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Team Building Training with RelationShifts

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Introducing A New Kind of Training For Team Building and Change: RelationShifts- A Transformational Experience for Teams


Intensive half-day or full-day training workshop that is significantly different from traditional team building and organization change training.

  • Purpose: Empowering People to Shift to Higher Levels of Relationships at Work.
  • This unique experience enables participants to create a dramatic change in the way they relate to their work, their colleagues, their organization, and their customers.
  • The result is a totally rejuvenated team working on a higher level of commitment to achieve extraordinary results.

RelationShifts is available both as onsite training where we deliver it at your site (contact us for a proposal) and as an Off-the-Shelf package you can order, customize, and deliver yourself.

You can also get certified online as a Facilitator to deliver this workshop yourself.

Read this page for complete information and contact us for any question:

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Why We Need a Different Way of Team Building

In traditional team building, participants learn a few concepts about how teams are formed and how they develop and function. For example, the Tuckman's 1965 Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing team-development model is still a popular part of many traditional team building training. In addition, some training offers a comparison between a team and a group. Several exercises designed to show the value of teamwork are usually included.

These programs are generally fun, interesting, and may include some physical activities in the outdoors. The lessons from most of these exercises, though, are self-evident and too simplistic. Participants seldom gain profound insights into their ways of thinking and working, or experience a lasting change in the way they relate to and work with each other.

The sad fact is that teamwork in most organizations is so badly lacking that almost any type of team building training will be helpful to a degree.

But there has always been a need for a more impacting, authentic, and long-lasting experience that transforms a group of people into a highly functioning team that achieves great results.

People have long been searching for a different kind of experience that can transform their relationships to their work, their organization, their colleagues, and their customers.

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What Is So Different About RelationShifts?

RelationShifts is a transformational team experience that goes beyond traditional team building and organization change training:

  • It is a highly inspiring, deep discovery, exhilarating session that goes beyond traditional team-building programs.
  • It is an invitation to experience and adopt a different Mental Model for doing business in a Not-As-Usual way to create extraordinary business results, going beyond traditional creativity training.
  • It is an introduction of a new way of communicating with self and others in a positive, emotionally intelligent manner that goes beyond traditional communication skills training.

In short, our off-the-shelf, or onsite RelationShifts training is a truly unique training program. It is a carefully designed experience that pushes the envelop as it blends the best and latest concepts and techniques of motivation, individual and organization change, mission and vision creation, team building, and authentic communication.


RelationShifts Helps People Achieve Dramatic Shifts, and Results at Work

RelationShifts enables participants to achieve a number of dramatic shifts regarding the way they relate to things that matter most. These shifts create a new reality that makes it possible for the team to achieve extraordinary results that were previously thought to be unattainable.

Here are some of these shifts:

  • Shifting from viewing work as a burden to reclaiming it as a realm of Self-Actualization, Expression, and Fulfillment
  • Supporting Colleagues as Team Players in the Exciting Game of Work
  • The Organization Is a Conversation: What Are You Talking About? - Shifting Language to a Place Where Words Create a New Reality.
  • Creating Team Identity and Mission.
  • Moving Forward from Working Inside the Box to Thinking, Communicating and Working Outside the Box


Off-the-Shelf Program - Order Now

RelationShifts is available both as onsite training where we deliver it at your site (contact us for a proposal: It is also available as an Off-the-Shelf package you can order and deliver yourself.

It comes with a detailed step-by-step Leader's Guide, over 50 PowerPoint slides, and a reproducible Participant's Workbook so you can deliver the workshop to an unlimited number of your employees at no additional cost.

Order for $295  

Buy Organization License for $1,995.00

Buy a license for 3 users from the same organization for $695.00

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We Can Deliver RelationShifts at Your Site in One Day or 3 Hour Duration

Although we deliver workshops that are one day, and half day long, we have recently started to offer a new model of onsite training which has proved very successful: 3 Hour Training.

Because some organizations cannot afford to have employees leave their jobs for a whole day, 3 Hour Training enables them to train employees on the latest skills they need without having to leave work for more than 3 hours.

Here is an actual example from a recent assignment where we were invited to train a small organization of 50 employees. Because they provide customer service and maintenance, they could leave their jobs for only 3 hours at a time. They needed to enhance their teamwork skills and create a more engaging, more positive culture.

We were able to deliver a 3 Hour Training version of our RelationShifts workshop to half the employees (25 persons) in the morning, then another 3 Hour Training session to the other half (25) in the afternoon. We then invited all 50 employees and managers to attend a rap-up one hour session at the end of the day so they can all act as one team.

The program was highly effective and the General Manager as well as the HR Director were thrilled with the results. Participants contributed several ways to improve the way they work and serve their customers.

Describe your specific needs to get a no-obligation proposal:

RelationShift Testimony.png

What Will Participants Learn as a Result of Experiencing RelationShifts?

The graphic is a note a General Manager sent to the HR Director who hired HumaNext to deliver RelationShifts at their facility.

Depending on the client's needs and time allowed, participants will learn some or all of the following:

  • Discover their work style profile and how to boost their effectiveness in working with others.
  • Develop skills to use the "I Feel, I Think, I Say, I Do" Model to achieve outstanding results.
  • Identify where they stand: Inside or Outside The Box
  • Learn ways to move toward more Outside Space.
  • Learn the Outside-The-Box language and use it to communicate with others to evoke action.
  • Learn to think outside the box in a way that generates new ideas and solutions.
  • Learn to support each other in moving outside the box in a way that strengthens team spirit and celebrates camaraderie.
  • Understand the conceptual and cultural barriers to change and how to overcome them
  • Work together to develop team identity, mission, vision, and goals.
  • Leave the session with a new commitment to achieving extraordinary results for the organization.


RelationShifts: Speaking in Negative Tongues

We all speak our own version of our native language. But some of these are negative versions of the language. Since language is the primary way for humans to communicate and interact with others, speaking in a negative tongue will have major consequences for the ability to get along and work with others effectively. Most traditional team building training programs don’t deal with this aspect at all.

RelationShifts pays a special attention to the language used by team members, and helps participants discover how it impacts their ability to work together. Through real-life exercises, processes and inquiry into the nature of communication, participants discover previously-unexamined relationships between language and action. They are introduced to a structure of communication that enables them to inspire collaboration and evoke action.


A Dramatic Power of Engagement

Our work has shown that people will not get engaged in an endeavor until they are invited to be full participants in creating it, with freedom to think and act toward achieving what's new.

A dramatic power occurs when the group becomes fully engaged. With the excitement of participation in the creation of a new world, the whole energy of the group shifts and everyone recognizes it. With a sense of excitement, the team will feel and celebrate the difference in atmosphere and attitude.


Are Your Assumptions Moving You Forward Or Pulling You Back?

 If it is your assumption that most people are careless, useless, and disloyal, you will end up creating this kind of attitude and behavior in the people who work with you. If you can change your assumptions, and help people change theirs, you can achieve dramatic transformation in relationships and performance. This, however, cannot be done by preaching to people. It can only be done by providing people the opportunity to discover and experience the power and value of the new assumptions for themselves. Only then will they become willing to adopt the new assumptions and make them their own.

Here are the assumptions that can produce extraordinary results for you. We hold and help people experience and adopt these assumptions in our RelationShifts training.

  • What people focus on becomes their reality
    • We invite people to shift their focus from the problems they want to solve to the achievements they want to accomplish.
    • This Shift enables people to move much faster toward achieving bigger and more exciting goals.
  • Taking the Best of the Past to the Future
    • The most confident way for people to move to the future (What's Outside the Box) is to carry forward the best parts of the past (What’s Inside The Box.)
    • This way people can do more of what works as they invent new ways to meet the changing environment.
  • Our Words Create Our World
    • The language we use to talk to ourselves and others creates our reality.
    • We introduce to participants Outside-The-Box language that helps them relate in a more sensitive yet powerful way to their colleagues and customers.
  • Change Starts With Me! Igniting Personal Commitment to Change
    • We start the process of building or strengthening a team by helping each person gain insight into their own personality, and where they are at the moment.
  • The Source of Action: I Feel, I Think, I Say, I Do
    • Recent research in Emotional Intelligence helps us understand the value of recognizing our feelings before applying our rational thinking.
    • We then decide by declaring and communicating our intentions.
    • Then we act to make it happen.
    • In each of these stages, we learn to move from standing timidly and powerlessly inside the box to thinking, communicating, and working outside the box.
  • Mission Creates Passion
    • We challenge participants to challenge themselves. We provide them with the opportunity to discover what they do best, and what they want to do even better in the future.
    • We take them on a journey to create a Vision of their Best Self, and craft a Mission Statement that provides guidance and inspiration for action. The Statement must stretch, challenge, and innovate. It must be an expression of what people are passionate about and will defend if necessary. And it must be stated in affirmative, bold terms, using Outside-The-Box language of achievement.
  • Commitment to Action
    • One of our key assumptions is that everybody wants to do good work that brings them self satisfaction and the recognition and appreciation of others.
    • Participants learn how to build upon this to inspire a desire for action and achievement in themselves and others.
    • Because this desire is self-generated, it produces much better results than external incentives and rewards.


We Use Many Activities Like This One To Change Relationships At Work.


This Activity Will Change Your Relationship With Your Colleagues

Here is a positive activity to boost the way people relate to each other at work. There are several variations to this activity which has been used in many training programs, including Dale Carnegie's. The Activity creates a great deal of goodwill and appreciation among people working together in one department or team.

Each person is to prepare several sheets of paper, and write at the top of each the name of one of the other members of the team, one sheet for each name. They should then write down under each name a list of the qualities or behaviors they most admired in that person in the past year, or in general. The statements should start with words like, "I appreciated it when you…" or "I really admire your way of…" or "It was great when you…" or " Thank you for your outstanding help with…" When all members have completed all the sheets about each other, collect the sheets for each member at a time and place them in an envelop to be given to the named person to read and keep. You can make variations as needed to fit your work situation.

The result of this activity is that each member will receive a large number of specific compliments, commendations, and expressions of appreciation for their qualities and actions. Countless experiences, and the popularity of 360 feedback tools, have indicated that people deeply appreciate and are affected by others’ perceptions and opinions of them. The good thing about this activity is that it deliberately limits the feedback to only the positive side. The impact on team spirit and working relationships can be dramatic.


RelationShifts Is About Transforming Your Team To Create Higher Achievements

  • In RelationShifts, we invite participants to take the best of what they know and talk about what could be.
  • We challenge them to stretch what they are to become more than what they have been successful at.
  • We involve them in creating a collective, collaborative view of where they want to go.
  • We help participants, and organizations, break the grip of traditional limitations that are often self-imposed or are carryovers from the past. We provide people a new frame work of being and doing that enables them to consistently produce extraordinary results previously considered to be infeasible, or requiring an unreasonable commitment to time and resources.
  • Our work in team transformation produces qualitative shifts for participants – shifts in the fundamental ways in which they view and relate to their work, to themselves, and to each other.

“Today, six months after attending your workshop, (people)  still communicate and work with others in a much more positive way than in the past.”

     – S.D.,  Director of HR for a large health care organization, New York.


What They Wrote About RelationShifts


Here are some of the participants' written evaluations of a RelationShifts workshop delivered at the American Diabetes Association:

- Very informative. Emphasized breaking habits to learn to communicate more effectively.

- Exercises, examples, and role-plays were very well done and corresponded with the subject matter.

- I will use these skills everywhere, not just at work.

- I most enjoyed the way exercises were tied into the lessons.

- I wish it was longer.

- The knowledge, ideas, and skills will definitely help in everyday situations that arise in the workplace.

- Most activities required group work. Very good.

- The exercises were entertaining and evident how they applied to concepts.

- Well done. I recommend this workshop to others.

Here are other comments about RelationShifts by Other Participants:

-         A very interesting, educational & motivating experience. Can’t wait to get back to put into practice!!

-         A wonderful experience. Absolutely will apply the concepts to my professional & personal life.

-         Great tools we can use.

-         Exercises were great. Loved the team building.

-        What I enjoyed most was discovering the thinking outside the box.

-         Extremely helpful. Exercises and examples: great! Great!

Basili Event 95.jpg

Francois Basili, Developer of RelationShifts

Mr. Basili is a multi-cultural consultant with more than twenty years of US and international experience as a training/ HRD executive and communication expert. He led a number of major organizational/ cultural transformations in the US and abroad. He developed nationally recognized training programs and culture change initiatives that dramatically improved performance at some of the toughest work cultures in the US and overseas.

Basili's innovative and pioneering work in a number of training areas has attracted national attention, with articles and interviews in The Ragan Report, Hospital Magazine, Diversity Inc. magazine, and others. He collaborated with the Bureau of National Affairs in developing their pioneering "Bridges" training program.

Basili has developed cutting edge training programs currently used by training professionals at leading American organizations in the fields of communication, creativity, diversity, emotional intelligence, and others. He served as Director of Training and HRD of a $1.2 billion, 12000 employee organization in New York. He delivered workshops to thousands of executives and staff of American, European, Asian, and African organizations.


Use With RelationShifts: Online Team Effectiveness TEAM Profile

Team Effective Action Map (T.E.A.M. Profile)

The purpose of a team is to take necessary action to achieve results. This T.E.A.M. Profile tool provides teams with a profile of their effectiveness in taking action to achieve results. This profile can serve as a map for the team’s development, learning, and change to increase its effectiveness.

Taking only a few minutes to answer 30 questions online, the TeamProfile reveals the team's effectiveness in the six areas that most impact team performance:

  • Shared Mission & Goals
  • Defined Roles and Methods
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Supportive Relationships
  • A Learning Culture
  • Positive Communication

This self-scoring profile is available online

Online profile for one user/ $20.00 


Available Now: RelationShifts Team Transformation Certification: An Innovative Program for Trainers, Consultants, and Managers


Do you want to be trained and certified to deliver our powerful RelationShifts training workshop to your internal or external clients in the US or abroad?

You can get certified online here:  


The Man Who Wanted to Change the World

In my workshop on change and transformation, I tell the following story:

In the Chinese folklore, there is the story of an ambitious young man who, on his twentieth birthday, became consumed with the desire to change the world. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.

At age 40, he settled for trying to change China. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.

At age 60, he settled for trying to change his village. For the next 20 years he strived to do that but failed.

At age 80, he decided to focus on changing his family. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.

At age 100, he decided to focus on changing himself.

But the next day, he died.

The lesson?

If you want to change the world, you better start with yourself.

Ghandi said, “We must become the change we want to see in the world”

So the question to ask ourselves is: In what ways can I become the change I seek to see happening around me?

(c) 2015 HumaNext LLC. From RelationShifts, our workshop on team transformation and organization change. See details on this page.


Miracle in New York: The Plane that Landed on a River- Lessons and Exercise

Chesley Sullenberger spent his whole life preparing for the five-minute miracle that was US Airways Flight 1549 on the 15th of January 2009.

He got his pilot's license at 14, was named best aviator in his class at the Air Force Academy, flew fighter jets, investigated air disasters, mastered glider flying and even studied the psychology of how cockpit crews behave in a crisis. Along the way, he got two masters degrees, one in psychology, from the Air Force Academy and Purdue University, and had been studying how crews react in a crisis. He acquired the best education, expertise, and experience. He was learning, training, and practicing all the time.

When the ultimate test came on an emergency descent over the Hudson River, he spoke into the intercom only once and, with a remarkable calm, gave the most terrifying instruction a pilot can give - "Brace for impact". Had he let any tension leak into his voice," a passenger later said,  "it would have been magnified in the passengers."€™

Then the pilot masterfully commanded the plane, with its two engines dead after colliding with a flock of birds, to land on the Hudson River, away from New York's skyscrapers, and close to boats that can offer help quickly to passengers. As the cabin took on water, Sullenberger walked the airplane's aisles twice to check that nobody was still there, and climbed out of the jet only after the four other crew members and 150 passengers made their orderly exit.

All branches of the city's services collaborated in a remarkable manner and all 155 passengers and crew members got out safely. "This shows you that when we work together we can do anything," said New York Mayor Bloomberg in his press conference on the incident.

"Sully, as he is called by friends, who received a congratulatory call from President Bush, offers us a model for how we can "create ourselves through our work." A colleague described him saying, "This is someone who has not just spent his life flying airplanes, but has actually dug very deeply into what makes these things work." His wife described him as "a pilots' pilot who loves the art of the airplane." His sister said he was always professional and never cut corners. "I think Burnett is a very duty-oriented person," she said. "He is always looking to get better. He would be the one to get an airplane with two dead engines to land safely on water."€

Exercise: Make a copy of this piece to give to everyone in your next meeting or training session. Then engage them in a discussion around the following:

- What lessons do we learn from this incident regarding: Leadership? Attitude toward our work? Continuous Learning? Training? Teamwork?

This article, and the activity, are now part of the training program, RelationShifts: Team Transformation. Read more about it on this page.


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