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EQ Certification, Diversity Certification, Creativity, and More: Online Train-the-Trainer Certification

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Get Certified Online to Deliver our Best Workshops

Online Train-the-Trainer Certification PLUS certification on any of the soft skills workshop topics below is now available at $400 off.

You can get certified online by HumaNext to become a more effective facilitator (Train-the-Trainer) and deliver  one or more of our programs to your internal or external clients. Learn more on this page.

Write to us for any questions:  

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Now available at $400.00 off!

  • We offer a great opportunity to learn to become an effective trainer and get certified online to deliver our popular programs to your employees or clients.
  • Choose any of these most needed programs
  • You will learn online through recorded webinars, e-mailed Word documents, PowerPoint slides, online profiles / assessments and collaborative wikis.
  • You can start any time and learn at your own pace.
  • Use your new skills and the materials you will receive to start or expand your training business.
  • The only program that enables you to get certified in more than one topic in one certification process. The more topics, the more savings.
  • Become a more effective trainer with our Heart & Mind methodology.

Choose any or all of the topics below, each offering a complete program PLUS our Heart & Mind Methodology.

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Online Train-the-Trainer and Certification on EQ, Diversity, Creativity, or Other Topics

Now available at $1095.00 - $400 off for a limited time!

Register Now to Save and Start Any Time

HumaNext Online Trainer Certification enables you to learn to become a better trainer on any soft skill topic with our Heart & Mind Learning methodology, then learn to deliver one or more of our most popular workshops to your internal or external clients. Get certified from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. Choose to get certified to deliver one or more of our programs below, the more you choose, the more you save, learn, and deliver:

  1. Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work
  2. Creating Employee Engagement
  3. Creativity & Innovation at Work
  4. Critical Conversations: Powerful Communication Skills
  5. Diversity & Inclusion 
  6. Cross Cultural Competency & Global Skills
  7. RelationShifts for Individual and Team Transformation
  8. Listening for Understanding, Communicating for Commitment

How It Works:

  • The learning occurs via MS Word program guides and PowerPoint slides e-mailed to you to study and use; recorded online webinars for one year unlimited access,  a Wiki site for collaborative discussions and contributions, online assignments, online profiles / assessments, emailing the programs' author for questions and answers.
  • You determine your pace of learning, moving as fast or as slow as it suites you - maximum flexibility, optimum benefits.
  • You deliver the program face to face in classroom settings unlimited number of times for the two year period of your certification to be renewed afterward at a modest fee. See details below,
If more than one trainer will deliver the training, or if the materials will be posted on the Intranet, or delivered using webinars, websites, or similar media, an Organization License is necessary. Contact HumaNext for details.


  • For any first program of the eight listed, regular fee is $1495 Currently offered at a $400 discount. Pay $1095.00


Online Certification: Here Is How It Works

You can choose to become a HumaNext Certified Facilitator in any or all of the topics we offer. Certification will enable you to deliver our programs by providing you with the following:

  1. You will receive – by e-mail – a step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide in MS Word, covering information and facilitation instructions for each program.
  2. You will get dramatic PowerPoint slides to accompany all key points of each program.
  3. You will receive a Reproducible Participant Workbook Master in MS Word (or Template) to print and distribute to an unlimited number of people with no additional fees.
  4. You will access several webinars covering the key learning points of the program (Webinars are online seminars you can access with an internet connection).
  5. You will have additional webinar(s) on our Heart & Mind methodology to help you create and run great learning events or communication campaigns (you choice).
  6. All webinars are recorded and will be available to you to access online any number of times for one year.
  7. You will get assessments / profiles / templates related to the programs you elected.
  8. You will get to respond to a few 'assignments' or questions using our Wiki ( a collaborative website) where you can read what others have posted and post your ideas).
  9. Upon completing the webinars, online assessments, e-mailed assignments, and discussion contributions, you will receive your HumaNext Certified Facilitator’s completion and certification document.

What Does Certification Mean?

HumaNext certification does not involve or deliver accreditation by any academic institution. Obtaining a HumaNext certification means you have completed the requirements and thus acquired the rights to deliver HumaNext programs of your certification to your internal or external clients in face-to-face sessions. This is similar to most other certification programs offered by training companies in this field.

Benefits and Privileges of HumaNext Certification

  1. Our HumaNext Certification entitles you to deliver our programs in face-to-face settings to your internal or external clients. You may charge any amount of fees you determine and you don't pay us any royalties, commission, or other fees beyond your certification fee.
  2. You will become a HumaNext Certified Facilitator, gaining all the benefits of associating with a company that offers the most comprehensive, most innovative training and communication programs needed by organizations today. Just take a look at our web sites to get an idea of the range of our capabilities, products, and services. (See the About US page.)
  3. We offer certification in today's most needed topics including emotional intelligence, employee engagement, creativity and innovation, critical conversations, diversity and inclusion, and cross cultural competency. Other certification programs on the market usually offer one of these topics only. Nobody other than HumaNext offers you the opportunity to get certified in all these vital topics from one source.
  4. You will be entitled - but not obligated - to use your HumaNext certification logo, to promote your programs. It is up to you.
  5. HumaNext, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, offers a wide world of training, communication, and culture change services, such as a complete online training library at a separate website, and a full training video service at another website. Having a company like HumaNext behind you is one of the powerful advantages of our certification.
  6. You will receive up to 20% volume discount on hundreds of training products, programs, and assessments offered by HumaNext (except videos) for as long as you maintain your certification status. Discount starts at 10% for up to $1000 of purchase and goes to 20% for purchases over $1000.
  7. After certification, you may offer our online profiles / assessments to your clients at a mark up and make a profit.
  8. Our certification is initially for two years. You may request to renew your certification after the first two years for another two years. Currently the biannual renewal fee is $295 per program.

What You Cannot Do with your HumaNext Certification

  • You cannot sell our workshops to others as off-the-shelf programs.
  • You cannot broadcast our materials by any electronic or otherwise means. You cannot deliver our workshops using webinars, streaming video, Podcasts, or other media.
  • You cannot certify / train other persons to deliver our materials.You cannot assign, offer, transfer, or give your HumaNext Certification to other individuals or organizations.
  • If you need more than one person (yourself) to deliver our programs to your organizations or clients, you will need an Organization License. Please contact us for details.


How Heart & Mind Learning Helps Trainers Deliver Great Training

Here are two emails we received from two participants of our certification program, after receiving Part One of Heart & Mind Learning (Formerly Inside-out Learning):

"I just completed the first half of the program and must say I am most impressed. Superb content and great ideas. I will absolutely find a use for most of the ideas at some point.

I will focus on two items in my next workshops. "What Color is my Communications" and the "Welcoming Activity Sheet" are excellent to jump start any session. You really brought home the point on how critical these first few minutes are and these suggestions fit very nicely with many different sessions. I will be doing a half day DISC workshop and the Welcoming activity sheet can be tailored very nicely to generate the kind of conversation that will energize the group and set the stage for other activities we will do.

It was really hard to pick just one item as there are so many exciting options. I heard the goose story a number of years ago but really appreciate the way you focus the material and the takeaways that can come from the discussion sessions outlined -Peter Braeuler, Texas."

Take your training and facilitation skills to the next level: Use Heart & Mind Learning, which comes with each certification.

eq certified 165.jpg

Program 1: Applying Emotional Intelligence Certification

Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work

  • Emotional intelligence is one of the hottest topics for training and coaching today. It is a relatively new area of professional and personal development that is generating a lot of interest and enjoying a growing appreciation.
  • Acquiring the ability to deliver workshops on emotional intelligence will significantly enhance your ability to offer the latest skills to your clients.
  • Our program is based on the Daniel Goleman model, one of the widest and most popular models of EQ today.
  • You will receive everything you need to be able to deliver from half a day to two full days of training on emotional intelligence at work.

Plus: Online EQ Skill Assessment       ESAP 160.jpg

  • Your certification includes an online emotional intelligence skill assessment.
  • You get the benefit of receiving discounts on volume ordering of this instrument to administer to your employees or clients.

Plus: Heart & Mind Learning Methodology

  • You will also learn and get the material you need to design and deliver training with our unique “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology.
What Will Participants Learn? What Will Participants Learn?

Upon completing this workshop participants will:
  • Become aware of the business case for emotional intelligence at work and understand why today's leaders need to develop this important set of competencies. 
  • Understand the nature of emotional intelligence and how the human brain works.
  • Learn the four dimensions of EQ and the key  EQ competencies and skills associated with them.
  • Develop Self Awareness and understand its impact on attitude and personality.
  • Develop and apply Self Management skills in ways that boost leadership and accomplishment.
  • Develop and apply Social Awareness skills in ways that build the capacity for empathy and the ability to understand and relate to others.
  • Develop and apply Relationship Management skills in ways that enhance the ability to exercise leadership, work collaboratively, resolve conflict, and achieve dramatic results at work.
  • Choose from a battery of practical emotional intelligence techniques to use in a variety of work-related applications including communication, leadership, coaching, working with others, conflict resolution, and supervision.

Plus: Online EQ Skill Assessment       ESAP 160.jpg

  • Your certification includes an online emotional intelligence skill assessment.
  • You get the benefit of receiving discounts on volume ordering of this instrument to administer to your employees or clients.



Employee-engagement-Cr 155.jpg

Program 2: Creating Employee Engagement

  • In the past few years, employee engagement has emerged as a top organizational issue.
  • This powerful program provides everything you need to train, create, and communicate employee engagement initiatives at your organization or for your clients.

Plus: Heart & Mind Communication

  • Heart & Mind Communication Program offers you concepts and content, tools and templates, methods and messages to help you create more engaging and effective communication initiatives, campaigns, events, and projects.
  • Heart & Mind Communication is a powerful, innovative resource that infuses your communication campaigns, initiatives, or events with qualities and features that turn ordinary communications into engaging experiences that win the hearts and minds of your audience.
CLICK FOR DETAILS on PROGRAM 2- Employee Engagement Certification

creativity at work trainer S.GIF

Program 3: Creativity and Innovation Certification

Creativity & Innovation at Work

Many experts believe that in the same manner in which quality was the issue of the last two decades of the 20thCentury, innovation has become the issue of the first two decades of the 21st Century. More than ever before, organizations realize that they must innovate to survive and thrive. They seek training that helps their employees acquire creative thinking and innovation competencies. This course provides you with the resource you need to meet this rising need.

  • This workshop helps individuals and teams sharpen their creative thinking, idea generation, and problem solving skills for breakthrough achievements.
  • Learn how some of America’s most innovative organizations, such as Disney, Apple, Dell, 3M, GE, have created a culture of innovation.

Plus: Creativity and Innovation Profile for Individuals and Organizations which helps deterning the conceived gap between the individual's creativity and the innovation of the organization he works for.

Plus: Learn to Apply our Heart & Mind Learning Methodology

  • You will also learn and get the material you need to design and deliver training with our unique “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology.
CLICK FOR DETAILS ON PROGRAM 3- Creativity Certification

critical conversations-S-N.jpg

Program 4: Critical Conversations Certification

Critical Conversations

  • With certification in this program, you can solve the tough communication challenges many organizations are facing by helping their people acquire the skills offered by the powerful and comprehensive Critical Conversations workshop.
  • Almost all managers consistently report that communication is at the top of the list of challenges they face at work. Now there is a powerful workshop that delivers to mangers the effective conversation techniques they need to confidently and convincingly tackle some of the toughest encounters at work.

Plus: Learn to Apply our Heart & Mind Learning Methodology

  • You will also learn and get the material you need to design and deliver training with our unique “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology.
  • Heart & Mind Learning is a way to design smd deliver training workshops that dramatically impact your participants and inspire them to create change in themselves and others. You accomplish this by integrating in your training a number of features that transform what you deliver from a traditional training to an extraordinary learning experience for participants.

diversity at work-370.jpg

Diversity and Inclusion Certification

Diversity at Work

Two developments will enable diversity to continue to be one of the most relevant topics in training today.

  • The first is the election of the first African American President of the United States, and the continued war on terror with its impact on diversity issues in the workplace.
  • The second element is the existence of four generations in the workplace and the awareness of the importance of training to respond effectively to this unique organizational need.

Diversity at Work workshop offers help with all aspects of diversity in business including the hot issues of ethnic or cultural diversity, generational diversity, gender diversity and ability diversity.

Plus:Valuing Diversity On line Profile

the Valuing Diversity Profile helps discover your level of awareness of the issues in diversity and offers suggestions for improvement

Plus: Heart & Mind Learning Methodology

  • You will also learn and get the material you need to design and deliver training with our unique “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology.
Click for Details on Program 5- Diversity and Inclusion Certification


Program 6: Cross Cultural Competency & Global Skills

Cross Cultural Competency

With the globalization of world economy, multi-national organizations, out-sourcing, and the international executive, the demand for effective cross cultural skills training has accelerated. This workshop will enable you to meet this rising global need.

Cross Cultural Competency

Participants will learn specific insights and skills for understanding and working effectively with cultural differences. This is done not with lengthy lectures but in an interactive manner that involves participants in discussions, role-plays, and exercises.

Plus: Cross Cultural Skills Inventory

This inventory helps to know the cross cultural skill level before the training and can also be repeated after the training.

Plus Heart and Mind Methodology

You will also learn and get the material you need to design and deliver training with our unique “Heart & Mind” methodology.

Click for details on Program 6

relationshifts 150.JPG

Program 7: RelationShifts: Individual and Team Transformation

  • RelationShift is a powerful workshop on team building, team transformation, and organization change. This unique workshop enables participants to create a dramatic change in the way they relate to their work, their colleagues and their organization. The result is a totally rejuvenated team working on a higher level of commitment to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Team building is one of the most requested types of training at all levels for most organizations. This will enable you to offer this important workshop to your employees or clients.

Plus: Learn to Apply our Heart & Mind Learning Methodology

  • You will also learn and get the material you need to design and deliver training with our unique “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology.
  • Click for Details on Program 7

Listening.. Comm.jpg

Program 8: Listening for Understanding Communicating for Commitment

Listening for Understanding Communicating for Commitment

A key element in this workshop is a focus on both speaking skills and listening skills, each as a powerful process for true understanding and effective interaction. Both managers and staff learn to listen and speak to each other in ways they did not think possible, creating higher levels of understanding and collaboration.

Plus: Communication Effectiveness Profile (CEP) - What Are You Saying

It mainly provides you with a way with which to understand the components of your communication style and the way they affect the people communicating with you; and understand others' communication style and find ways to communicate more effectively with them. This profile include 360 degrees measuerments as well as team evaluations.

Plus Heart and Mind Communication program

You will also learn and get the material you need to design and deliver training with our unique “Heart & Mind” methodology.

Click for Details on Program 8


They Came from Around the World for HumaNext Certification. Now You Can Do It Online

  • Consultants and trainers came to New York/ New Jersey from as faraway places as Australia, Philippine, United Arab Emirates, India, Ukraine, Canada, and other countries to be certified by HumaNext. Read some of their comments below.
  • Some started delivering our workshops just a few weeks after certification.
  • Now you can get the benefits and advantages of HumaNext certification without leaving your home.


Who Should Get Certified and Why

Start the New Year with a new vision: Position yourself as a learning leader by becoming a HumaNext-Certified Facilitator. Start or expand your training business and start charging from $2000 to $5000 per day plus expenses (the common rates in the USA).

Who should attend:
  • Internal training / HRD/ and HR professionals in all types of organizations who want to be trained to deliver our workshops to leaders, managers, and staff in their organizations.
  • External consultants, trainers, and coaches who want to get certified to deliver our workshops to their clients. This opportunity is great for both seasoned and new consultants who are starting their business.
  • Leaders, managers, and key staff who want to learn emotional intelligence, creativity, communication, diversity and cross cultural skills for their own professional and personal development.
  • Those who want to enter the lucrative training field: In the United States most trainers charge a fee between $2000 and $5000 per day. Based on this, you can recover your certification fee and make a profit from just one assignment.


Certification Benefit: Offer Your Clients Our Online Assessments & Profiles and Make a Profit

HumaNext certification gives you access to our online profiling center to start the process of discovering yourself by taking inventories of your awareness, attitudes, and skills in the competencies covered by your program.

We use the most relevant profiles and assessments in the areas covered by our workshops. For example, as part of your EQ certification, you will use the Emotional Skill Assessment Process, a validated, research-based emotional intelligence assessment you do online in about 20 minutes.

Your certification enables you to offer our online assessments / profiles to your clients at a discount and mark it up to make a profit. You can offer them these online profiles:

  • Emotional Intelligence Profile.
  • Creativity and Innovation Profile and Innovation Gap
  • Employee Engagement Profile
  • Inside-out Profile for personal transformation
  • Communication Effectiveness Profile
  • Valuing Diversity Profile
  • Cross Cultural Skills Profile
  • Team Effectiveness Profile
  • Culture Compass for Corporate Culture Assessment
  • Inside-Out Profile for Personal and Team Transformation


HumaNext Has Helped Many Professionals Build and Expand Their Training Business. We Can Help You Too

Our unique HumaNext online certification program gives you the opportunity to build or expand your training or consulting business by certifying you to deliver our powerful programs covering today's most needed topics to your internal or external customers.

Some of our certified affiliates in the US and abroad were able to deliver our programs to their clients within a few weeks of their certification. With trainers charging between $2000 and $5000 per workshop, you maybe able to recoup your entire investment in the HumaNext certification after securing your first assignment.

A Letter from one HumaNext Certified Affiliate a few weeks after certification:

Hi Francois and Sue: I had my first run of the Applying EQ at Work seminar with the management team of Samsung (a multinational Korean firm here in the Philippine with 4000 employees). The 2 day seminar worked really fine and they all left with so many "take home benefits" from it. This was evidenced by the evaluation they had on me as the speaker and about the design of the seminar and contents. Isn't that great!

I am so proud to share this good news. Thanks for all the knowledge. I had so much fun imparting these skills to my participants. Best regards,- Ging Igual, Consultant, Philippine


Registration and Terms


  • For any first program, regular fee is $1495 currently offered for $1095.00 See Individual programs pages to place your order

  • For each additional program, pay only an additional $395
  • Click to Order at HumaNext Store
  • You may register by paying online by a credit card or by a check payable to HumaNext LLC mailed to: HumaNext, 8 Brownstone Terrace, Hawthorne, New Jersey, 07506 USA.

Cancelation: You may cancel your registration and receive a refund (by a check) of the amount paid minus 15% administration/ processing fee anytime before the start of your certification. Once your certification process starts by receiving Part One of Heart & Mind Learning, or any other part of the courses, no refunds will be given.