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Team Building Training, Tools, and Assessment

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Off-the-Shelf Packhage, On site Training, or Online Trainer Certification: RelationShifts - A Transformational Experience for Teams


Intensive half-day or full-day training workshop that is significantly different from traditional team building and organization change training.

  • Purpose: Empowering People to Shift to Higher Levels of Relationships at Work.
  • This unique experience enables participants to create a dramatic change in the way they relate to their work, their colleagues, their organization, and their customers.
  • The result is a totally rejuvenated team working on a higher level of commitment to achieve extraordinary results.

RelationShifts is available both as onsite training where we deliver it at your site (contact us for a proposal) and as an Off-the-Shelf package you can order, customize, and deliver yourself.

You can also get certified online as a Facilitator to deliver this workshop yourself.

Read this page for complete information and contact us for any question:

Describe your specific needs to get a no-obligation proposal:

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Employee Engagement for Change - Using Action Teams to Change the Culture

How Engaged Action Teams Can Re-invent the Organization.

Our Employee Engagement for Change Program inspires employees to create teams that adopt three behavior-altering values:

  • Change Is Productive: From Complaining to Creating
  • Change Is Positive: From Criticizing to Coaching
  • Change Is Powerful : From Confronting to Collaborating

Learn more about it here:

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Grand Canyon Adventures Package: DVD Version

This team building simulation will take participants on an unforgettable learning adventure! Set in the Grand Canyon, these video management training DVDs offer team building activities for groups, and provide an adventurous backdrop for enthusiastic participant involvement and memorable skill building.

Grand Canyon Adventures were researched on location and written by Carmine Consalvo.

Use Grand Canyon Adventures video management training activities for active learning in:
Team Building
Decision Making
Crisis Management
Creativity and Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution

More than the usual consensus-building activities

The creative design of the participant scenario booklets gives these learning activities a distinct advantage over other consensus-building simulations by supporting participants throughout the activity with helpful techniques and key learning points.

Nine related activities provide new training activities.

The Grand Canyon Adventures package includes interrelated activities on problem solving, collaboration, and consensus decision making, which makes the program extremely flexible. Use all nine activities with your entire team, or split up your group to focus on individualized skill development with a single activity.

The nine simulations are: Overboard in the Roaring River – Action Plan; Lava Falls - Determining the Essentials; Up Deer Creek without a Boatman - Problem-Solving Analysis; Stranded in Grand Canyon – A Creative Problem-Solving Adventure; Incident at Elves Chasm – Action Plan Consensus & Consultation; Incident at Elves Chasm – Priority Setting Consensus & Consultation; Hiking out of Lava Falls – A Creative Problem-Solving Adventure; Up Deer Creek without a Boatman – Collaboration; Overboard in the Roaring River – the Confluence of Crisis and Management.

Inspiring video gets participants involved

Start your session with The River Song, a 40-minute video that sets the scene for the simulations. It is an all-original, breathtaking video tour of the sites within the Grand Canyon where the simulations take place. It will motivate and focus participants on the activities, and ensure high-impact learning. Watch a demo below:

Grand Canyon Complete Package includes:

10 booklets of each of the nine simulations (90 booklets in all)
Scenic 40-minute full color video, The River Song
Comprehensive Leader’s Guide that includes detailed debriefing suggestions, instructions for leading adventure simulations, and valuable tips on involving and motivating participants.

Complete Package includes 40-minute DVD, Leader’s Guide, 10 participant booklets of each of the 9 simulations for $499.95

Additional individual Grand Canyon Adventure simulations/exercises sold in packets of 5 at $29.75.

Order 5 participant booklets of: Over Board in the Roaring River – Action Plan/ $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of: Lava Falls – Determining the Essentials / $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Up Deer Creek without a Boatman – Problem-Solving/ $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of: Stranded in Grand Canyon – Creative Problem Solving / $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Incident at Elves Chasm - Action Plan Consensus & Consult. $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Incident at Elves Chasm- Priority Setting Consensus & Consult. $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Hiking out of Lava Falls – Creative Problem-Solving $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Up Deer Creek without a Boatman – Collaboration $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of: Over Board in the Roaring River – Confluence of Crisis & management $29.75

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Discover and Boost the Work Culture of Your Team with the Cultural Compass

Building a strong work culture for your team, starts with understanding the various dimensions and dynamics of your existing team culture. The "Understanding" process involves answering the questions of: What are our strengths? What are our areas that need improvement? The Organizational Culture Compass enables you to find the answers to the critical questions about your team's culture, and provides you with ways for moving toward a stronger, more positive and productive team culture at work.

The Compass is a self-scoring paper and pencil reproducible tool that takes users through an exciting process of cultural discovery by answering, plotting, and analyzing 48 key questions about their organizational culture. The 48 questions cover four primary cultural orientations; People, Task, Values (and Ethics), and Synergy. The self-scoring results are then plotted on two dimensions; the People - Task dimension, and the Values - Synergy dimension.

The versatile Cultural Compass is then used to uncover and compare the cultures of various groups, teams, and departments, and how to overcome the Culture Gap that might separate them. A valuable by-product of using the Culture Compass is to strengthen team spirit, "We Are One Team" becomes more than a nice slogan. The Compass takes about 30 minutes to complete, but the discussion, comparisons and analysis of strengths and improvements can take as much as people need. A comprehensive Facilitator's Guide explains the Culture Discovery and Improvement process with detailed instructions.

Paper/Pencil. A Facilitator's Guide with One Reproducible Culture Compass One Facilitator's License for face-to-face sessions only $145.00

For Multi Trainers in same organization or to use on the organization’s intranet license $495

Available online at $20.00 per user:


A Reproducible Profile to Discover and Boost Team Creativity & Innovation

Do you want your team members to "Think out of the Box" for breakthrough team results? Do you want to measure the Innovation Gap between your team's capacity for innovation and the organization's tolerance for it? Looking for a tool to reveal to people their preferred mode of creativity and how they can enhance their innate ability to innovate? The Creativity & Innovation Profile (C&IP) is your tool.

C&IP is a paper & pencil (and also available online) self-administered, self-learning tool that helps a team member to uncover his or her preferred innovation style. In both numbers and visual graphs, the user will get a revealing picture of how they think creatively, apply creativity, and act on their creative ideas. Answering 42 questions and plotting the results on a "Systems- Ideas" horizontal axis and an "Action - Stability" vertical axis, the user produces a clear visual representation of their Innovation status. The user then is shown how to use this information to "think out of the BOX". The result is a powerful insight into one's own creative thinking capacity and an opening into a more innovative horizon.

The C&IP goes beyond revealing and boosting individual creativity. With 42 more questions about the user's team ( or department, or organization ) and a similar graphic representation by each user to be added together, a collective picture of the team's innovation profile immerges. Users are able to measure, in figures and numbers, the size of the possible Innovation Gap between their capacity for innovation and what the organization allows by its current culture. This discovery, which tends to startle and engage the intense interest of participants, leads to discussion and actions towards breaking the boxes that stifle innovation in the organization and within the team. The Facilitator's Guide includes added exercises, handouts, and resources to help facilitate the C&IP.

This powerful tool can be a part of a session on team innovation or team creative problem solving skills. It can also be done as a segment on team innovation as part of a department meeting, executive retreat, or other suitable settings. It is by nature a lot of fun to do, while providing solid information and intriguing insight into this vital aspect of individual and team innovation.

Detailed Facilitator's Guide and Reproducible C&IP- One User/ One Organization License $250.00

For 1 User (1 online assessment) cost is $35.00


Contact us for questions at


50 Activities for Team Building. Fully Reproducible. 2 Volumes with 100 Activities

Create high performance teams with these collections of fully reproducible activities. All the activities employ the principle of "learning by doing" to ensure that the skills the participants learn can be applied to real work situations.

Volume 1 contains creative training activities which focus on the building blocks for teams such as communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and decision making. These activities are ideal for team leaders who are looking for creative activities to energize their teams. All of the activities are ready-to-use and are fully reproducible; with little effort you can implement them into an existing training program. Each volume comes with detailed trainer's notes, clearly stated objectives, and a quick reference index to the activities.

Training Objectives, Volume 1: Improve inter-team communication... Assess the effectiveness of a team... Establish team missions and goals...

Training Objectives, Volume 2: Encourage continuous team improvement... Develop a mutual support network... Create balanced team roles...

Vol. 1: 236 pp/ 3-ring binder/ Code...50TB1/ $149.95

Vol. 2: 248 pp/ 3-ring binder/ Code...50TB2/ $149.95


How to Use Team Building Contest to Create Company Art

The Great Wall of Art is a team building activity that creates a high team spirit while adding creativity and beauty to your workplace. The task is to create a piece of company art. Each team or department will be creating the company logo or icon as seen through the eyes of their particular department or division.

Start with a level playing field, by having each team have the same materials and same size canvas. Plan on placing the finished piece of art in your lobby and let the available size direct your finished size. Divide the canvas into equal sizes for each team. For example, a four foot by eight foot piece will divide into eight, two foot by two foot pieces. You can use foam core or large pieces of cardboard instead of canvas. Your local art supply store should have everything that you need. Each team will be allowed a creative latitude and should be told that their finished art will be displayed in a public place.

Teams should focus on their concept more then their ability to draw. How does their department view their company logo as it relates to them. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results. When the teams are finished have them place their finished art onto the full sized piece and arrange it according to the best placement. You can also take digital photos of the results and arrange them into a large piece of art or put them on a website. Adjust this activity to suit your own particular needs.

Need training on team building and transformation? Call us for more information on 973-427-3004 or email:



The Power of Recognition: This Activity Will Change Your Team Relationships

Here is a positive activity to boost the way people relate to each other at work. There are several variations to this activity which has been used in many training programs, including Dale Carnegie's. The Activity creates a great deal of goodwill and appreciation among people working together in one department or team.

Each person is to prepare several sheets of paper, and write at the top of each the name of one of the other members of the team, one sheet for each name. They should then write down under each name a list of the qualities or behaviors they most admired in that person in the past year, or in general. The statements should start with words like, "I appreciated it when you" or "I really admire your way of" or "It was great when you" or " Thank you for your outstanding help with". When all members have completed all the sheets about each other, collect the sheets for each member at a time and place them in an envelop to be given to the named person to read and keep. You can make variations as needed to fit your work situation.

The result of this activity is that each member will receive a large number of specific compliments, commendations, and expressions of appreciation for their qualities and actions. Countless experiences, and the popularity of 360 feedback tools, have indicated that people deeply appreciate and are affected by others' perceptions and opinions of them. The good thing about this activity is that it deliberately limits the feedback to only the positive side of people. The impact on the team spirit and working relationships can be dramatic.

This activity is part of our new Employee Engagement for Change program. Learn more about it here:


Teambuilding Effectiveness Profile Guide and Assessment

Here's everything you need to conduct a successful half-day or full-day workshop using the Teambuilding Effectiveness Profile - including the steps for administration, interpretation, and coaching suggestions.

The Facilitator's Guide is organized into three sections:

  • Using the Teambuilding Effectiveness Profile in a Feedback Workshop: Explains the Profile and its uses. Provides exercises, discussion ideas and suggestions for workshops and other learning opportunities.
  • Individual Question Coaching Tips: Covers each of the Profile questions and provides strategies and action steps to help individuals improve overall and in competency areas where scores are low.
  • Personal Action Planning: Includes a personal Contract for Change template that commits the individual to set improvement goals and a list of assessment items that can be used as springboard for discussion

Facilitator's Guide with one Profile / Assessment  $99.95
A Set of 5 Additional Profiles / Assessments $59.95


Committing to a Team Approach- A Performance Skills Teams Workshop

This (4 hours) workshop will energize newly formed teams and help them commit to a team approach. It helps members explore different team roles and get them to understand the four stages of team development.

By learning through experiential exercises about behaviors that occur at each stage of team development, members will preempt resistance to the team approach.

This is the first in the Performance Skills Teams Workshops Series (3 more available. See below.)

Committing to a Team Approach Workshop (4 hours) with Leader's Guide and one Participant Workbook $295.00

Additional Workbooks are $25.00 each.


Communicating Effectively in Teams - A Performance Skills Teams Workshop

Improve all key communication skills within the context of achieving team goals. The content covers about 8 hours of training in a workshop format. It's part of the Performance Skills Teams Workshops.

This workshop ((8 HRS) systematically presents core communication skills such as active listening, giving and receiving feedback constructively, and reacting to others’ ideas.

The workshop package includes a Leader's Guide and one Participant Workbook for $295.00

Additional Participant Workbook $25.00 each

Team Metrics.jpg

Team Metrics: Resources for Measuring and Improving Team Performance

By: Mike Woodcock, Dave Francis

You've adopted the teamwork approach. Now you’re wondering "How do we know how well we’re doing?" This book answers the question.

Team Metrics contains a collection of tried-and-tested metrics that provide a valid framework for assessing the key areas of teamwork effectiveness. The book also provides suggested next steps so you can build on strengths and remove barriers - whether you are a team leader, team member, facilitator, consultant or advisor.

Included are a variety of 27 questionnaires, surveys and assessments which can be used in training or everyday situations. They cover management roles, meeting effectiveness, communication, motivation and other key areas for assessing teams - whether large or small, new or long-standing, personnel- or operations-focused, creative or strategic. The metrics are divided into five sections: Metrics for auditing team effectiveness - help you make a holistic assessment of a team’s effectiveness Metrics for assessing team leadership - examine aspects of the role of team leader Metrics for assessing team strengths and barriers - examine strengths and barriers that frequently occur in teams Metrics for assessing top team performance - enable top teams to assess their performance Metrics for facilitators - help facilitators plan and deliver effective team development interventions

The metrics require only a few minutes to implement making them a quick and effective way to improve the performance of teams and increase the satisfaction of team members.

394 pp / $149.95


Making Team Decisions by Consensus- A Performance Skills Teams Workshop

When working in teams, it is critical to make decisions that all team members agree with and support. In this workshop, team members learn four basic decision-making approaches and identify why consensus decision making is most beneficial in a team setting.

Making Team Decisions By Consensus (2HRS.) helps your team members with the most difficult part of teamwork: making decisions effectively as a team without wasting a lot of time and energy, and without getting into a lot of inner fighting and conflict.

Leader's Guide and one Participant Workbook for $295.00

Additional Workbook $25.00


Solving Team Problems: Help Your Team Solve The Actual Work Problem It Faces - A Performance Skills Teams Workshop

In order for teams to be successful, they must be able to solve everyday problems decisively and effectively.

With this workshop (3 hours), teams will learn to do so while working on an actual problem the team currently faces. This helps the team learn and practive problem solving skills while applying these skills at the work problem it is facing. This "Learn By Doing" approach helps your team spend its time productively and move fast from learning to performing.

Leader's Guide and One Participant Workbook for $295.00

Additional workbooks at $25.00 each.



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