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New: Leading with Intelligence 3-in-1 Ready-to-DilverTraining Program

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INTRODUCING: Leading with Intelligence Training Program

Developing and applying three key intelligence-based skills - emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creative thinking - in one powerful off-the-shelf program.

Each of the three intelligence-based skills is offered by others in programs costing up to $495 each - almost $1500 for the three - but our 3 in 1 program's fee is $595. For introductory offer this workshop is now selling at $347. Please request the sample package before placing your order and include the title of this program and your business information.

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    Today’s Most Important Skill

    According to a study by The Conference Board, 400 senior HR professionals identified Critical Thinking as the #1 skill their employees will need in the next five years – above innovation or technology. Critical Thinking enables employees to apply rational reasoning to identify the real challenges they face, make better decisions, solve problems, and deal with change, thus producing much better results at work.

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    Training to Help You Climb the Ladder of Intelligence: From Intuitive, to Critical, to Creative

    Recent research results by scientists like Nobel prize-winner Daniel Kahneman, psychologists like Keith Stanovich and Richard West, and others like Daniel Goleman, the emotional intelligence expert, have given us better insights into the working of the mind and how to think and make better decisions.

    The two systems that drive the way we think are System 1, which is intuitive and emotional, and System 2, which is deliberate and logical. Developing self-awareness and skill regarding when and how to use these two systems can hugely impact our ability to think effectively, uncover the real challenges, and make the right decisions at work and in life.

    In developing “Leading with Intelligence”, we benefited from these exciting discoveries. The program takes participants on a step-by-step journey of learning that corresponds to the way the human mind works, taking the first step of understanding intuitive thinking and emotional intelligence, then the next step of applying the rigorous examination of critical thinking, and ending with the free-flowing creative thinking that combines the two Systems and uses them with synergy and flexibility.

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    Why this Program

    For almost a decade now, trainers have been delivering workshops on emotional intelligence, an important leadership dimension. Yet the focus on emotional intelligence often neglected two other vital sets of skills that relate to intelligence, which are critical or logical thinking, and creative, or whole brain thinking.

    The Leading with Intelligence program covers these three sets of intelligence skills in one comprehensive training to develop leaders at all levels of the organization.

    The program comes with everything you need to deliver it in flexible duration formats, with materials that can cover up to two and a half day retreat if needed. Learn more on this page.

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    Ready to Try a New Level of Thinking?

    Einstein’s observation about the futility of using the same level of thinking that caused a problem in trying to solve it is truly profound, yet have you really tried to learn how to rise to the next level of thinking?

    Our new off-the –shelf training workshop can help your managers and leaders do just that. Learn more about it on this page.

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    Covering Three Levels of Intelligence-Based Skills

    Leading with Intelligence off-the-shelf program starts with developing emotional intelligence using Daniel Goleman’s four dimensions model. See details below.

    The programs then moves to deliver the Critical Thinking skills leaders need to think logically and objectively, with powerful reasoning skills, to uncover the real work issues and solve the right problems effectively.

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    Mastering Three Levels of Thinking

    In addition to Level 1 intuitive thinking covered under emotional intelligence, and Level 2 logical thinking covered under Critical Thinking, the program then moves to deliver the vital set of creative thinking skills, creatively combining Levels 1 and 2.

    Creative thinking, at Level 3, enables people to generate ideas and create innovative solutions to work challenges.

    Using experiential activities and practical real-world examples and work applications, you will be able to deliver the latest research-based concepts of intelligence to enable participants to understand and apply advanced thinking skills to produce breakthrough results.

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    1- Developing and Applying Emotional Intelligence

    The workshop applies the ideas of pioneering EQ authorities like Daniel Goleman and others to the most critical workplace issues, needs, and skills to offer you the most useful applications of the concept of emotional intelligence at work.

    The emphasis in our work is not on the research or theories, which we cover quickly, but rather on workplace applications in areas like self-management, relationship management, empathy, and intelligent communication.

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    2- Developing and Applying Critical Thinking Skills

    Leading with Intelligence delivers the vital set of skills required for effective critical and logical thinking.

    It covers practical skills like reasoning, making accurate judgment, focusing attention, uncovering the underlying issues, identifying flaws, and making effective decisions.

    The training offers activities and exercises for experiential learning.


    3- Developing and Applying Creative Thinking Skills

    The third segment in the Leading with Intelligence program brings the left and right brains together to deliver a powerful and exciting training on creative thinking skills. It’s a whole brain, whole person application of one’s diversified multiple intelligences.

    In this part people learn how to develop practical creativity, and move to learn how to generate creative ideas by using an arsenal of techniques and group activities.

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  • leading with intell head M.jpg

    A Unique, Versatile Program on Intelligence-Based Leadership

    This unique program is the only one that goes beyond emotional intelligence training, and creativity training to combine them and supplement them with the other often missed intelligence of critical thinking skills, thus offering the most complete intelligence-based skills not covered by any other single training program on the market today.

    Humanext offers two successful programs on emotional intelligence and creativity at work. In Leading with Intelligence we selected from these two programs those skills that are most relevant to leadership abilities, and we added to them the whole area of critical thinking skills.

    The result is a powerful, comprehensive program that delivers to your managers and leaders the skills they need to lead their teams in today’s challenging times.

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    Request a Free Sample, then Order Here

    The “Leading with Intelligence” program consists of three parts: Part One covers emotional intelligence; Part Two covers critical thinking; and Part Three covers Creative Thinking.

    “Leading with Intelligence” comes via email with Facilitator’s Guides, PowerPoint slides, and a Reproducible Participant’s Workbooks. Because electronic products are non-refundable, please request a sample first then order. Current price $347.00

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  • If you have any question or to request a sample please contact us at

    When requesting a sample, please specify this product's title and include your business information

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    Optional: Get Certified Online to Learn and Deliver this Program

    Learn and Get Certified Online: You can get certified online and receive in-depth training to fully learn the concepts and activities of the three parts of this program - basically three programs in one certification - hear recorded webinars by the author, have access to a wiki collaborative website to learn from other participants and do a number of assignments, and receive more in-depth contents. The online certification will give you the following advantages:

    A- You will receive and learn our Heart & Mind Learning program to learn how to design and deliver great training experiences on any topic. This is a Beyond Train-the-Trainer program with emailed contents and webinars.

    B- Receive and learn the expanded version of Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work program, with emailed content and online webinars.

    C- Receive the expanded version of Creativity and Innovation training program with emailed content and online webinars.

    D- Receive and learn the Critical and System Thinking training program with emailed content and online webinars.

    E- Receive a HumaNext Certified Trainer designation indicating that you have been certified to deliver these workshops by HumaNext. You may use this in marketing your training if you wish but do not have to do so.

    F- Receive up to 20% discount on future purchases from HumaNext.

    Regular fee for this unique 3-in-1 online certification is $1795. It is offered now at a $400 savings for $1395. To order certification for this workshop, contact us

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    You Can Use these Assessments with Leading with Intelligence

    We offer two assessments you can purchase, at additional fees, to complement your training on Leading with Intelligence. One measures emotional intelligence and the other measures creative thinking.

    Adding assessments to any training increases your participants’ interest in the topic and provides more opportunities for individual development based on personal discovery.

    For emotional intelligence assessments and training visit:

    For creative thinking assessments and training visit:

  • Our award-winning HumaNext newsletter brings you free articles, ideas, and tools.