00

Hands-on experience is the name of the game with this unique spectrum of learning opportunities! This diverse collection of reproducible games and simulations makes learning a fun and participative way for employees to gain experience in the key concepts and skills essential to their success in the workplace. It is an ideal resource for trainers looking for a creative way to instill new ideas and skills, but who do not have the time to develop a new game on their own. This valuable assortment of 18 unique training games is ready-to-use and includes clear objectives, detailed instructor guidelines and reproducible materials for participants.

Key Training Benefits: Facilitate complex learning... Ensure transfer of training to the workplace... Provide useful analogies for critical skill development... Guarantee participant involvement... Games and Simulations Cover... Time Management... Communication... Leadership Skills... Presentation Skills... Team Building... Goal Setting... Problem Solving... Decision Making...

200 pp/ 3-ring binder / $195.00


Card Games for Developing Teams - HR Executive 'Best New Product' Award Winner. $99.95

This versatile team development tool consists of a series of games for developing team effectiveness. The playing cards represent behavioral characteristics of effective teams and are designed to stimulate thinking and discussion.

The cards are divided into four sections of thirteen cards each. Each section covers an essential area of team development and is indicated on each card by an icon in the upper right-hand corner. The four areas of team development are: unity, communication, support, and performance.

Card Games for Developing Teams includes discussion games, card sorting and assessment games, acting and artistic games, as well as games involving the implementation of behaviors for team effectiveness. A learning objective is given for each game and activity along with a short summary and the approximate time needed. The simplest and most effective way to use the cards is for group discussion games and activities.

100 pp/ 3-ring binder with card deck and game board $99.95


Team Building Blocks: Practicing Group Collaboration

Renew your teams with this stimulating, hands-on training tool. Team Building Blocks gives your teams an easy-to-implement, effective, and enjoyable opportunity to practice and refine their problem solving and communication skills.

Your teams will be motivated and stimulated by solving problems, reaching consensus, and resolving differences while involved with these experiential puzzles. The game comes complete with 14 wooden blocks and a 148-page activity manual, which includes 18 detailed activities, facilitator notes, post-activity commentary, and solutions.

Exercises Cover: Risk taking... Logic and spatial relations... Diversity... Trial and error learning... Coaching... Inter-team consultation... Information sharing... Time management...

Complete game set / $199.95


The Grand Canyon Adventures: Realistic, Video-Based Simunlations

Three new simulations! Now there are six realistic adventure simulations in all! Set in America's most popular scenic wonder! Take participants on an unforgettable learning adventure! Set in the Grand Canyon, these stimulating group activities provide an adventurous backdrop for enthusiastic participant involvement and memorable skill building.

Use Grand Canyon Adventures for active learning in: Creativity and Problem Solving... Collaboration... Teamwork... Leadership... Conflict Resolution... Consultation... Grand Canyon Adventures were researched on location and written by Carmine Consalvo.

More than the usual consensus-building activities, the creative design of the participant scenario booklets gives these learning activities a distinct advantage over other consensus-building simulations by supporting participants throughout the activity with helpful techniques and key learning points.

Nine related activities provide new training flexibility

The Grand Canyon Adventures package includes interrelated activities on problem solving, collaboration, and consensus decision making, which makes the program extremely flexible. Use all activities with your entire team, or split up your group to focus on individualized skill development with a single activity.

Inspiring video gets participants involved. Start your session with The River Song, a 40-minute DVD which sets the scene for the simulations. It is an all-original, breathtaking video tour of the sites within the Grand Canyon where the simulations take place. It will motivate and focus participants on the activities, and ensure high-impact learning.

Read more below...



The NINE Grand Canyon Adventure Simulations are:

1- Stranded in Grand Canyon: A Creative Problem-Solving Adventure... In this activity, set on the Colorado River, the group must find its way out of the canyon using the problem-solving method provided. 1–2 hours.... (additional copies in packs of 5 for $29.75 )

2- Incident at Elves Chasm: Action Plan Consensus and Consultation... In this simulation, set on the Colorado River, a crisis has occurred and the group must build consensus and create a plan of action. 1–2 hours... (additional copies in packs of 5 for $29.75)

3- Incident at Elves Chasm: Priority Setting Consensus and Consultation... In this simulation, a crisis has occurred and you as an individual and then with the group practice prioritizing. 1–2 hours... (additional copies in packs of 5 for $29.75)

4- Hiking Out of Lava Falls: A Creative Problem-Solving Adventure... This activity, based on an actual event and set on canyon trails, gives team members practice in using a proven problem-solving model to accomplish their survival mission. 1–2 hours... (additional copies in packs of 5 for $29.75)

5- Lava Falls: Determining the Essentials .. This exercise adds a twist to the standard decision making by asking for a concensus determination of which supplies available to a team are most important. This stimulates the real lifedilemma of sorting of sorting what is important from a flood of information. ... (additional copies in packs of 5 for $29.75)

6- Up Deer Creek without a Boatman Collaboration: Designed for two leaders or two teams, this exercise provides experience in working together and resolving conflict. Participants will assess their own effectiveness based on three measures of collaboration. 1–2 hours... (additional copies in packs of 5 for $29.75 )

< br>

7- Up Deer Creek without a Boatman: Problem-Solving Analysis. This exercise asks teams to determine what information is necessary to determine what the problem is, then to solve it. this adventure demonstrates the inportance of a rigorousproblem-solving analysis.. ... (additional copies in packs of 5 for $29.75)

8- Overboard in the Roaring River: The Confluence of Crisis and Management... This crisis management simulation, set on the Colorado River, gives groups practice in building consensus and action planning. 1–2 hours... (additional copies in a pack of 5 for $29.75)

9- Overboard in the roaring River: Action Plan. A traditional concensus decision-making exercise that used the standard, popular format of asking individuals to rank-order action plan, then check them against expert advice.

(Additional copies/ pack of 5 for $29.75)

Grand Canyon Complete Package Includes:.. 10 copies of Hiking Out of Lava Falls simulation... 10 copies of Up Deer Creek simulation... 10 copies of Overboard in the Roaring River simulation... 10 copies of Incident at Elves Chasm: Action Plan simulation... 10 copies of Incident at Elves Chasm: Priority Setting simulation... 10 copies of Stranded in Grand Canyon simulation...PLUS... A scenic 18-minute full color video, The River Song...PLUS... Comprehensive Leader’s Guide which includes detailed debriefing suggestions, instructions for leading adventure simulations, and valuable tips on involving and motivating participants.

Coplete Package of all Grand Canyon Adventures  $499.95

675 ways.jpg

675 Ways to Develop Yourself and Your People - Fully Reproducible

The perfect opportunity to reflect on yourself and where you’re headed.

Strategies, ideas and activities for self-development and learning in the workplace By Laurel Alexander

We all struggle as professionals to stay on top of our game. Here is a book with hundreds of practical ways to take control of moving your career in the direction you want to go – and of helping your people do the same.

675 Ways to Develop Yourself and Your People reflects the real needs of real people in today’s workplace. You’ll gain exercises, activities and strategies that will help you develop your ability to build positive work relationships, change an aspect of your interpersonal behavior, come across as powerful in meetings, listen, make decisions, survive a downsizing and much more.

The engaging and hands-on resource provides a set of 50 individual learning opportunities and over 600 ideas, techniques and activities for making the most of the learning opportunities. Each module begins with an overview of the subject and moves on to exercises in easy-to-use categories:

  • Individual tasks and reflections
  • Working with others – a peer, colleague or partner 
  • Working with a mentor 
  • Developing others – exercises for facilitators to use in groups 
  • Useful Web sites

You can pick up this book and start wherever you like. You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities you face each day to learn with and from your co-workers, facilitate the development process in others and travel purposefully through your life.

Purchase this fully reproducible 675 Ways to Develop Yourself & Your People / $99.95

work play.jpg

WorkPlay: 36 Indoor/Outdoor Activities for Leadership, Team Building, and Problem Solving

Author: Carmine Consalvo, ED.D.

With this facilitator-friendly handbook, you can inject play in your training to accomplish a variety of learning objectives and make learning fun and memorable.
Work/Play contains 36 varied and versatile activities that cover a wide range of training themes and can be conducted indoors and outdoors. Some activities are play in the sense of games of joy and physical exercise. Others are play in the sense of games like chess.
These activities are ideal for training focused on team building, group problem solving, leadership, communication, decision making, creativity and a multitude of other critical topics. You can quickly find just the right game – when you need it – because the collection is organized into three easy-reference parts:

  1. Icebreakers, energizers and closing activities
  2. Scenario-based activities 
  3. General activities for multiple objectives

Each activity contains all the step-by-step directions you need to conduct the experience – including directions and reproducible handouts. You’ll find activities for groups as small as 5 and as large as 200 or more.

The titles reflect how creative the activities are, ranging from Beam Us Down, Scotty! to Leap Frog to Belly High. Most of the activities are either brand new or have been uniquely adapted. So they are fresh and you won’t find them being used anywhere else.
Dr. Consalvo is the director of a consulting firm that specializes in training trainers and taking humor seriously in the workplace. He has pioneered research into the role of humor in management problem-solving groups.
322 pp / 3-ring binder/ $149.95


Experiential Training Activities for Outside and In. Fully Reproducible $139.95

A powerful collection of outdoor and indoor exercises and games for learning.

445 pages of materials provide you a wealth of fully repribucible exercises and activities. Use these physically engaging activities in a fresh air, outdoor setting as a stimulating change of pace for your training sessions.

Complete set-up instructions and game guidelines are included for all 36 exercises.

445 pages/ 3-ring binder / $139.95


6-Pack PowerPoint Quiz Show Games - Best Seller

Here are six great PowerPoint quiz show games which teachers and trainers can use in the classroom or for online training. The games are based on popular game shows that everyone has played and enjoyed. Simply add your own training questions into the game and you're ready to go. These games can be renamed and saved over and over again to deliver different question sets for all of your various training programs.

This game package is loaded with some fantastic game features designed to make your training program engaging, exciting and fun.

For more Quiz Show games, visit http://www.humanext.com/Games-QuizShow.html

Or please scroll to the top of this page, from the list of topics on the left-hand side, click on “Games –QuizSho”


Great Games for Trainers

Add new life to your training programs! Here's a collection of 75 games that will reinvigorate any training session. There is something here for every trainer and every training situation - from light-hearted energizers to thought-provoking closure activi ties. The games are based on current trends in the world of training, so they're sure to be a relevant accompaniment to your current training programs on team building, diversity issues, leadership, change, and more!

Training Methods

 Attention switchers / Case studies / Energizers / Questionnaires / Introductions / Evaluations / Icebreakers.

 Topics Include

Equal opportunities / Stress management / Group processes / Leadership / Team building / Creativity / Corporate ethics / Assertiveness

Order for $69.95


The Encyclopedia of Games for Trainers

Use these participative training techniques to rejuvenate, challenge, and motivate participants in a training session or a team meeting. This collection of over 145 group games will get participants involved in the learning process and add substance to new or existing programs on any training topic.

In addition to providing you with a substantial stock of games, the manual includes an in-depth discussion of the unique dimension that well-presented games add to a training session. It covers proper preparation for the use of games in training, techniques for providing feedback to participants, and methods for choosing a game that is right for your audience and subject matter.

444 pp/ 3-ring binder/ $149.95

50 activities banner.gif

The popular 50 Activities series gives you some of the best training activities and exercises trainers use for every key training topic. Visit our special page offering all the volumes of this best selling series: http://www.humanext.com/50activities.html  

changing pace.jpg

Changing Pace: Outdoor Games for Experiential Learning

This collection of experiential activities in game format will enable trainers and facilitators to make effective use of the outdoors as a vehicle for learning. It contains sixty-three creative games that can be conducted easily and safely with a minimum of materials and preparation. Many of the activities can be run equally well indoors

Each activity is presented in a standard format that includes a summary, a statement of objectives, a note of any materials required, time requirements, and detailed guidance on the effective use of the games in training. The games vary in length from a few minutes to over an hour. Together they provide a rich store of adventure, energy, and memorable learning.

 Games Teach

  • Cooperation
  • Decision making
  • Ethics
  • Goal-setting
  • Planning
  • Rewards
  • Trust
  • Inter-team collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Risk taking
  • Team learning

200 pp 3-ring binder $59.95

Team Workout.jpg

TEAM WORKOUT: 50 Interactive Activities

A compendium of 50 experiential activities for developing mission focused teams. Each activity includes time required, skill development goals, and detailed training instructions.

Parker and Kropp, two of the world’s leading team building facilitators bring you their best icebreakers, assessments, games, and exercises in a user friendly format. Team Workout is for facilitators, team leaders, trainers, and managers who want all the necessary materials and a step-by-step protocol for fast and easy implementation of effective team development. It’s all here: the goals, time required, room set-up, materials, and detailed instructions to ensure a no-fault experience. There are even debriefing questions to facilitate the transfer of learning back to the workplace.
Selected Contents
• About the revised volume
• Introduction
• Team building and team training
• How to use the activities, assessments, case studies and other and other experiential learning methods
• Characteristics of an effective work team
• Creating a team mission
• Forming new teams
• Improving team meetings
• Virtual brainstorming: problem solving for a geographically dispersed team

304 pp/ 3-ring binder  $149.95

Table top.jpg

Tabletop Training Kits

Tabletop training kits are self-paced training kits that encourage students/trainees to learn together, teach one another, and remain fully engaged throughout the process.

Groups of 4-5 people gather in a conference room and go through the training kits, following written instruction and solving case study problems together. Participants apply their varied backgrounds and experience to the materials as the training progresses. The result is a common understanding of the concepts and an instant accountability network to reinforce change after the beginning session. Each kit is designed to take only 90 minutes to complete and contains: 1. Instruction booklet with detailed step-by-step instructions, a case study or work group scenario to provide a context for the training, discussion questions and next steps. 2. Workmap 3. Game cards 4. handouts for each participant

Tabletop Acc. Objectives.jpg

Accomplish Objectives Training Kit - Part of the Tabletop Training Series

First Part of the Table-Top Training Series 

The Accomplish Objectives Training Kit is designed for 4-5 people to work together to complete the exercises. Each kit includes one poster-size workmap, case study game pieces, handout packets for each participant to keep and the Training Guide, which contains step-by-step instructions for each of the training exercises and discussion questions to facilitate group learning.

Participants apply their varied backgrounds and experiences to reinforce learning as the training progresses. This module contains one case study and six activities that provide a framework for effective Execution, which is the centerpiece of the bottom layer of The Consulting Stance Pyramid. Accomplishing Objectives is the first and most visible element of your performance. The 90-minute self-paced session is ideal for groups of four or five and includes: Pre-Briefing to introduce the concept of Tabletop Training and ensure that all participants understand what is expected of them.

This type of training is enhanced by active participation from all students. Project Cycle phases, Deliverables and Key Skills required for each phase. Task Execution Cycle, which includes a detailed, consultative process for completing tasks efficiently and effectively and a Symptom-Diagnosis exercise to tie actions to consequences in the participants' minds. Collaboration Cycle, which teaches the key elements of consultative collaboration combined with a Symptom-Diagnosis exercise to tie actions to consequences. Debriefing to review lessons learned, reinforce core concepts and encourage participants to incorporate the lessons learned into their daily routine.

The Accomplish Objectives Training Kit provides a framework for effective execution of project activities based on a common understanding of the process and skills necessary. Participants will see immediate improvement in productivity and collaboration skills. By working together to complete the training, they have the opportunity to tailor the material to their own circumstances, which creates an instant accountability network to provide ongoing support as they incorporate these concepts into their daily working routine.

Prerequisites: None- Time: 1.5 hours Price: $279.00

TT - Strat. relationships.jpg

Establish Strategic Relationships Training Kit - Part of Tabletop Training Series

The Establish Strategic Relationships Training Kit is designed for 4-5 people to work together to complete the exercises. Each kit includes one poster-size workmap, case study game pieces and the Training Guide, which contains step-by-step instructions for each of the training exercises and discussion questions to facilitate group learning. Participants apply their varied backgrounds and experiences to reinforce learning as the training progresses.

This module relates to both building blocks on the middle layer of The Consulting Stance Pyramid: Access and Influence. Identifying and establishing effective relationships with the right people is critical to a consultant's ability to perform on a project and to secure additional consulting opportunities.

The 90-minute session includes:

  • Pre-Briefing to review the concept of Tabletop Training and ensure that all participants understand what is expected of them.
  • Because this type of training depends heavily on active participation, this is essential.
  • Workmap Scenario, which describes the case study to be used for all activities in this workmap. Identify Key Players exercise to determine who are the most important client, consulting and third party personnel.
  • Determine priorities, objectives and "the one thing" that a consultant must do to make each Key Player happy. Reveals both professional and personal qualities important to building relationships.
  • Conflict Roadmap, which provides a tool for resolving conflict and allows the participants to gain practical experience using it in realistic situations.
  • Extend Your Network, which encourages participants to think beyond their own immediate circle for opportunities to expand their sphere of influence both inside clients and project teams as well as in their industry or area of expertise.
  • Debriefing to review lessons learned, reinforce core concepts and help participants apply the lessons learned to their daily activities.

This module develops the participants' instincts for seeing beyond the current project and immediate objectives to enhance your organization's reputation to increase referenceable customers and repeat engagements. Participants will collaborate to make decisions in the game and, in the process, develop new insight into their own interpersonal communication and new tools for handling relationship issues.

Prerequisites: Accomplish Objectives (optional)- Time: 1.5 hours

Price: $349.00


Project Launch Training Kit- Tabletop Training Series

This module was designed specifically for project teams that include representatives from different organizations or business units working together. Include this module in your project kick-off activities to give all team members a common vocabulary, shared expectations and an opportunity to build productive working relationships from the start. This module includes: P> Pre-Briefing: Communication Match Game, which requires participants to match various common communication topics with the ideal, preferred method of delivering that information in this particular project.

Task Execution Cycle, which includes a detailed, consultative process for completing tasks efficiently and effectively and a Symptom-Diagnosis exercise to tie actions to consequences in the participants' minds.

Problem-Solving Process, which teaches a detailed process to ensure that problems are addressed and resolved quickly. Debriefing to review the core concepts and to resolve any issues that have been identified in the course of the training. Prerequisites: Works best when combined with Establish Strategic Relationships as part of an all-day Project Kick-Off event, but is effective as a standalone team activity.

Time: 90 minutes

Because this kit is most often purchased for use as part of an all-day Project Launch program hosted by the Project Sponsors, this kit will also give you access to a downloadable PDF: "Sponsors' Guide to a Successful Project Launch."

Price: $279.00

Tabletop Accelerating 48.jpg

Accelerating Influence- Tabletop Training Series

This module goes directly to the top of The Pyramid to demonstrate the practical value of increasing your authority in your organization, community and industry.

For consultants, influence and authority are the critical success factors that determine how much work you will have and how well you can do that work. The same activities and level of awareness are necessary for employees in support roles in any corporation. In order for you to participate in the strategic decision-making process, your internal customers have to listen to you and trust you.

Participants will learn the Four Types of Influence, determine which type is most comfortable for them, and formulate an action plan, based on their personal position and abilities, for expanding their influence and, therefore, increasing their authority. This module is highly effective for consultants who do not routinely find additional opportunities for themselves or the organization.

It is valuable for any team that wants to break down the barriers between departments or organizations and provide better value to the corporation. Unlike the other training kits, this kit includes a slide deck presentation. Like the rest of the Table-Top Training kits, it is designed to allow a group of consultants or managers to go through the training in 90 minutes without requiring a facilitator or trainer's involvement.

The kit includes a Training Guide, Authority Worksheets for 20 participants, and a PDF file containing the presentation.

Prerequisites: None- Price: $299.00


Free Activity - Recognition: This Can Change Your Relationship With Your Colleagues

Here is a positive activity to boost the way people relate to each other at work. There are several variations to this activity which has been used in many training programs, including Dale Carnegie's. The Activity creates a great deal of goodwill and appreciation among people working together in one department or team.

Each person is to prepare several sheets of paper, and write at the top of each the name of one of the other members of the team, one sheet for each name. They should then write down under each name a list of the qualities or behaviors they most admired in that person in the past year, or in general. The statements should start with words like, I appreciated it when you ---or  I really admire your way of -- or It was great when you -- or  Thank you for your outstanding help with -- When all members have completed all the sheets about each other, collect the sheets for each member at a time and place them in an envelop to be given to the named person to read and keep. You can make variations as needed to fit your work situation.

The result of this activity is that each member will receive a large number of specific compliments, commendations, and expressions of appreciation for their qualities and actions. Countless experiences, and the popularity of 360 feedback tools, have indicated that people deeply appreciate and are affected by others' perceptions and opinions of them. The good thing about this activity is that it deliberately limits the feedback to only the positive side of people. The impact on the team spirit and working relationships can be dramatic.