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Train the Trainer Certification Online or in a Conference PLUS Ready-to-Deliver Workshops

Options for Completely Online or In Conference Plus Online Train-The-Trainer Certification in Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement, Critical Conversations, Creativity & Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion, and other topics:

To get certified online visit:  

For learning by attending a live conference to experience the power of our programs in action, followed by a shorter online certification, attend HumaNext 2015 Conference on Heart and Mind Leadership.


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Off-the-Shelf Customizable Workshops on Today's Most Needed Topics

We offer ready to deliver printable, customizable workshop programs, emailed to you, on the key soft skill topics most needed today. Each Customizable Workshop package comes complete with:

• Step-by-step Facilitator Guide with all the concepts, content and instructions you need to deliver the workshop.

• A complete set of PowerPoint slides that accompany each key point of learning.

• Re-producible Participant Workbook master you can print from unlimited number of copies to train unlimited number of participants.

Lean more about it here:  


Our Training Is Different. We Apply Heart & Mind Learning

In HumaNext workshops, including Train-the-Trainer Certification, we use our own "Heart & Mind Learning" (H&ML) methodology.

H&ML is a methodology that infuses any training event with features that turn ordinary training sessions into extraordinary learning experiences. It is based on the following principles:
  • If you don't arouse the heart, you can't engage the mind.
  • If you don't offer inspiration, you will waste the information.
  • People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.
  • H&M Learning is for training professionals, facilitators, and coaches who want to take their work to the next level.

    You can learn H&ML two ways:

    1- Online by getting certified in one of our popular workshops.

    You can get certified online: visit:  

    2- For learning by attending a live conference to experience the power of our training in action, followed by a shorter online certification, attend HumaNext 2015 Conference on Heart and Mind Leadership.



    Become a Better Trainer

    Become a Better Trainer: Use the Powerful Heart & Mind Learning  

    • Heart & Mind Learning is a HumaNext training design and delivery methodology that turns ordinary training sessions into great learning experiences.
    • HumaNext is one of America’s most innovative training and communication companies, as evidenced by the depth and breadth of the cutting edge training programs we offer at our three main web sites.
    • We have put the best lessons of our diversified training experience in the design of a unique approach to training that we call Heart & Mind Learnin.

    Lean more about it here: 

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    We deliver almost all soft skills and technical / PC skills. Our customers rave about our workshops' powerful content and skillful facilitation. We consistently get an overwhelming score of 5 on a scale from 1 to 5. Complete satisfaction or your money back.

    Describe your specific needs to get a no-obligation proposal:


    500 Creative Classroon Techniques for Teachers and Trainers


    Approach any training or teaching challenge with these new, fresh and inspired solutions

    500 Creative Classroom Techniques for Teachers and Trainers By Marlene Caroselli

    Make your teaching and their learning fun, fast-paced and functional. This toolkit of 500 tips and techniques is designed for trainers at all levels of experience who enjoy experimenting, discovering and evolving.

    500 Creative Classroom Techniques for Teachers and Trainers covers all the important basic, including how to:

    • Have participants introduce themselves
    • Test for understanding
    • Add humor
    • Give feedback
    • Use questions
    • Use quotations
    • Have groups report
    • Get through printed material
    • Appoint group leaders

    You will also get creative ways to deal with reluctant learners, make subject matter relevant, encourage participant-learning after the course has ended, develop study habits, make take-home assignments relevant and more.

    Each of the book's 20 chapters contains an overview. Within the activities is a wide variety of tips, suggestions, options, cautions, FYI tidbits and recommendations. Use the brainteasers scattered throughout the book to assess the brainpower in the room, when the class needs a mental break, after lunch to get juices flowing again or whenever you have odd minutes to fill.

    500 Creative Classroom Techniques for Teachers and Trainers concludes with an appendix section packed with feedback discussion questions, grammar tests, intuition quizzes, leadership quotes; everything you need to bring training sessions to life and achieve maximum results.


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    675 Ways to Develop Yourself and Your People

    The perfect opportunity to reflect on yourself and where you’re headed.

    Strategies, ideas and activities for self-development and learning in the workplace By Laurel Alexander

    We all struggle as professionals to stay on top of our game. Here is a book with hundreds of practical ways to take control of moving your career in the direction you want to go – and of helping your people do the same.

    675 Ways to Develop Yourself and Your People reflects the real needs of real people in today’s workplace. You’ll gain exercises, activities and strategies that will help you develop your ability to build positive work relationships, change an aspect of your interpersonal behavior, come across as powerful in meetings, listen, make decisions, survive a downsizing and much more.

    The engaging and hands-on resource provides a set of 50 individual learning opportunities and over 600 ideas, techniques and activities for making the most of the learning opportunities. Each module begins with an overview of the subject and moves on to exercises in easy-to-use categories:

    • Individual tasks and reflections
    • Working with others – a peer, colleague or partner 
    • Working with a mentor 
    • Developing others – exercises for facilitators to use in groups 
    • Useful Web sites

    You can pick up this book and start wherever you like. You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities you face each day to learn with and from your co-workers, facilitate the development process in others and travel purposefully through your life.

    Purchase this fully reproducible 675 Ways to Develop Yourself & Your People / $99.95


    Train-the-Trainer Workshop - Best Seller


    This proven workshop is for the non-professional trainer who must develop and conduct training sessions on occasion. As jobs change and re-training is needed at an increasing rate, more and more managers and team leaders are being called upon to do training that was formerly done by experienced trainers.

    Revised edition includes:
    • Completely new chapter on evaluating training
    • An inventory to assess a participants' learning styles
    • 62 additional overhead transparency masters
    • Updated case studies.
    • Using Adult Learning Principles
    • Analyzing Training Requirements
    • Developing Learning Objectives
    • Selecting Training Methods
    • Developing and Using Training Aids
    • Developing a Training Plan
    • Using Basic Facilitation Skills
    • Handling Problem Situations
    • Practice Training (Delivery)
    • Using Your Training Skills
    • Evaluating Training.
    Instructor's Guide with One Participant Workbook $149.95

    Additional Participant Coursebooks Each $49.95

    Orientation Xpress.jpg

    Orientation Express Managers Guide- CD

    By: Susan Robinson, Gayle Hopkins

    Engage new employees the first day with this self-directed program

    A successful orientation is critical to your new employees’ success on the job. Here’s a self-study program your managers, team leaders and mentors to new employees can use to get new hires off to a great start, reduce anxiety, and create job satisfaction from day one.

    Unlike most orientations, the manager takes an active role in this process. You’ll find the technique of self-directed learning paired with follow-up discussions with the manager stimulates the building of solid relationships unlike anything else. Use the program in a group or one-on-one. Either way, it’s the most efficient and effective way to engage new employees and ensure their success.

    This CD includes reproducible Employee Workbook

    The Employee Workbook includes all the learning assignments, activities and self-check questions organized in three modules:

    Getting Started introduces the employee to the organization, benefits, pay system and critical policies and procedures

    Getting Knowledgeable focuses on the employee’s role and learning more about the organization

    Getting Connected explains long-range goals and strategic plans of the organization and how the employee can grow and develop in their roles

    The Manager’s Guide contains instructions, prepared questions and other supporting documents to guide the manager in leading the follow-up discussions. It includes:

    The plan and overview for the complete orientation program

    Scheduling forms and completion checklists which can serve as the official record of the orientation training

    A learning path for each chapter, including the complete set of learning assignments and the learning objectives for that chapter

    A complete agenda for each meeting with the employee

    Instructions for how each learning assignment is to be completed

    With Orientation Express, the next time a new hire arrives the self-study orientation can begin.

    Price: $149.95

    Session Builder - 60 Exer.jpg

    Session Builders Series 100: 60 Exercises for Management & Supervisory Training

    Session Builders Series 100 covers over 20 of the most important management and supervisory skills, from active listening to time management.

    With more than 200 exercise options and variations you will always have a choice of realistic, easy-to-use designs that will add “something extra” to your training programs.

    Each Session Builder exercise is short, simple to run and debrief. The exercises are provided in a completely detailed manner, so that there are no surprises for the end-user at any point in the training process.

    You can use Session Builders to: Build skills / Illustrate concepts /Stimulate discussion / Promote on-the-job application /Reinforce learning /Create a supportive learning climate

    Session Builders exercises are flexible, as well: you can use them to help design your own management/supervisory training or as a supplement to your existing program.

    Purchase price $249.95


    Training Videos on All Key Skills by Leading Producers at One Website

    Get a valuable free gift with your order of any of our vast library of training videos.


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    Corporate Training: Learner- Focused or Business- Based?

    By Francois Basili, President, HumaNext

    A Training Industry report titled, “Key Trends for 2014: Shifting to Business-centric Learning” stated the following:

    “There has been a monumental shift in how leaders approach learning, with the focus on strategic alignment. This shift to business-centric learning has changed how high performing training organizations approach the administration, design and delivery of training.”

    I found myself compelled to write the following comment on this report:

    For as long as I have been in the HRD field (over 25 years and going) and I hear that the new trend in the field is to align training with business strategy. I am really amazed at this “trend”, and must ask: “Isn’t it really an insult to say that the new trend is to offer business-centric training?

    Could you imagine anybody saying that the new trend is to align accounting with business? Or to align sales with business? Nobody would suggest that because nobody would even dream that there is any purpose for accounting or sales other than to serve the business of the organization. How come it is OK to say it about training then?

    Doesn’t this suggest that training has been in a coma for a long time? Doesn’t it suggest that training is a function that does not know the reason for its own existence? I’m sincerely looking forward to the day when aligning training with business stops being a new trend and starts being the normal, natural, and logical thing to do, and to be.

    This does not mean that training should stop paying attention to the learner and focus only on business numbers and goals. That would be a short sighted approach because we know that the way to achieve any business goals is via people, and people are never driven by business numbers or goals alone. This means that in serving the organization’s business goals we must pay attention to the human needs of the people who are expected to achieve these goals.

    Developing people’s talent in a way that maximizes their ability to achieve the organization’s business goals has been and will continue to be the main purpose of the corporate training department.

    (c) Francois Basili, president of HumaNext, a training design and delivery company.

    top ten training-trends-15.jpg

    Top Ten Training Trends for 2015

    HumaNext uses a unique way to determine the top ten training trends of the year. We do not use surveys or polls. We look for the areas in which companies invest their money by buying training programs and tools that address these issues. Because at HumaNext we offer over 1000 products, from training programs and videos, to online courses, off-the-shelf-packages and onsite workshops, we are able to develop a good idea of the kind of topics in which companies and consultants spend most of their money. We also monitor customers’ inquiries and requests for products we might not have, helping us gauge future needs and trends. Based on this approach, here are the top ten training topics and trends we expect for 2015, together with the programs that correspond to them:

    1. Employee Engagement: Organizations will continue to look for training programs that help them inspire employee engagement during this difficult global economy. Visit:  
    2. Emotional Intelligence: This is still an area where we see a growing demand. A growing number of consultants and trainers are showing interest in helping people acquire emotional intelligence skills at work. HumaNext offers certification on EQ:
    3. Innovation: Many organizations are implementing innovation programs and are seeking resources to help their managers think more creatively. Innovation is becoming what quality used to be: a key competitive weapon. See our creativity page:
    4. Leadership: Tough times demand bold and effective leadership, hence the expected interest in fresh leadership programs that offer more flexible and innovative leadership development. The theme of this year's HumaNext annual conference is "Heart and Mind Leadership":
    5. Diversity, Inclusion and Generations at Work: Diversity is an old topic that is enjoying a revival of interest by focusing on new areas of diversity such as generational diversity (the four generations in the workplace), gender diversity, sexual orientation, and special abilities and disabilities. HumaNext offers certification in diversity and inclusion:
    6. Cultural Competence: Cross Cultural training is enjoying a renewed interest because of the continued global war on terror, wars in foreign countries and cultures, and the forces of economic globalization. HumaNext offers certification:
    7. Mentoring and Coaching: We see a continuing interest in these two areas. Many organizations are introducing mentoring initiatives and are looking for tools to help them. In the coaching field, many consultants, coaches, and training departments continue to show a need to train managers on coaching skills. See our Mentoring / Coaching page:
    8. Train the Trainer: This is an old area where companies need to train their new trainers or train their managers to facilitate learning. The need is for new more effective and exciting ways of doing this. HumaNext Heart & Mind Learning methodology was created to add more power and excitement to the design and delivery of training, helping many trainers and consultants in this area:
    9. Online Instructor-Led Learning: With self-learning online courses everywhere, a related area that offers instructor-facilitated online courses is enjoying an increased attention. It seems that some learners, particularly the young, intensely social generations X and Y, prefer the human interaction offered by this type of online courses. HumaNext is expanding its offerings in this area. Visit:
    10. Face-to-Face Onsite Training: We see a renewed interest in face-to-face training workshops in areas that online learning cannot match, such as leadership development, team building, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation, diversity and inclusion, and other topics that have high a need for human interaction. Visit:  

    (c) HumaNext LLC. All rights reserved. You may publish this article on your website with credit to as the source.