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How to Start or Expand Your Own Employee Training Business


How to Start an Employee Training Business

There are many people successfully managing their own employee training business today, where they charge from $1500 to $15000 per day (There is an expert on sales training who has been charging $15000 per day for the past five years.)

Want to start your own employee training business or expand an existing one?

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How to Get Certified to Deliver HumaNext’s Most Popular Programs

You can choose from some of today’s most popular topics needed by organizations in the US and abroad.

Based on your choice of topics, you can select the program that offers the topics you need. Our online certification provides you utmost flexibility to start any month, learn on your own pace, at low cost, using a variety of media.

Learn more about how to get certified online:



HumaNext offers a unique service to those seeking to start or expand their employee training business as well as those looking to enhance their training and facilitation skills. Here is why HumaNext certification is the most valuable service you can find in this regard:

1- It is the only opportunity for you to get certified in more than one popular topic / workshop in the same process. Most other providers certify you in one topic such as emotional intelligence or diversity. Our programs offer you the opportunity to get certified in two or more  popular topics in the same certification process. Up to eight popular workshops are available to you to deliver the day after your certification.

2- HumaNext is the only certification provider that offers the Heart & Mind Learning methodology that enables you to dramatically enhance your training design and facilitation competency and advance your training career or business.

4- We strive to offer certification at the lowest possible cost, realizing that many participants are people just starting their business or are thinking to do so, and we want to offer them high value at affordable cost. We have helped more than one hundred persons in the US and around the world start or expand their training business, and we hear from many of them about their great success. Read some of their messages on this page.

Online Certification: You can also get certified online: http://www.humanext.com/humanext-seminars.html  


Who Can Start a Training Business?

Anybody can start a training business. Unlike physicians, lawyers, and several other professions, In the United States, and most other countries, there are no government-mandated requirements, credentials, or licensing for a person to start a training business and work as a business / employee trainer.

This does not mean that you don’t need any credentials to succeed. You will be competing with other trainers so you will need to impress your clients with as much credentials as you can muster. These include your education, past accomplishments in the business or learning fields, and other credentials such as your association with a credible training company that licenses you to deliver their reputable materials.


How Much Money Do I Need to Start a Training Business?

This varies by a number of factors, including which state, and which country, you are in.

According to Entrepreneur, a US based magazine, it costs between $10,000 and $50,000 to start an employee training business in the United States. However, HumaNext makes it possible for you to start a training business for as low as  $2000

The great thing about the employee training business in particular, however, is that you can operate it from your own home, saving the high costs of renting and furnishing a training facility or office.

Since your services – delivering training workshops – will be delivered at clients’ facility, or in a conference room in an hotel, you do not need to have a “store-front” for your training business.

The other aspect that can require significant amounts of money is the content (materials or programs) that you will need to deliver the training. Most training companies demand several thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars for each training workshop they will license to you to deliver, and many require you to send them a portion of your revenue as well.

HumaNext offers you a model that makes it much easier for you to start your training business, and does not take any portions of your revenue. You can get certified by HumaNext to deliver two or more training workshops starting with $2000

Start or expand your employee training business by becoming a HumaNext Certified Facilitator. Attend one of our HumaNext 2011 events and the post-event certification webinars, or do the certification completely online for under $2000 and get the workshops and the Train-the-Trainer you need to start your business.

Learn more here: http://www.humanext.com/HumaNext-Events.html


Who Is Best Positioned to Succeed as a Trainer?

People who work in fields related to training, learning, education, coaching, communication, and similar fields will find It easy to enter the training field using many of the skills they already possess. This includes: 

  • Corporate trainers
  • School teachers
  • College professors and educators
  • Life and business coaches
  • Consultants, authors and speakers
  • Communicators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Preachers and religious leaders
  • Community activists
Since barriers to entrance into the training business are so low, you will find successful trainers coming from all kinds of other fields, from teaching, public speaking, and social work, to computer technology, management, and sales.

Start or expand your employee training business by becoming a HumaNext Certified Facilitator either online or in person. Attend HumaNext event and the post-event certification webinars.

Learn more here: http://www.humanext.com/HumaNext-Events.html


What Are The First Things I Need To Do To Start A Training Business?

You will need to meet whatever regulations there are in your area / county / country for starting a business.

One of the great things about the United States is that it is one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. Compared to most other countries in the world, starting a business in the US is not a complex matter.

What Business Form Should I Choose?

The easiest way to start a training business is the form of business known as “Sole Proprietorship”. This means you will simply report your business income on your personal income tax form. You don’t need to form a corporation or other complex forms of business, at least in the beginning.

For example, HumaNext started its business as a Sole- Proprietorship for several years before choosing to change in to an LLC (Limited Liability Company.) Because employee training is a type of business that does not involve the type of risks and liability that a construction or home repair business does, you don’t really need a special liability insurance to operate.

So you may simply register a name for your business at your county’s office, using your social security number, and you are in business.

Print a few business cards with your name, phone, email and web site if available.

Get free training ideas and resources from the HumaNext Newsletter



How Do I Get Clients for My Training Business?

You will need to market your training business in order to get clients. You can do this in many ways:

  • You might have to start offering training and speaking engagements at low or no fees in the beginning of your business to get yourself known before starting to charge for your services.
  • You will need to get 500 or 1000  business cards with the name of your business and contact information.
  • You need to produce a small brochure or at least a well designed flyer you can give to people to learn about your training business.
  • You can contact your local Chamber of Commerce to let them know of your new business.
  • You can join local business and social communities and groups and offer them your services, perhaps free in the beginning.
  • Contact all businesses within 100 miles and make them aware of your new business and what you offer.
  • You can join the local chapters of professional organizations like ASTD and other training and learning associations to network with others who might pass on assignments to you.
  • You may use direct marketing to reach local businesses with a letter and a brochure. This might be costly and you will need to follow up to be effective.
  • You can use online advertisement by Google and others. But this can be costly unless you limit it to your geographical area, which is possible with Google. 
  • You should take advantage of the free marketing potential offered by new web 2:0 technologies, particularly social network platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and others. LinkedIn is the most respected professional network used by many business people. Add your profile there and start connecting to people, join groups, and keep updating them on what you do so they can hire you for similar work.

Start or expand your employee training business by becoming a HumaNext Certified Facilitator either online or in person. Attend HumaNext event and the post-event certification webinars.

Learn more here: http://www.humanext.com/HumaNext-Events.html


Are You Ready to Start Your Training or Communication Consulting Business?

 Are you ready to start or expand your own consulting business in the fields of training or strategic communication to satisfy the expected demand this year? Are you at just the right moment to consider making the move toward building your training or communication consulting business? Find out how HumaNext can help you do just that: Read more on this page. To get the materials, programs, and tools that help you become an independent trainer or a strategic communication consultant visit the links below:

For Trainers: You can get certified online to deliver our most popular programs. Learn about it here: http://www.humanext.com/humanext-seminars.html 

For Communication Consultants: HumaNext offers you the opportunity to become a Strategic Communicator where you receive the training, tools, and templates that help you serve your internal or external clients. Learn more here: http://www.communicationideas.com/strategic-communication.html  

certification online 400.jpg

Learn more about how to get certified online to deliver our most popular programs: http://www.humanext.com/humanext-seminars.html

motivation at work-S.GIF

Love your work, work in what you love, and change the world—all at the same time

The most important aspect of starting your own business is not the business plan, or the start-up money, or the effort you put in – rather, it is the passion you have for the line of business, and your belief that you will be doing something that matters.

Perhaps you are asking yourself: Should I focus on earning a living, pursuing my passions, or devoting myself to the causes that inspire me? The good news is that you don’t have to choose—and that you’ll find more success if you don’t. That’s the breakthrough truth that many entrepreneurs discover as they build a successful business that they love. They discover that the more they love their business, the more successful they become, and the more their business matters and make a difference in the lives of others, the more money they make in it.

In his book, Start Something That Matters, author Blake Mycoskie affirms this truth, which is good news for people considering starting their own employee training, coaching, or public speaking business. Usually people who think of starting business in these areas have passion for learning and teaching, and for making a difference in the lives of individuals and organizations. So you are already starting with a great cause and the passion to do something that matters. All what you need now are relevant resources and skills to help you along the way.

The other good news is that you will find these resources and help in HumaNext’s Start Up Your Business program designed specifically with your needs in mind. Since 2005, HumaNext has been helping people in the US and around the world start their own training business and will be excited to help you do the same. To learn more visit: http://www.humanext.biz

Trainer Certification Program.jpg

How Becoming a HumaNext Certified Facilitator Will Help Me Start or Expand My Training Business?

Your HumaNext Certification gives you the following advantages:
  • You will gain the advantage of associating with a training company that offers the most innovative training programs needed by organizations today. Just take a look at our web sites to get an idea of the wide range of our capabilities, products, and services.
  • You will be entitled - but not obligated - to use your HumaNext certification designation and logo to promote your training workshops.
  • You will be trained on and receive complete ready-to-deliver training workshops on today’s most needed skills such as emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation, diversity, inclusion and cultural competency, and others. You get the Facilitator’s Guide, PowerPoint slides and reproducible Participant Workbook for the workshops of your certification.
  • You will be able to reproduce the Workbooks for hundreds of participants in your workshops at no additional charge, unlike many other certification providers who charge you for each workbook every time you deliver a workshop.
  • You will be trained to use our powerful Heart & Mind Learning methodology for the design and delivery of exciting, transformational training. And you will receive complete Facilitator’s Guide and PowerPoint slides for this unique Train-The-Trainer program.
  • You will receive a full 20% discount on all training products and programs offered by us (except some videos) for as long as you maintain your certification status.
Start or expand your employee training business by becoming a HumaNext Certified Facilitator either online or in person. Attend HumaNext event and the post-event certification webinars.

Learn more here: http://www.humanext.com/HumaNext-Events.html

training-business cer 380.jpg

Why Should Clients Come to You for Training? Distinguish Yourself:

The training and coaching market place is wide open and very competitive, filled with countless offers from other trainers and coaches. So why should clients come to you?

As a trainer, coach, consultant, or change agent, the only way for you to influence others and attract them to listen to you, come to you and work with you is for you to offer them a unique and compelling value that makes a significant difference in their world. Marketers call this a “Unique Selling Proposition, or USP”. HumaNext certification offers you an opportunity to distinguish yourself in the market by gaining the following advantages:

1- You learn and obtain the materials of our unique Heart & Mind Learning methodology which enables you to design and deliver great training on any soft skill topic. You will learn and experience this methodology by attending any of our public events. And you will be able to dramatically improve your facilitation skills so you gain the power and confidence you need to move to the next level as a training provider.

2- You can present yourself as a HumaNext-Certified Facilitator, putting this designation on your website, as some of our facilitators have done. Having a company like HumaNext behind you gives you a tremendous value since we offer hundreds of training tools, assessments, and programs in almost all key skills and topics.

training-business cer 210.jpg

3- You can offer your clients training on some of today’s most popular topics such as emotional intelligence, diversity & inclusion, creativity and innovation, critical conversations, cross cultural competence, and others. No other trainer certification program on the market today can offer certification in all these topics.

4- Our certification offers the best value as you only pay for your certification and don’t have to pay any future commissions or buy workbooks or assessments, or pay per participant fees as many other certification programs require. 5- But if you want to buy some programs or assessments from us you get 20% discount which you can keep as a profit and offer our programs to your clients at regular price.


How Do I Get Content, Workshops, and Assessments For My Training Business?

There are a number of choices to consider:

  • If you have been working in the corporate training field, you may already have the expertise required to develop your own training programs. But it may take several weeks or even months to develop one workshop.
  • If you have been working in the training field, you might have access to many training workshops you or your organization have purchased in the past. But this does not mean that you can use these workshops to train your own clients for fees. There might be restrictions and copyright issues involved here that prevent you from doing this. You must be careful so you don’t start your training business with legal and ethical problems that can cause long term damage to your ability to conduct business.
  • If you are interested in buying a training business franchise, they will give you their training programs and materials to sell and deliver. The cost of most franchises, however, is very high, usually in the tens of thousands of dollars.
  • You may consider affiliating with HumaNext, which enables you to get certified to deliver two or more of its training programs and tools for under $2000. You will get complete, ready-to-deliver training workshops that you can start delivering the next day after you complete your certification.
  • Your HumaNext certification will also enable you to offer our assessments to your clients at a higher price and make a profit.

Start or expand your employee training business by becoming a HumaNext Certified Facilitator either online or in person. Attend HumaNext event and the post-event certification webinars.

Learn more here: http://www.humanext.com/HumaNext-Events.html


How Much Should I Charge for My Training Services?

In the United States and Canada, the going rates for training vary wildly from one region to another, with higher rates in large metropolitan centers. Also, small businesses and non-profit clients usually pay less than corporate clients. Most trainers set a flexible fee structure that takes account of such variables.

Even in large cities there will be a huge range of fees charged by trainers. Some will charge their clients only $500 a day, while others will be in excess of $5,000 a day. We know some sales skills trainers who charge $15000 per day in the US, but this is not common.

Pricing yourself too low is as bad as pricing yourself too high. Some clients will not consider trainers who charge below certain level, figuring that they will not deliver high quality service.

The key thing is to know your market and your clients. Find out the fee range that others are charging in your area and charge slightly below the average price point. It's better to start low and then raise your fees gradually as you become busy. HumaNext, for example, have conducted many workshops on various topics in the United States in the past several years charging fees averaging $3000 per day plus $30 per participant, plus travel and accommodation expenses.

business plans1.JPG

Do I Need to Develop a Business Plan or a Financial Plan?

As to a formal, detailed Business Plan, this is really for businesses that offer a more complex set of products and services, require a lot of investment money, and often involve several persons. You can start a training business in a very simple way without the complexity of a business plan. But you do need to think about your market, what workshops you will offer, and how you will get clients. See this page for more on this.

As to a financial plan, you don't need to develop an elaborate one. But you do need to think about your financial situation during the starting months when you might not generate enough income.

If you have a full or part time job, you can start your training business without quitting your job. You might be able to offer some of your free or reduced-fee workshops for marketing purposes during weekends or days off your work. You can also learn and get certified in the workshops you intend to deliver while holding a job, thus not wasting time doing that after you start working full time in your own business.


Do I Need a Web Site for My Training Business?

You don’t have to have a web site to start an employee training business. But if you want to do that it is one more way to show your professionalism. However, you don’t have to worry about a web site the first day you are in business. Although some business clients will want to see a web site for you, most don’t ask for that. You should realize that as a business start-up, you will not be getting Fortune 500 companies as clients in the first year or two.

But once you start to establish yourself and get a number of years of experience under your belt, you will want to build a web site to show that you are now someone who is ready to play with the big players.

Once you decide you need a web site, you can build one and have it hosted for $10 to $15 per month. You can build your own web site without having to learn any codes by using a template called SiteStudio that comes with your hosting service from a HumaNext affiliated business: Web Hosting Ideas: www.webhostingideas.com  


- If you cannot attend our HumaNext events in New York, you can do the best next thing, which is to get certified online from any place on earth, gaining all the benefits of HumaNext certification.

Learn more at: http://www.humanext.com/humanext-seminars.html

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