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Employee Engagement Tools, Training, and Communication

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HumaNext provides several programs and tools to help you create and communicate employee engagement at your organization or for your clients. Learn more below.

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We have moved to our Mobile-friendly site:"


Overview of HumaNext Programs: The Choices You Have

We offer you the following choices to create, communicate, and sustain employee engagement. Each of these programs is then described in more depth on this page:
  • Our "Heart & Mind Employee Engagement" is a communication, education, and survey program that delivers continuous engagement, inclusion, and innovation for and by people at work. It enables you to create YES! Teams in a YES! Workplace
  • Our Off-the-shelf "Employee Engagement for Change" program offers you a complete process, communication, and training that enable you to implement employee engagement initiative at work.
  • You can experience and learn more about our Employee Engagement for Change" process and program (mentioned above) by attending a live conference: HumaNext 2015 Event followed by optional online certification.
  • You can get certified completely online to learn our Employee Engagement for Change Process
Learn more about each of these choices on this page.

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Off-the-Shelf Program for Creating and Communicating Employee Engagement

Want to Ignite Employee Engagement?

Looking for a Dramatic Way to Inspire Employees to Change the Culture?

You can do it with "Employee Engagement for Change", the unique program that combines employee engagement with culture and organization change in one process.

No Matter the Change Your Organization Is Experiencing, Employee Engagement for Change Is the Solution

Are you embarking on a major organization change like introducing new technology, merger, downsizing, outsourcing, re-engineering, quality or productivity improvement, customer service overhaul, or other change initiatives?

Are you concerned about low employee morale, high turn-over, the rumor mill, internal strife and conflict, union grievances, a negative or destructive corporate culture?

For any or all of the above challenges, you now have a powerful, ready-to-launch program that will guide you every step of the employee engagement and change process, from planning and initiating to culture change, communication, and training.

Order a single user license for$395.00

Order an Organization License for multiple users and unlimited use including on the organization's Intranet, for $1,995.00

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See complete details at our new dedicated website:

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What People Said about our Employee Engagement Training

- A great experience, gave me a different perspective on training. Very creative way to deliver messages / learning.
- Mega-applicable. Great tools and ideas.
- Vibrant personal experience. Loved the session. Exceptional.
- Outstanding! May I return? 
- Awesome! Detailed yet engaging. The start of a journey to greater personal abilities.
- Linking employee engagement to a change initiative is a great idea.
- Model and process of employee engagement – outstanding!
- Every part had great value. Well worth my travel time and money from Nigeria!!
- Engagement Model was most valuable - Fantastic ideas.

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Attend our Conference And/Or Get Certified Online to Run Employee Engagement Programs

You can learn our powerful Employee Engagement for Change process by either attending our conference and/or learn online and get certified to run our Employee Engagement program at your organization or for your clients. The two links below take you to the two choices:

For our HumaNext conference:  

For Completely Online:  

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How Friendship at Work Increases Employee Engagement

  • According to research by the Gallup Organization, personal friendships at work can increase satisfaction by as much as 50%.
  • The Gallup’s study entitled Vital Friends: The People You Can’t Afford To Live Without, which was based on more than 5 million interviews, showed that people with three friends at work were 46% more likely to be extremely satisfied with their jobs and 88% more likely to be satisfied with their lives, as well as having fewer work-related accidents and being more engaged with customers.
  • In fact, Gallup’s Q-12 employee engagement benchmark survey includes the question, ‘Do I have a best friend at work?’ as one of the indicators of greater engagement in the workplace, with links to higher levels of productivity, profit, employee retention and customer satisfaction.
  • As a result, your employee engagement initiative should include strategies to facilitate the development and sustenance of friendships among employees.
  • One of the ways to start this off is by offering retreats where employees can learn together. While acquiring vital business-related skills, employees often find themselves making long-term friendships with their co-workers through the sharing of personal development opportunities, experiences, plans, and ideas.

You can get certified either totally online or in person followed by shorter online process to learn how to run our Employee Engagement program at your organization or for your clients. To attend a session on employee engagement and other vital topics, Visit:  

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Engaged Employees or Forced Fun at Zappos?

  • One of ABC News’ “20/20″ programs aired a story about the corporate culture at Zappos, one of Fortune Magazine’s top 10 companies to work for in America. The story on ABC News website said, “Visit the headquarters of in Las Vegas and you might find sales associates dressed as beer maids or Spiderman in the lunch room. And it’s not Halloween. It’s just another day at an office that might just be the wackiest workplace in America.
  • The story went on to say, “That wackiness is by design. Tony Hsieh, the chief executive of the billion-dollar online shoe and clothing retailer, believes that making employees happy means great things for his company.”
  • Does this kind of work culture create true employee engagement or is it just the kind of forced fun (or fake fun, your choice) that makes good PR but no real difference in employees’ work life and the organization’s performance?
  • Even though fun at work may yield higher employee satisfaction, this is not the same as employee engagement. You can have employees who have lots of fun at work while not performing well for the organization. What employee engagement calls for is a high level of personal satisfaction accompanied by a high level of productive performance. This is not going to be achieved my merely provide more opportunities for employee to have fun at work.

There are more meaningful and powerful ways to achieve employee engagement that we provide, based on research, in our Employee Engagement for Change program, which is currently offered at a discount. Request a free sample by sending your business contacts to  

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Can You Create Employee Engagement without Self Engagement?

Research has shown that employees would not get engaged if they perceive top leadership to be disengaged. Professionals working in employee communication, training, human resources, or management who initiate employee engagement programs for their organizations face the challenge not only of engaging employees, but also engaging themselves and their leaders. Logically, a trainer, communicator, or HR professional who is not engaged cannot create effective engagement for others.

That is why the HumaNext off-the-shelf progrqam on employee engagement enables employees to learn how to develop engagement for themselves, then for others.

Employee Engagement: Art or Science?

The answer: Both.

You need a scientific research-based approach to investigating and understanding what ignites people’s passion enough to get them totally involved in their work. You need to be on solid footings as you determine the key elements that create the state of engagement for employees. Without a deeper understanding of these factors you are likely to design an initiative that fails to respond to employees’ real needs and aspirations, resulting in a short-lived initiative with no visible impact. But this alone is not enough.

You also need to summon all your talent, creativity, and artistic ability to design an initiative that can dramatically touch people’s hearts and minds. Your communication cannot just inform employees of the initiative. It must inspire them as well. Your training cannot be the business-as-usual type of boring presentations that employees hate to go to. You need to think differently. You need to get engaged yourself before you try to engage others. You need both art and science to design and deliver an effective and exciting employee engagement initiative.

See our various Employee Engagement programs on this page.


Why Personal Satisfaction Does Not Mean Engagement

Employee Engagement is one of today’s most vital challenges for any organization. The term has gained importance only in the past few years. A manager once asked me: But isn’t that the same as employee satisfaction? We have been running employee satisfaction surveys for the past decade, showing positive results, yet overall performance is lacking in many areas. What can employee engagement do for us that employee satisfaction couldn’t? Read my answer in the article below.

Employee engagement offers organizations more meaningful benefits than employee satisfaction. To understand why satisfaction is not enough let’s consider an employee who is very satisfied because he works for a nice, not very demanding boss, and has many colleagues who became friends and thus he loves to go to work every morning to talk and joke with them. His job performance is a bit below average yet he is pleasant enough not to create problems for anybody including his boss. Even though his survey results will indicate a high level of personal satisfaction, this does not translate into high performance results for the organization. So in effect you can have highly satisfied employees in an organization that fails to compete and succeed in the marketplace.

Employee engagement focuses on both satisfaction and contribution toward achieving the organization’s goals. It challenges us to create a culture where employees are eager to invest more of themselves to help the company succeed. Research shows that the difference can be significant. For example, research by the Gallup organization has found that companies that had higher levels of employee engagement outperformed the S&P by 24% over a three-year period.

Get our Employee Engagement Bundle on this page.

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Achieving Results with Employee Engagement and Culture Change at American State Bank

How to get your entire organization to experience higher levels of employee engagement, better customer service and rampant innovation?

That was the question that propelled American State Bank (ASB) to start implementing HumaNext’s Employee Engagement for Change process in 2009. Two years later, the process has proved successful, producing significant results for employees and the organization. “We still have some action teams functioning today, and top management continues to implement changes as a result,” said Dr. Wayne Moore, VP/Director of Internal Communications at ASB. “Many of the changes proposed by employees and implemented by the organization made a meaningful difference in our performance and work culture.”

“I’m thrilled at the opportunity to share with others the success story experienced here at American State Bank as a result of using the HumaNext process of employee engagement and culture change. I especially liked the material for the ease in which I could use it, the practical approach it provided, and the interrelated processes that have enabled continuity up to now,” he added.

Dr. Wayne made a presentation on the ASB success story at HumaNext 2011 attended by trainers, HR professionals, and consultants from around the world.

Commenting on the ASB story, Francois Basili, HumaNext president and developer of the Employee Engagement for Change Program, emphasized that the process ignites employees’ energy by cultivating the critical factors of employee autonomy, grass root action, and breakthrough innovation. It then supports these factors with relevant training and communication that enable employees to understand, commit, and collaborate.”