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Heart and Mind Learning

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Every decade or so, a new approach comes along that revolutionizes the way things are done in a particular field or industry. For the field known as “Instructional Design” or training design and delivery, this new approach is called “Heart & Mind Learning” by HumaNext. Beside the emergence of eLearning, there haven’t been many real innovations in the way training professionals design and deliver learning events, conferences, or workshops. But this has changed in 2007, when HumaNext introduced its “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology.

HumaNext used this methodology in designing and delivering its annual 3-day conferences. It then produced the methodology as an off-the-shelf program trainers can purchase and use for any soft skill training (you can purchase it toward the bottom of this page).

You can purchase Heart & Mind Learning to design and deliver your programs yourself. Or you can have HumaNext design and / or deliver for you. If you want to design and deliver a most engaging and memorable learning event think of HumaNext. We have designed and delivered successful learning events for thousands of people from around the globe. The design and delivery of our events make use of our unique “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology that engages the hearts and minds of participants.

HumaNext then included H&M Learning in all its online trainer certification programs:


Learn more about this revolutionary approach to training from the articles on this page.   


There Are No Ordinary People

Heart & Mind Learning enables you to design the content and deliver the learning experience on the assumption that there are no ordinary people. This is one of the key "Insights" offered in the program. We believe that each person has the potential to achieve extraordinary accomplishments and is only waiting for the opportunity and condition that makes this possible. The objective of learning is to show people the way to create such opportunities for themselves.

One of the amazing discoveries some people are fortunate to make at one point of their lives is that achieving extraordinary things does not depend on how much resources you have but on how much you believe in your ability to achieve. This self confidence, accompanied by optimism, are key aspects of the emotional intelligence that people need to take the initiative toward achieving great things. This is the kind of discoveries our Heart & Mind Learning experiences make possible for participants.


Heart & Mind Learning: A New Way to Design and Deliver Training

  H&ML  means Heart and Mind Learning.
  • H&ML is a methodology that ensures that the training event enjoys a number of features that turn ordinary training sessions into extraordinary learning and changing experiences.

    Heart and Mind Learning is based on the following "Laws of Learning":

    • If you don't arouse the heart, you can't engage the mind.

    • If you don't offer inspiration, you will waste the information.

    • People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

  • HumaNext, the developer of Heart & Mind Learning,  is one of America's most innovative training companies, as evidenced by the depth and breadth of the cutting edge training programs we offer at our web sites.
  • We have put the best lessons of our broad training experience in the design of a unique approach to training that we call Heart & Mind Learning, or H&ML.

H&M Learning is for training professionals, facilitators, coaches, and consultants who want to take their training design and delivery to the next level: Read more below..

Request a free sample by emailing your business contact information to


Heart & Mind Learning: Cure for the Common Classroom!

If you don't arouse the heart, you can't engage the mind!

Turning ordinary training sessions into transformational learning experiences.

Beyond "Train-the-Trainer" - Introducing: Heart & Mind Learning Methodology

Ten Problems of Traditional Training:


1-     Few willing participants. Employees do not want to attend training

2-     Those forced to attend bring with them the attitude of a prisoner.

3-     Worn-out, burnt-out training professionals with no passion for facilitating great learning.

4-     Old, tired, and outdated content that does not resonate with participants

5-     Topics of interest to top management with no connection to participants' world.

6-     Too much information is jammed down participants' throats.

7-     Passive attendees with no opportunities to contribute or get involved.

8-     Poor delivery that relies on ineffective methods such as one-way lecture type presentations.

9-     The training experience does not engage or impact participants.

10- Poorly designed, physically inhospitable facilities that are closer to being torture chambers than places of learning.


The Result

Very little, if any, learning takes place, resulting in wasted time, efforts, and resources, costly missed opportunities, deprivation of people and organizations of critically needed competencies, and bad feelings on the part of all involved. It is a tragedy of multi-billion dollar proportions suffered by a good number of organizations throughout the USA and the world.

     The Solution

      A new kind of learning design, learning delivery, and learning environment.


     Introducing: Heart & Mind Learning By HumaNext: Taking "Train-the-Trainer" to the Next Level..

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1. An Individual CEP-I Self Assessment tool for discovering, charting, and boosting your own communication style and skills. / 2. A Team CEP-Team for discovering and charting Team Communication. / 3. A 360 View CEP-360 for five or more "Others" to evaluate your communication style. / $95 Value!


Order Now and Save

  • Heart & Mind Learning is an electronic product that comes to you in MS Word file and PowerPoint slides.

    Before ordering Heart & Mind Learning - an electronic product that cannot be returned -  please request a Sample Package. Please specify the title of this program in your request and email complete business contact information to  

  • Order One User License. Pay only $295

    Order Organization License for $1,995 

  • Or order a license for up to 3 users from the same organization for $695 

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    Have HumaNext Design and / or Deliver Your Training Programs for You Using Heart & Mind Learning

    • We can design a customized training program for your organization or clients at a very reasonable fee.

    • We promise you great training that delivers an exhilarating learning experience for your attendees. We do the design. Teach you online on how to facilitate it. You deliver and receive the acclaims.

    • We use our Heart & Mind Learning Methodology to design a learning experience that touches the hearts and minds of your trainees.

    • You get everything you need to deliver: A Facilitator’s Guide; PowerPoint Slides; and a Reproducible Participant’s Workbook master.

    • We offer a wide range of soft skills topics.

    • A complete, all included service, with low, one-time fee. Just describe your need in an email and we will respond with a no-obligation proposal:

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    Better than a Report or a Book. It’s a Template

    • Heart & Mind Learning is not a rigid print-book, not an e-book, not a PDF document. It is a Template in MS Word, so you can copy and paste directly to your work and start using it immediately.
    • No matter what training topic you are facilitating, the wealth of generic concepts and content, methods and messages you get in the Template will enable you to create much more exciting and engaging workshops and learning events that touch the hearts and minds of your audience to produce lasting results.


    Heart & Mind Learning: From Instructions to Discovery

    The field of designing training workshops is called “Instructional Design” which is based on the idea that the trainer will provide “instructions” (i.e. pre-made solutions or know-how) to participants as the way for them to learn.

    Our “Heart & Mind Learning” approach calls for changing this mind-set so that when you design a learning workshop you focus on providing opportunities, activities, and ideas that enable participants to “discover” the learning points for themselves. Instead of engaging in “Instructional Design” you will engage in “Discovery Design.” Not only this is better, more impactful, and more interesting for participants, it is also all that for the facilitator as well.

    The Heart & Mind Learning Facilitator’s Guide comes with all the concepts, practices, activities, exercises, examples, tables, templates, and slides you need to design and deliver great learning experiences the next day after you receive it.

    No trainer, consultant, or HRD department should be without Heart & Mind Learning (H&ML).

    H&ML works with any soft skills training workshop. It gives you the concepts, tools, materials, and slides to deliver powerful training that touches participants’ hearts and minds.


    Our Words Create Our World: A New Language at Work

  • A key "Heart & Mind Learning" assumption is that the language we use to talk to ourselves and others creates our reality. In our workshops, we introduce a new "language" that helps people collaborate and achieve results.
  • The H&ML methodology calls for paying a special attention to the language used in the training. It helps them discover how language impacts their ability to work with others. Through real-life exercises, processes and inquiry into the nature of communication, participants discover previously-unexamined relationships between language and action. They are introduced to a structure of communication that enables them to inspire collaboration and evoke action.
  • By introducing participants to a new way of expressing themselves, they find it easier to get their thoughts and feelings across, build strong bonds and achieve breakthrough results.

  • Heart & Mind Letter.jpg

    Testimonials: How Heart & Mind Learning Helped These Trainers: Superb content and great ideas!

    Here are testimonials we received from trainers on their experience with Heart & Mind Learning:
    • I just completed the first half of the program and must say I am most impressed. Superb content and great ideas. I will absolutely find a use for most of the ideas at some point.
    • I will focus on two items in my next workshops. "What Color is my Communications" and the "Welcoming Activity Sheet" are excellent to jump start any session. You really brought home the point on how critical these first few minutes are and these suggestions fit very nicely with many different sessions.
    • I will be doing a half day DISC workshop and the Welcoming activity sheet can be tailored very nicely to generate the kind of conversation that will energize the group and set the stage for other activities we will do.
    • It was really hard to pick just one item as there are so many exciting options. I heard the goose story a number of years ago but really appreciate the way you focus the material and the takeaways that can come from the discussion sessions outlined. - Peter Braeuler, Texas."
    • Heart & Mind gave us more energetic ways of presentation / intonation.
    • Heart & Mind made a huge impact! Everyday was a great day!
    • Incredible experience. Approach to learning is very innovative – made a lot of difference.

    Take your training to the next level: Use Heart & Mind Learning.

     Video Testimonial by Maureen Staiano, Trainer and Coach at the end of HumaNext 2010


    Optional: You Can Learn and Get Certified Online to Use Heart & Mind Learning

  • For online certification visit:  

  • Heart-and-mind-learning-120S.jpg

    Purchase It and Use It to Design or Deliver Great Training. Or Have Us Design the Training for You

    • What Is It? It is a powerful methodology to design and deliver great learning experiences that touch the hearts and minds of your trainees.

    • How to Use It? You can just purchase the off-the-shelf program in MS Word and PowerPoint slides and use it to design and or deliver great training.

    • Or you can assign HumaNext to design a training program of your choice using Heart & Mind Learning and teach you online on how to use it so you can deliver the training yourself.

    Learn on this page about Heart & Mind Learning and request a free sample by emailing your business contact information to


    They Are Able to Perform, But Are They Willing?

    Some training makes the mistake of offering knowledge and skills that focus on making participants more able to perform. That type of training forgets that people will perform only when they are both able and willing.

    The Heart & Mind Learning Methodology shows you how to design and deliver content that adds to participants' knowledge and skills while simultaneously stimulating their intrinsic desire to explore, learn, and grow.

    Heart & Mind Learning blends skills and inspiration in a way that touches the hearts and minds of participants. As a result, participants voluntarily build a commitment to the learning-performance process.


    Heart & Mind Learning Delivers Powerful Insights that Transform People and Change Organizations

    If It Doesn’t Touch the Inside, It Doesn't Change the Outside

    One of the key "Insights" of Heart & Mind Learning (H&ML) is that if the new concepts you are learning do not touch you inside- in your mind, heart, and soul- you will not be able to truly absorb and adopt them to become your own and therefore use them to change things around you in the real world.

    We utilize our expertise in emotional intelligence, communication, human transformation, creativity and innovation, and other fields of study and practice in the design and delivery of every H&ML Insights. And we recognize that people are moved and changed by experience, not by theories or information.

    H&ML enables participants to live a different kind of experience in the training session, making the learning more meaningful and lasting.

    Growing By Changing:

    • The way humans develop and grow is by changing.
    • Change is the essence of the human experience. There is no life without change.
    • Heart & Mind Learning delivers content, experiences, and insights that create deliberate change for participants as a way for personal development and professional growth.
    • The change in outlook, attitude, and actions that participants experience helps them be more open to learning in general and creates in them a shift in how they approach tasks, people, and events at work.

    Heart & Mind Teach.jpg

    Learning-By-Teaching is Part of Heart & Mind Learning

    It has been said that the best way to learn a subject is to teach it. But nobody in the training field effectively applied this principle, until HumaNext created Heart & Mind Learning with a “Learning by Teaching” approach. In "Learning by Teaching",  participants may chose to present short segments of the content to their colleagues. H&M Learning describes how you can use this approach very successfully to add vitality, value, and excitement to your workshops on any topic. Here is what "Learning by Teaching" does:

    1. It helps participants present themselves as both learners and teachers who have something useful and unique to offer. This has a tremendously positive effect on participants which facilitates learning.
    2. It brings a rich diversity of viewpoints and experiences as participants bring their ideas and experiences to integrate into the content.
    3. It gives people who have limited teaching experience great confidence in their ability to teach others as they do it as learners in a supportive environment.
    4. It helps participants get to know each other on many levels, which facilitates learning together.

    Here is what a participant in one of our certification events, where we used Heart & Mind Learning, wrote to all participants: "I never shared with you how meaningful the New York experience was for me. Listening to you all and learning from you has changed the way I see the world, and helped me to build a vision far greater than I'd ever imagined. Thank you for generously sharing your stories and yourselves. It means more to me than you know. - Holly McLemore, Training Manager


    Heart & Mind Learning's Powerful Insights Produce Uncommon Results:


    Here Is Why Heart & Mind Learning Is Different and Effective

    H&ML (Heart & Mind Learning) delivers concepts and practices that are based on a set of powerful "Insights". The assumptions you hold about yourself, your work, your colleagues, and your organization shape the way you live, work, collaborate, and accomplish. It's the same thing with designing our training workshops.

    In H&ML you will learn how to design and deliver a different kind of training that produces real-world results based on the following set of powerful "Insights":

    • What people focus on becomes their reality: We invite people to shift their focus from the problems they want to fix to the bigger picture of the exciting future they want to create for themselves and the organization

    • Taking the Best of the Past to the Future: The most confident way for people to move to the future  is to carry forward the best parts of the past. We help people identify what works best for them and take it forward to create larger accomplishments.

    • Change Starts With The Individual: We invite participants to adopt Gandhi's principle, "We must become the change we want to see in the world." We believe that people are capable of change once they choose it themselves. Our work helps participants access the source of motivation for change. Our structured activities provide them with insight into their own patterns of thinking and acting, and guides them in stepping outside the box of self-limiting beliefs. They venture with enthusiasm to experience change and accomplish results that were previously perceived to be unattainable.

    • Erring on the Side of Hope: We hold the belief, supported by research, that the state of being hopeful is one of the key marks of emotional intelligence and effective performance. As specialists who help organizations create positive workplaces where people say, Thank God It’s Monday, we are positive by nature. Our work creates optimism and positive expectations for participants, and helps them adopt similar attitude themselves.

    • Commitment to Action Is Self-Generated: One of our key "Insights" is that everybody wants to do good work that brings them self-satisfaction and the recognition and appreciation of others. Participants learn how to build upon this to inspire a desire for action and achievement in themselves and others. Because this desire is self-generated, it produces much better results than external incentives and rewards.


    We Put The Power of Ideas in the Hands of Participants

    In the Heart & Mind Learning experiences, participants are introduced to powerful ideas that stimulate new ways of viewing familiar patterns. H&ML inspires you to develop and deliver great learnng experiences for participants. "Training-as-Usual" is just not acceptable.

    • Participants work together to apply these ideas and test their skills in new ways of thinking and working.
    • Participants leave the session with a new sense of their ability to influence people and make a significant impact on the organization.


    Step Outside the Box: H&ML Builds Creativity In the Training

    The mission of Heart & Mind Learning is to help you design and deliver the most innovative training experiences:

    • Our commitment to creating new ways for people to learn, develop and achieve is perhaps obvious to you by just browsing our websites or sampling our programs. We offer over five hundred training programs and tools in all possible media.
    • Our Heart & Mind Learning approch brings together our best practices and most innovative learning tools so far. It's designed to accelerate your learning and changing as it takes you on an exhilarating ride of uncommon personal experiences and explorations.

      The activities and exercises we use in Heart & Mind Learning are designed to gently push participants beyond their comfort zone of traditional thinking and business-as-usual limitations and expectations. H&ML gives you the tools to invite participants to Step Outside the Box. And they invariably do.


    What Participants Said About Our Training Events Using Heart & Mind Learning

     I definitely felt as though I was taking part in something very special during the last three days

    I left the training inspired and energized, and looking forward to using the tools. I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for making the training so impactful for me. - Amy Jaffe Barzac, Co-founder, Boundless Playgrounds.

    Thank you for making this learning voyage both productive and pleasant. I have begun to consider the challenge, and opportunity the training presents in my personal life, administrative roles, and consulting practice. - George Roets, Director, Public Health Services, Watkins Glen, New York.

    You were all so impressive and inspiring, and the materials so interesting - I definitely felt as though I was taking part in something very special during the last three days. Thank you for sharing your spirits so freely! - Your Admiring Alumnus, Resourceful Rick Richard Hammett, Full Time Doctoral Student & Graduate Assistant, Texas A&M University.)

    Francois, Thank you so much for the wonderful class is New York, which I will never forget. It was one of the most rewarding classes that I have taken. - Bobbi Ball, Executive Director, Partners in Community Building, Chicago.

    Francois, ...really really thanks for the wonderful experience we've had in our last seminar. Ging Igual, Part time consultant of Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Philippines

    heart and mind learning-150.jpg

    Creating Emotional Engagement for Learners

    Whether working on an employee engagement initiative, or a leadership development program, it's not enough that you design, present, communicate, and deliver your content in a logically convincing manner. To ensure success, you must also engage people emotionally. This is the lesson learned from many training programs, employee communication processes, and culture change efforts.

    A July 30, 2007 article in Chief Learning Officer magazine refers to the findings by the global consulting and training firm BlessingWhite that one of the reasons leadership development programs fail is the lack of emotional engagement of participants.

    The article says that one of the key reasons why leadership development programs fail is that participants fail to engage emotionally. They might agree with what they learned in the corporate leadership development program, but if participants do not walk away with a burning desire to implement something, or they simply do not care enough to try something new - the program has not succeeded.

    So how can you engage participants emotionally? This is one of the key questions we set to address in designing our "Heart & Mind Learning" methodology. We express this in one of the "Insights" of H&ML which says: If It Does't Touch the Inside, It Doesn't Change the Outside.


    The Little Boy and the Empty Bucket: Using Stories to Teach

    In the "Heart & Mind Learning" methodology, we recommend using stories. It is one of the best ways to bring a point home and facilitate learning. All great teachers throughout history used stories to make their points. The parables used by Jesus Christ are perhaps among the most famous.

    The best stories to use are those you find in everyday encounters. The ones you experience while going about your work, interacting with colleagues, participating in meetings, or playing with children.

    Here is a story shared by Josh McCormack, Sr. Project Manager, Publicis Dialog.

    "I was the other day at the playground with my 3 year old daughter.

    There were big sprinklers that sprayed out water. Kids liked to go up to them, put their hand over the jet of water and fill buckets. To do so and not get totally soaked, you have to move quickly, put your hand firmly over the jet at a certain angle and shoot the water into your bucket.

    One little boy wanted to fill his bucket, but couldn't get himself to get through the spray, approaching, pausing, backing up and trying again, but never moving in enough. He got wetter than others who had filled their buckets, without getting anything in his.

    I realize what I took away from this was pretty cheesy, but I felt like his behavior was a metaphor for our willingness to push into an uncomfortable situation. If you hesitate you'll get nothing, but will get wet. If you push through you may still get nothing and may get wet, but at least you had the chance to get something in your bucket."

    As you prepare to train or teach, ask yourself, which of the stories that happened to me can I bring to the session to make a point? People relate more to real life stories that happened to people like them than to concepts or ideas, no matter how great. If you want to touch the hearts of participants, tell a story.


    The School of Athens and the Rediscovery of Learning:

    Application to Training and Education- Heart & Mind Learning

    In 1510, While Michelangelo was next door painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling his version of the Christian world, Raphael was painting on the walls of the Vatican Palace his vision of the world of Humanist thought in a masterful work he called “The School of Athens”.

    “The School of Athens” succeeded in reflecting the values and ideals of the Renaissance: The birth of new knowledge, the rediscovery of old information, and the igniting of the spirit of learning. In that glorious era of human history, many people were learning and discovering ideas that went against the church’s teachings. People began to record information so others could learn and have access to ideas and knowledge. The printing press was invented and it helped spread knowledge to different parts of the world and to larger masses of people for the first time in history.

    art-Plato and Aristotle.jpg The School of Athens was not meant to portray any school that actually existed there, such as Plato's Academy, but an ideal community of intellects from the entire classical world. To house this vision, Raphael created an airy, spacious hall where he displayed idealized portraits of the major figures of classical wisdom and science. In the center, Plato and Aristotle are discussing the respective merits of Idealism vs. Realism.

    In his left hand red-robed Plato holds his book TIMAEUS, which explains how the universe was created by a divine architect from perfect mathematical models, forms and the regular geometric solids. With his right hand Plato gestures upwards, indicating that the eternal verities and forms, such as the ideals of Beauty, Goodness and Truth, are not in or of this world of space, time and matter, but lie beyond, in a timeless, space-less realm of pure Ideas.

    Dissenting from his teacher's idealism, his blue-robed student Aristotle points with his right hand straight ahead into the world of material reality, physical science and practical reason. In his left hand Aristotle holds his ETHICS.

    art-school_of_athens-S.jpg The School of Athens depicted people learning, sharing, and discovering new ideas in ways that challenged old structures and celebrated free thinking. It is a great metaphor for the excitement of learning in which big ideas and transforming knowledge are brought forth to inform day-to-day human performance.

    But is it possible to infuse today’s learning and training with exciting metaphors like that of “The School of Athens”? Is it possible to elevate corporate learning to the level that electrified the Renaissance, and deliver training that touches the heart and liberates the mind to inspire transformation of thought and behavior?