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Scholarships to Attend HumaNext Events

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Our upcoming event that you may be able to attend with a scholarship is HumaNext 2013 in New Jersey: 

Click to learn more about it:

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You May Qualify for a Full or Partial Scholarship

  • If you are granted a full or partial scholarship to one of our exciting learning events, you will get to attend all the sessions and participate fully in all the activities like those who have paid the full fee for the event.

  • In the past years, several persons and organizations have enjoyed the benefits of our scholarship program. Read their stories on this page.

  • HumaNext scholarships are usually granted to one or more persons selected by our Scholarship Committee- at its sole discretion- from the pool of applicants.

  • Those who may apply are those working for non-profit organizations, recent college graduates, research and Ph.D. students / assistants, new consultants, trainers from overseas / hardship areas, special situations, and others with special needs who are not able to pay our full fee.

  • You may be asked to do some work to help us with administration, marketing, program development, or other functions during or after the event.

  • Our scholarships go toward covering the major part of the event's fee, and do not cover a basic amount of $175 for administration, workbooks, and other basic costs.

  • Scholarships do not cover travel and accommodation expenses, optional post-event certification webinars, or any other expenses that maybe involved.

  • We do not get involved in any visa processing for you to visit the USA to attend the sessions and cannot offer any assistance in this matter.


Request an Application

You may request to receive our Scholarship Application by emailing to:  

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How to Support the World Peace Day at Work, and Get a HumaNext Scholarship

September 21 is the International Day of Peace, or World Peace Day. What is it and how can you support it at work? And how are we, at HumaNext, supporting it?

What Is It?

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by resolution 36/67 of the United Nations General Assembly and the first Peace Day was observed in September 1982. In 2001, the General Assembly adopted resolution 55/282, which established 21 September as an annual day of non-violence and cease-fire.
The UN General Assembly has also declared 2010 as the International Year of Youth: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding.

How to Support it

Globally, the International Day of Peace is observed by individuals, groups, and organizations in a variety of ways, from prayer vigils to educational activities to concerts, comedy routines and sports matches. Celebrities and leaders such as President Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Nelson Mandela will be voicing their support along with over 100 NGO’s Including Amnesty International and the Stand Up Campaign on

Key peace organizations such as Peace Jam, Goodwill Treaty, Imagine Peace, Cercle de Pax, Peace Day TV and WICO represent hundreds of millions of individuals in 107 countries that are already standing together with Peace in Our Lifetime to promote and celebrate this Day. Other partners include Peace Day Parade in Hawaii, The One Event, Just Giving, Global Peace Festival and Love is All We Need.

Among hundreds of events taking place worldwide on the 21st of September, Peace in Our Lifetime is hosting ‘Parties for Peace’ in the UK and USA with an international lineup of musicians.
Some of the things you can do at work to celebrate the day are:
  • Write an article about it in your employee publication
  • Ask employees to share ideas on ways they are supporting or can support peace.
  • Offer workshops on topics related to peace such as cross cultural understanding, diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution, teamwork, emotional intelligence, etc.
How HumaNext is supporting it with Scholarships

In 2009 HumaNext granted two full scholarships to its annual event to the “Teach Me Peace” organization (See the story on this page).
This year too, HumaNext is supporting the cause of peace by offering scholarships to persons or organizations working for peace and related issues like poverty, health, youth, and volunteerism. If you are doing work in these fields you can apply for one of our scholarships to attend our popular HumaNext events to learn about diversity, cultural competency, emotional intelligence, critical conversations, creativity at work, and more, and get certified to train others on these skills. Learn more on this page. 


Teach Me Peace Inc.- Winner of HumaNext 2009 Full Scholarship Award

Teach Me Peace, Inc. is a small non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural awareness, tolerance, and peaceful co-existence through international youth projects, adult seminars and workshops, and research. Our organization is primarily funded through our own personal contributions, fund raising activities and educational grants. 

We have recently launched a project connecting third grade students in Costa Rica and Hortonville, Wisconsin. The project was called International Literature Circles. It was a project that promoted the UN’s Earth Charter Principles. We traveled to Costa Rica to set up webcasting equipment with the classroom, teach the classroom teacher how to use webcasting, trained her to facilitate literature circles, and donated several classroom books on global social justice issues.

We did the same work in Hortonville, Wisconsin. The day the students connected via Skype to discuss issues of poverty, migrant workers, racism, and other themes provoked by the literature was a day that will forever stay with all of those involved. There were excited students engaged and talking about issues that reach far beyond their own community. There were tears of joy from the teachers who connected once again with their passion for meaningful teaching. There was a sense of hope that our young citizens will grow up in environments rich with cultural exchange and room for not only tolerance for each other, but true appreciation and love.

Our work also has us creating dialogue with educators, school board members, higher education students, administrators, legislators and others around issues of global citizenship and developing sustainable relationships. We often run across communication challenges and so are ever evolving as facilitators of deep discourse. It is for that reason that we are resonating with the HumaNext2009 workshop that will be offered this June in New York City. We respectfully request a scholarship application for one or two of us to attend the seminar. We are familiar with some of your materials especially the Conflict Resolution course and have been impressed by the content covered and presentation of the material.

Sincerely, Mary Ann Kahl, EdD and Valerie Schmitz, PhD - Teach Me Peace, Inc.

If you have a compelling real-life story that you think should qualify you to receive one of our Full Scholarships, please send it to:  

HumaNext 2010 Scholarship winner.jpg

Winner of HumaNext 2010 Full Scholarship Award

"I am breaking walls of hopelessness down in the hearts and minds of my students and opening doors for the future generations so they don’t have to stay poor for the rest of their lives."  - Nimfa D. De Vera, Coordinator, Center for Career Development, Philippines

  • The Center for Career Development [CCD] of the Philippines is a community outreach arms of St. Paul University Quezon City which believes in the unlimited potential of human beings.
  • One of our missions is poverty alleviation by providing opportunities for the young people in our society who belong to the 3Ls in our community: [1] the LEAST [2] the LAST [3] and the LOST.
  • We have evening classes with scholarships grants made available to those who cannot afford to pursue further education after high school.
  • We give competency-based training to young people to prepare them to pass our country's national certification assessment which qualify them for gainful employment.
How HumaNext Training will Help

There will be two groups of people who will benefit from my training with HumaNext:

  •  Students who cannot afford to go to the four-year courses in college. I will use HumaNext emotional intelligence training to train them to believe in themselves through the self-awareness, personality development and confidence skills.
  • The second group are the professionals in the different parts of our country, particularly the teachers whom I will train to experience the joy of finding one’s purpose in life so they can give service from the heart.


Law For Kids : Bringing Court Drama to the Classroom (Winner of HumaNext's Full Scholarship Award- May 2006)

If my parents get divorced will I have to visit daddy/mommy every two weeks (whether or not I want to)?

Will I be able to keep my dog? Do I get any choice where I live?

By Dr. Andr P. Walton, Executive Director, Foundation for Relevant Education About the Law.

The purpose of the non-profit Foundation for Relevant Education About the Law (R.E.A.L.) - - is to break down the barriers between the courts and the public. We provide learning opportunities to students in three ways: by contact with the court system (court tours), our interactive web sites, and through the school curriculum. We have a program currently being designed that will use drama to bring judicial issues into the classroom. It is our goal that students understand and actively participate in the democratic process, and become effective and responsible citizens.

One aspect of Project R.E.A.L.'s website is of particular interest. Students often have difficulty gaining access to accurate, impartial legal advice. This is particularly true of at risk students. This advice might relate to a drug arrest or some other crime, or it might relate to some other aspect of a divorce or other family issue. Perhaps a child would like to know the answer to such questions as: If my parents get divorced will I have to visit daddy/mommy every two weeks (whether or not I want to)?" Will I be able to keep my dog? Do I get any choice where I live?"€

Such questions may not be answered accurately by a parent, and the child may not want to approach a school counselor or other individual that the child may not perceive as impartial., of which Project R.E.A.L. is the Nevada licensee, offers kids the opportunity to get their questions answered (in a generic, rather than one-on-one fashion) by a qualified lawyer.

Training is an important part of our mission, and is critical to our success. Being able to effectively communicate to sponsors and the legal community is also critical to the achievement of our goals. I believe the skills acquired from your HumaNext training program will help us achieve this.

If you have a compelling real-life story that you think should qualify you to receive a scholarships, please send it to: 

Amy Jaffe Barzach.bmp

For Every Child, a Place to Play: Previous Winner of Our Full Scholarship Award (October 2005)

The following submission letter won HumaNext Full Scholarship Awards in 2005:

In 1994, I saw a little girl sitting in a wheelchair on the fringe of a park, her fingers tightly gripping the spokes of her wheelchair as she longingly observed other children at play, and something tugged at me. I understood that for this little girl, playing at a playground could only be a wish, a dream, and a frustration as she was excluded from one of the fundamental joys of childhood.

I felt compelled to do something to address this injustice. Shortly after that observation at the park, my five-month-old son died. In his memory, with the assistance of 1,200 volunteers, I built a playground, Jonathan's Dream, that was barrier-free and where all children could play.

An article about the playground in Time magazine generated hundreds of inquiries. In response to this outpouring of calls for assistance, I, along with play environment designer Jean Schappet, formed Boundless Playgrounds in 1997. To date, 76 playgrounds are open in 20 states and one in Canada. As the first national nonprofit organization dedicated to opening the world of play to children of all abilities, Boundless Playgrounds will not stop until every child everywhere has the opportunity to play.

I believe that if children with disabilities are excluded from playgrounds, both children with and without disabilities will suffer from the lack of opportunity to interact and learn to get along with others. This kind of exclusion leads to isolation and intolerance. In the future, children will become parents, teachers and leaders. They will shape our world. By growing up learning to accept those with differences, the world will be a more peaceful and accepting place.

When children of all abilities are given the opportunity to play--true play that is independent and self-directed--they play with a purpose. Through play children achieve one of the most basic rights of being a person, the right to make choices. During play children make choices that help them gather information through physical and sensory experiences and by watching other children at play. Boundless Playgrounds' fully integrated playgrounds are designed to remove the barriers that limit children's explorations and support their need for independent self-directed play.

I strive to assure that no child, regardless of ability or disability, is ever left out of the magic of play. The organization's mission and vision--For every child, a place to play: Every child! Every ability! Everywhere!--is the impetus for this nonprofit to continue to help communities create barrier-free playgrounds where all children are welcome.

Thank you for considering our small nonprofit with me as the representative for a full scholarship.

Amy Jaffe Barzach, Executive Director

If you have a compelling real-life story that you think should qualify you to receive one of our Full Scholarships, please send it to: