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Creativity and Innovation Certification - Program 3

You will learn online through recorded webinars, e-mailed Word documents, PowerPoint slides, online profiles, assessments, tests, and collaborative wikis.

Now you can get certified to deliver our Creativity and Innovation at Work workshop to your internal or external clients from the comfort of your home. All you need is a PC with internet connection. Your certification by HumaNext, one of the most innovative American training companies, gives you many advantages. In this page you will learn about theworkshop you get in your certification and the Heart & Mind methodology you acquire to help you deliver dynamic and effective training. For an overview of the benefits of the certification program and how it works visit our overview page:  

Creativity and Innovation Certification – Program 3 + Heart and Mind Methodology

Many experts believe that in the same manner in which quality was the issue of the last two decades of the 20thCentury, innovation has become the issue of the first two decades of the 21st Century. More than ever before, organizations realize that they must innovate to survive and thrive. They seek training that helps their employees acquire creative thinking and innovation competencies. This workshop provides you with the resource you need to meet this rising need.

  • This workshop helps individuals and teams sharpen their creative thinking, idea generation, and problem solving skills for breakthrough achievements.
  • Learn how some of America’s most innovative organizations, such as Disney, Apple, Dell, 3M, GE, have created a culture of innovation.
  • Creativity and Innovation at Work is a unique workshop that helps people sharpen their creative thinking and problem solving skills through research-based techniques for breakthrough achievements. You will also learn how some of America’s most innovative companies have created a culture of innovation at work.

  • Why Creativity and Innovation Training?

    Today, with the rising concern about the economy and the impact of the forces of globalization, competition, technology, workforce diversity, and changes in value-systems, the search for new strategies that help corporate America cope has intensified.

    The popularity of such recent books as The Rise of the Creative Class, and other books on creativity, is but one indication of the growing recognition of the importance of creativity and innovation for business and society.

    Our Creativity Training Gives You Access to the Source of Innovation

    Where do creative ideas come from? How can you boost your ability to generate new solutions for entrenched problems? What techniques can you use to significantly increase your ability to look at the same thing others look at and see something different? In one of the workshop's modules, participants are introduced to more than thirty sources of new ideas.

    The Creativity and Innovation at Work workshop takes participants on a mind-opening journey filled with the excitement of new possibilities. Participants harness their ability to see problems in an entirely new light and generate an abundance of solutions.

    Participants Learn to Become Progress-Makers at Their Workplace

    Organizations need people who make waves, who don’t do “business as usual” or accept “the status quo.”

    • These are the people who will create new products and services, come up with breakthrough improvements, and achieve extraordinary accomplishments.
    • These are the people who will challenge things as they are.
    • These are the people upon whom the progress of your organization depends.
    • And these are the persons whose creativity we unleash with our training.

    Warning: Your workplace might not be the same after this training!

    People look at things as they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never have been and ask why not?

    - George Bernard Shaw

    Asking “Why not?” is one of many idea-generation techniques participants learn in the Creativity at Work training.

    With our certification, you will be able to help any organization shake up their culture and break free from the self imposed limitations of business-as-usual mentality.

    The Main Topics Covered by the Innovation & Creativity Workshop


    • Materials to market the workshop
    • Preparing the workshop environment
    • Pre workshop exercises.

    Thinking and the Brain

    • Examples of creative thinking. What is it?
    • The difference between logical thinking and creative thinking.
    • A peak at the brain; the way we think. Thinking in Patterns.

    The Case for Innovation

    • Case studies from some of America's leading companies that benefited from creating a culture of innovation, including innovation programs at 3M, GE, IDEO, and others.

    Blocks to Our Creativity

    • Perceptual blocks
    • Cultural blocks
    • Emotional blocks
    • Intellectual blocks
    • Techniques to overcome creativity blocks

    Creative Problem Solving

    • Problem identification techniques
    • Idea generation techniques

    Creative Products and Services

    • Lessons from Google, Xerox, and other organizations
    • Ways to produce innovative solutions for challenging problems.
    • Exercise on creating the product or service of the future.

    Creating the Innovative Work Environment

    1. Characteristics of the innovative environment
    2. Creating a culture of continuous innovation.
    3. Lessons and strategies from GE, 3M, Disney, IDEO, Pfizer, and others.
    4. Applied Innovation
      • Identifying specific work problems and opportunities from participants’ work situations
      • Development of solutions / action plans

    Measuring Participants’ Creativity and Organization Innovation Profile

    You Will Use Online Creativity and Innovation Profile for Individuals and the Organization


    • With your certification, you can have your clients go online and in a few minutes create their individual and organizational creativity profiles and chart the possible gap between their capacity for innovation and the limitations imposed by their work culture.
    • This fascinating tool has enabled some of America’s leading organizations to uncover and measure at the gap between their people’s creativity potential and their corporate culture’s tolerance for innovation.
    • This revealing picture provides training facilitators, consultants, and executives with never before available look, and measurement, of the state of innovation in the organization.

    Your certification enables you to offer our online assessments / profiles to your clients at a discount and mark it up to make a profit.


    You will also receive our Heart & Mind Learning

    Heart & Mind Learning is a HumaNext methodology that ensures that a workshop enjoys a number of built-in special design and delivery features that have proven to turn ordinary training sessions into extraordinary learning and changing experience. We have put the best lessons of our diversified training experience in the design of a unique approach to training that we call Heart & Mind Learnin, or H&ML.

    From Instruction to Discovery

    The task of designing training workshops is called “Instructional Design” which is based on the idea that the trainer will provide “instructions” to participants as the way for them to learn.

    Our “Heart & Mind Learning” approach calls for changing this mind-set so that when you design a learning workshop you focus on providing opportunities, activities, and ideas that enable participants to “discover” the learning points for themselves. Instead of engaging in “Instructional Design” you will engage in “Discovery Design.” Not only this is better, more impactful, and more interesting for participants, it is also all that for the facilitator as well.

    With all Tracks, you will also receive Heart & Mind Learning Facilitator’s Guide and PowerPoint slides, as well as access to webinars to hear directly from the author of Heart & Mind Learning on how to integrate it into all your training workshops.

    Program 3 Schedule

    • Register any day of the week. Your certification starts the first of the following week.
    • Our suggested schedule enables you to complete your certification in about four weeks from the time you start. This is based on spending one week on each of the four Sections of the certification program outlined below. But you can go faster or slower as it suites you, provided you finish all certification work within a 6-month period. When you complete all requirements you receive your certificate.

    For the sections below, you will:

      • Receive the documents by e-mail in MS Word and PP slides. 
      • Attend  webinars (online seminars) covering the material..
      • Do Assignments, and participate with other learners in a Wiki (collaborative authoring and editing of articles and ideas. You will learn how to use it.)

    • Section 1: The complete Heart & Mind Learning: You will first learn our Heart & Mind Learning Methodology, which comes with your certification. This program ensures that you learn the most advanced concepts of training design and delivery, which will significantly enhance your training and facilitation skills.
    • Section 2: The Creativity and Innovation online Profile.
    • Section 3:Recorded webinars.
    • Section 4: First half of the Creativity and Innovation at Work workshop materials with its applicable assignment.
    • Section 5: Second half of Creativity and Innovation at Work workshop materials with its applicable assignment.

    Registration and Terms



    • For certifying in Creativity and Innovation as your first program, standard price $1495.00 currently offered at $1095.00 - a $400 discount.
    • Click to Order at HumaNext Store
    • For each additional program, pay only an additional $495.00 Choose the topic/topics you want to add from the drop screen as you place your order.
    • Click to Order at HumaNext Store
    • If you have any question, please contact us at

    • You may register by paying online by a credit card or by a check in US funds payable to HumaNext LLC mailed to: HumaNext, 8 Brownstone Terrace, Hawthorne, New Jersey, 07506 USA.

    • Your certification process will start the first day of the week after we receive your registration. You can go as fast or easy as you choose but you are expected to finish your requirements in six months from registration.

    • Cancelation: You may cancel your registration and receive a refund (by a check) of the amount paid minus 15% administration fee anytime before the start of your certification. Once your certification process starts no refunds will be given.

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