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Cloud Based and Mobile e-Learning

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People love to watch video, so why not delivering training the way people prefer to learn? Now you can do just that by offering them the ej4 library brought by HumaNext.


Online Cloud Based Learning with Short Videos

We know that time and attention spans are short. Our job is to create engaging videos that teach tactical lessons that can be easily applied on the job.
  • Our advantage is that we deliver videos that are:

    • Just as needed

    • Just in time

    • Just enough

    • Just right

  • Request to get our 20 minute webcast to learn more:
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    Cloud Based e-Learning: Get Free Access to Online Library

    If you are responsible for employee training in your organization, you are invited to learn about Cloud Based e-Learning and Mobile Learning, and receive a two week free access to our library of online courses to see how it can transform learning at your organization.

    Email us your business contacts to request a call explaning the system and two week free access:  

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  • Subject: Cloud Based e-Learning 20 Minute No Cost Webinar:
  • Thursday, June 07, 2012 at 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
      To register for the webinar and two week access to online library send complete business and contact information to:  

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    • HumaNext has partnered with ej4, an innovative cloud-based, e-learning company that provides cutting-edge skill set enhancement solutions through short (7-10 minutes) cloud-based video courses.
    • HumaNext’s ej4 library offers hundreds of off-the-shelf cloud based e-Learning programs to make sure you have the complete employee skill sets covered.
    • Categories include compliance, leadership, selling skills, personal productivity, customer service, supervision, and more.

    Our content library is not another bland form of training. It’s J4 video – videos that get maximum results! J4 videos provide targeted content that is cost effective, delivered in a fun and compelling manner, and teaches repeatable skills and behaviors to generate maximum results for you company.

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    See a Free 20 Minute Webcast

    • What training issues are you facing? Contact us and we’ll show you how you can find a solution with our online video-based learning:

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    Available as a Mobile Learning

    • J4 video is proven to be more effective than traditional interactive software and just as effective as live training and it’s produced at a fraction the cost.
    • Cloud based videos are available 24/7 for viewing and refresher courses and can be viewed anytime anywhere and on any device – PC, mobile devices such as a mobile phone, tablet, media player or hand-held device!

    Email us your business contact information to get access to ej4 Video eLearning Free 7-Day Trial Campus: Email:

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    We Can Also Produce Videos for You to Present Your Message or Training

    • With J4 video green screen technology, we provide real presenters, or your executives, to interact with the content you want to present– just like the weatherperson on the evening news.
    • This interaction results in concise, compelling, and even entertaining videos that drive change and maximize results.
    • A J4 video is the ideal way to communicate with employees, partners, and customers about new products, programs, and services.

    Contact us now and we will set up a free webinar to take you through the process and provide you with a free seven day trial:

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    Why and How to Offer Blended Learning

    • Some employees like to learn in classroom settings where they enjoy live, face-to-face human interaction. Others like to learn online because of its convenience yet still would prefer someone to be there to interact with them and guide their learning. Yet others, particularly generations X and Y, don’t like to read a lot of text and prefer to learn by watching videos. How can an organization offer training that meets these different learning preferences?
    • The answer is simple: Blended Learning. Leading companies are doing it today. Blended Learning has proven to be a much more effective organizational learning approach. It offers training to employees in different ways and different formats that meet their different needs. It uses a variety of content delivery, from in-class learning to online learning. But now new technologies have made it possible for online learning itself to be offered in various formats that meet users’ different learning styles. So blended learning today offers in-class workshops complemented by a variety of other modes of learning, particularly online learning that comes in different formats.

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    HumaNext uniquely offers the different components you’d need to offer a comprehensive blended learning to your organization:

    • Classroom style training: HumaNext offers one of the largest collections of ready-to-deliver training programs that come with step-by-step facilitator’s guide, most with PowerPoint slides or videos, participant workbooks, and other tools. You can find them at

    As to online learning, HumaNext offers the following libraries that meet different learning styles:

    • Video-based online courses: This format weds the power and simplicity of videos with the interactivity and administrative functionality of e-Learning. Request a free webcast and 7 day trial:
    • Online instructor-led courses in which a subject-matter expert guides the users, answers their questions, and supports their learning in a personal, two-way style. We offer many topics in this format including some personal and career-oriented courses:

  • Our award-winning HumaNext newsletter brings you free articles, ideas, and tools.