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Employee Engagement and Culture Change in One Program

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Employee Engagement for Change Off-the-Shelf Program or Online Certification

We offer two options to help you learn and create employee engagement at your organization. This in essence is two programs in one, covering both employee engagement and organization / culture change. Learn all about it on this page and request a free sample. Here are your two options:

  1. You can purchase our off-the-shelf program – see information on this page. Or
  2. If you want to learn how to run the program from online webinars and wiki website: You can get certified online to learn how to run our Employee Engagement program at your organization or for your clients. Visit:  

Below you will find highlights of our Employee Engagement for Change off-the-shelf program. Read about the Principles of Employee Engagement, the methodology we use, and how you can order this powerful program.


Communicating Employee Engagement: The Three Workers Story (Part of the Employee Engagement for Change Program)

"What are you doing?" A passerby asked of three workers working on a building under construction.

The first worker, looking tired and drained, replied, "I'm just cutting stone."

The second worker, looking resigned to his ordeal, answered, "I’m just making a living. I have to put food on the table everyday for my family."

The third worker, who was singing, looked up to the sky and shouted, "I'm building a cathedral!"

  • Are you just cutting stone at work? Is that why you're often drained of energy and void of enthusiasm?
  • Are you just trying to make a living? Is that why you find no excitement or larger meaning in what you do?
  • Or are you building or doing something great, and in the process getting consumed by the passion and promise of doing something bigger than yourself?

This simple story demonstrates the meaning of employee engagement and its effect on attitude and performance. It also shows the importance of committing to an inspiring vision and the power of purpose.

This is one of the stories we offer in our “Employee Engagement for Change” program as a way to communicate the power of employee engagement in the organization. Read more about the program on this page.

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Get Certified to Deliver Employee Engagement for Change and More

Now you can get certified online to deliver Employee Engagement for Change plus Creativity and Innovation at Work to your internal or external customers without having to travel to New York. It’s a great opportunity to start or expand your training business, supported by HumaNext, one of America’s most innovative training companies. Visit:


Our Model Delivers Dramatic Results in a Short Time

Unlike traditional employee engagement and corporate culture change initiatives that require significant investment in money, time, and efforts and often end up with very little to show for it, our Employee Engagement for Change Program is simple yet powerful. Our Model is tested and is based on the results of available research.

The complete Employee Engagement for Change Program comes with a step-by-step Leader's Guide , PowerPoint slides covering all key points, and a reproducible Participant Workbook for an unlimited number of users.

The program will show you:

  • Why the employee engagement for culture change approach is so exciting
  • Why it produces dramatic results in a short period of time
  • Why many initiatives fail and how to do your right
  • How to communicate the idea to generate support
  • How to get a large number of colleagues excited about the initiative
  • How to extend this culture-change effort to support other change initiatives in the organization
  • What training you need to offer to support the initiative
  • How to help managers communicate the initiative
  • How to create the vision and values that inspire employees


A Ready-to-Launch Employee Engagement Initiative that Includes Organizational Change

At last: Off-the-Shelf Employee Engagement and Culture Change Program that supports your Employee Engagement and/or your Change Initiative.

Many employee engagement or organizational and culture change programs fail to produce the desired results. Yours don’t have to. Typically, these initiatives fail because they focus on complex processes and number crunching. In the process, they lose the people who they wanted to engage and those who are supposed to make the change happens, wasting time, efforts, and resources. Now HumaNext is offering a program that engages employees to play a vital role in the culture change process. It is called “Employee Engagement for Change” Program.

In the “Employee Engagement for Change” Program, we recommend that you start your employee engagement or organizational change effort with a personal engagement and change drive that engages people’s hearts and minds for change. In the Heart & Mind 4 Change drive employees take a pledge: to refrain from doing three specific things for 3 weeks, the period usually needed for forming a new habit.

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This Simple Yet Powerful Heart & Mind 4 ChangeTM Concept Inspires People to Change Attitude, Behavior and Culture

You may choose to start the Employee Engagement for Change Program with a Heart & Mind 4 ChangeTM drive that asks employees to put their hearts and minds into refraining from doing three things and replace them with their positive opposites. The Heart & Mind 4 ChangeTM drive (or campaign) inspires employees to adopt three behavior-altering values, expressed as:

  • Change Is Productive: From Complaining to Creating
  • Change Is Positive: From Criticizing to Recognizing and Coaching
  • Change Is Powerful : From Confronting to Collaborating

You May Ask People to Wear Wristbands as Visible Reminders of their commitment to your change initiative


Creating Communication that Inspires and Leads

Our model covers the steps, tools, messages, and media you will need to orchestrate an effective communication campaign to launch and support the employee engagement for change process:

  • The communication campaign: Messages, Media, Audience
  • The fundamental shift in the role of communicators that will be required to effectively communicate the engagement for change initiative.
  • How to lead the process of creating and articulating vision and values for the initiative
  • Use of Social Media to support engagement: Wikis, blogs, Twitter, social sites, others
  • What managers need to know and do to inspire and communicate employee engagement for change
  • How best to communicate what’s happening

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There Are No Ordinary People

  • The "Employee Engagement for Change" Program is guided by the assumption that there are no ordinary people. We believe that each person has the potential to achieve extraordinary accomplishments and is only waiting for the opportunity and condition that makes this possible. Our change process provides people with such opportunity, and they jump right in to participate.
  • Because "Employee Engagement for Change" is people-based and is designed to touch people's hearts and minds, the rewards people receive from it are intrinsic, personal, and powerful. There is nothing as powerful and meaningful for people as the feeling that they are the ones in control of their own change and of the changes they create for the organization.

Get a Free Sample Package

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Both Employee Engagement and Culture Change in One Program

Order the complete "Employee Engagement for Change Program" with Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Slides, Reproducible Participant Workbook.

Order the Employee Engagement for Change , currently sold at $195.00  

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    You Know Employee Engagement Is Critical. But How Can You Create It?

    A July 2009 report by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance - titled "The Economics of Engagement" indicates that there are tangible financial returns associated with a rise in organization-wide employee engagement. The report looked at the kind of hard returns or bottom-line ROI organizations get when they spend time and money on better engaging employees, and research shows there is a very definite, measurable return on investment from employee engagement. This is just the latest in a series of research efforts over the past five years showing similar results. So we can say with confidence that the business case for employee engagement has been powerfully proven. The key remaining question, therefore, is "how can we go about creating employee engagement for the organization?"€

    Different organizations have used different methods, some achieving a good degree of success and some resulting in miserable failure. At HumaNext, we have examined a large number of employee engagement efforts, read many reports, research papers, and books on the topic, and learned from our own in-depth experience with organization-wide employee engagement and culture change initiatives to arrive at what truly works, and what doesn't. Let me quickly state that the programs that fail are usually those based on the old carrot and stick management style that totally misses the point of employee engagement. Some of these initiatives are run by corporate communicators and HR leaders who use top-down approaches driven by goals formulated by leaders, not employees. They see in employee engagement just another way to achieve higher returns on investment without considering the human component, and with this they sow the seeds of their failure.

    Employees usually see through such efforts and realize that it's just another carrot thrown to them by management to get them to work harder. All the communication and training in the world will not be able to impress employees to buy into such efforts. It usually takes a year or two of a lot of wasted effort and money before management finally realizes that the program is a failure, and quietly lets it die a natural death.

    Communication and training can help support a solid, honest employee engagement initiative. But they cannot create one based on a camouflaged top-down leadership approach that is not committed to changing its own ways of managing before asking employees to show more engagement at work. From our experience, the most effective, and perhaps the really only way, to inspire employee engagement is through going directly to the core of human needs that spur action. In our "Employee Engagement for Change" program we summarized these human needs in the statement, "The Dignity to be and the Freedom to Do." Employees need to feel appreciated and recognized as unique human beings before they begin to consider giving you any of their hearts and minds. The second human need that must be met is for employees to apply their talent, in their own way, to achieve organizational goals. This is the way people create themselves through their work. Work becomes a way for self-actualization. Dedication to work becomes self-generated. Engagement becomes something employees seek for their own inner rewards. Only then will engagement occur and deliver results for the organization.

    © 2011 HumaNext. To receive a sample package of Employee Engagement for Change program send complete business contact information to  

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    50 Activities for Employee Engagement

    Getting employees engaged is not easy to do. Nor is it something you should undertake unless you’re in it for the long haul. This collection of skill-building activities will help you understand what employee engagement really means, how it can help your organization and how to create and maintain an engaged workforce. Managers, supervisors and even engaged employees will gain the perspective and insight necessary to make this exciting cultural transition successfully.

    Are you just beginning your engagement journey? You’ll find activities to help you define employee engagement, measure the current level of engagement in your organization and understand critical underlying principles. Are you interested in sustaining and growing employee engagement? Move on to the activities on overcoming obstacles, motivating engaged employees, how world famous leaders lead engagement and other advanced topics.

    The activities are organized into six, easy-to-reference sections: · Understanding employee engagement · Getting started to engage employees · Leading employee engagement · Measuring employee engagement · Creating an engaged workplace · Employee engagement communications

    Each of these fun and easy-to-use employee activities focuses on a different aspect of employee engagement and can be completed in 30-45 minutes. Each activity includes the purpose, description, time guidelines, resources, presentation instructions, debriefing guidelines and a handout.

    Price $149.95

    For inquiries or to place an order, please