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Program 7: RelationShifts for Individual and Team Transformation

Relationshifts Certification Online. Start Any Month

You will learn online through recorded webinars, e-mailed Word documents, PowerPoint slides, online or paper-pencil profiles, assessments, tests, and collaborative wikis.

Now you can get certified to deliver our RelationShifts program to your internal or external clients from the comfort of your home. All you need is a PC with internet connection. Your certification by HumaNext, one of the most innovative American training companies, gives you many other benefits. In this page you will learn about the workshop you get in your certification and the Heart & Mind Learning methodology you acquire to help you deliver dynamic and effective training. For an overview of the benefits of the certification program and how it works visit our overview page: 

Plus: Learn and Apply Our Heart and Mind Learning Methodology

In addition to tuis powerful workshops, you will also learn and get the material you need to design and deliver training with our unique “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology. Heart & Mind Learning is a way to design / modify then deliver training workshops that dramatically impact your participants and inspire them to create change in themselves and others as a result of the learning. You accomplish this by integrating in your training a number of key "Insights" that transform what you deliver from a traditional training to an extraordinary learning experience for participants.

Plus: Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP)

Certification on RelationShifts, offers you the chance to take our online assessment, Team Effective Action Map (T.E.A.M). The purpose of a team is to take necessary action to achieve results. This T.E.A.M. tool identifies six pillars of team effectiveness and provides teams with a profile of their effectiveness in taking action to achieve results. This profile can serve as a map for the team’s development, learning, and change to increase its effectiveness.

Shifts to Be Achieved and Objectives

RelationShifts enables participants to achieve a number of dramatic shifts regarding the way they relate to things that matter most. These shifts create a new reality that makes it possible for the team to achieve extraordinary results that were previously thought to be unattainable. Here are some of these shifts:

  • Shifting from viewing work as a burden to reclaiming it as a realm of Self-Actualization, Expression, and Fulfillment.
  • Shifting from combative and mistrustful outlook to one that supports colleagues as team players in the exciting game of work-life.
  • Shifting language to a place where words create a new reality of collaboration and appreciation.
  • Moving the organization from an impersonal bureaucracy to a caring community.
  • Creating team identity and mission, and empowering team members to work as partners in an entrepreneurship spirit.
  • Envisioning and moving toward the bigger picture together, and redescovering customers as providers of opportunities to serve and accomplish.
  • Moving forward from working “inside the box” to thinking, communicating and working “outside the box.”

Schedule of Program 7 Certification

  • Register any day of the week. Your certification starts the first day of the following week.
  • Our suggested schedule enables you to complete your certification in about four weeks from the time you start. This is based on spending one week on each of the four Sections of the certification program outlined below. But you can go faster or slower as it suites you, provided that you try to finish all work within a 6-month period. When you complete all requirements you receive your certificate.

For the sections below, you will:

    • Receive the documents by e-mail in MS Word and PP slides. 
    • Attend  webinars (online seminars) covering the material..
    • Do Assignments, and participate with other learners in a Wiki (collaborative authoring and editing of articles and ideas. You will learn how to use it.)
    • Take the online assessment/profile on Team Effectivense based on the five pillars of teams. You will also be able to do the paper-pencil profile,The Inside-Out Personal Style Profile

  • Section 1: The complete Heart & Mind Learning: You will first learn our Heart & Mind Learning Methodology, which comes with your certification. This program ensures that you learn the most advanced concepts of training design and delivery, which will significantly enhance your training and facilitation skills.
  • Section 2:  Team Effectiveness Profile online assessment. 
  • Section 3: Frst half of RelationShifts workshop materials, with its assignment.
  • Section 4: Second half of RelationShifts workshop materials with its applicable assignment.

Registration and Terms


  •  To certify in RelationShifts as your first program, fee is $1495.00 currently offered at $1095.00 - a $400 discount
  • Click to Order at HumaNext Store
  • If you have any question, please contact us at

  • For each additional program, pay only an additional $495 Choose the topic/topics you want to add from the drop screen as you place your order.
  • Click to Order at HumaNext Store

  • You may register by paying online by a credit card or by a check in US funds payable to HumaNext LLC mailed to: HumaNext, 8 Brownstone Terrace, Hawthorne, New Jersey, 07506 USA.

  • Your certification process will start the first day of the week after we receive your registration. You can go as fast or easy as you choose but you are expected to finish your requirements in six months from registration.

  • Cancelation: You may cancel your registration and receive a refund (by a check) of the amount paid minus 15% administration fee anytime before the start of your certification. Once your certification process starts no refunds will be given.