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E-Learning Options from HumaNext

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Why limit yourself, or your organization, to only one way of online learning when you can choose from three different ways to appeal to people's different learning styles?

  • HumaNext offers three different online learning systems: instructor-led courses; popular full length training videos; and cloud-based short videos. 
  • Take a look below to learn how HumaNext offers the most choices and best online courses to you and your organization.
  • You can select any number of courses from any one library, or mix and match from different libraries - all offered by one vendor: HumaNext. Read below..

You don’t have to choose one of the libraries. Get them all and pay only for what you use!


Call HumaNext to discuss how our online library can satisfy all your e-Learning needs for one or 1000 learners. Call 973-427-3004  - Or Email us at: 

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1- Instructor-Led Online Courses on Career and Personal Skills

  • We offer a very comprehensive library of instructor-led courses.
  • For each course, you will have an expert instructor to guide you, answer your questions and support your learning.
  • This ed2go library offers you the widest possible range of topics for your career and personal development.
  • We offer a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet.
  • All of our courses include expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors.
  • Our online courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you.

Ready to explore our catalog? Visit:  

Udemy Courses to Learn Personal and Business Skills

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2- Popular Full Length Training Videos from Famous Producers

Now you can get any training video from those produced by your trusted training video producers as part of this library of training videos online. Look for the name of your well-known producers to select from their videos and instantly view only- no waiting for shipping- and with administrative functions.

Learn more here:  

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3- Cloud-Based Short Videos On All Skills with Full Administrative Functions

  • Cloud-based online video courses you can access from anywhere: This format weds the power and simplicity of videos with the interactivity and administrative functionality of e-Learning. Request a free webcast and/or a 14 day trial. Learn more here: 

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    Also: Online Trainer Certification Courses

    • Get certified online from your home to deliver HumaNext's best selling workshops to your internal or external clients.
    • You can get certified in Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement, Creativity and Innovation, Critical Conversations, RelationShifts and Team Building, Diversity and Inclusion, Cross Cultural Skills, and more.
    • Learn more at:

    Learn Online to Advance Your Career


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    Blended Learning: How to Offer Employees Different Training Choices

    • Some employees like to learn in classroom settings where they enjoy live, face-to-face human interaction. Others like to learn online because of its convenience yet still would prefer someone to be there to interact with them and guide their learning. Yet others, particularly generations X and Y, don’t like to read a lot of text and prefer to learn by watching videos. How can an organization offer training that meets these different learning preferences?
    • The answer is simple: Blended Learning. Leading companies are doing it today. Blended Learning has proven to be a much more effective organizational learning approach. It offers training to employees in different ways and different formats that meet their different needs. It uses a variety of content delivery, from in-class learning to online learning. But now new technologies have made it possible for online learning itself to be offered in various formats that meet users’ different learning styles. So blended learning today offers in-class workshops complemented by a variety of other modes of learning, particularly online learning that comes in different formats.

    HumaNext uniquely offers the different components you’d need to offer a comprehensive blended learning to your organization:

    • Classroom style training: HumaNext offers one of the largest collections of ready-to-deliver training programs that come with step-by-step facilitator’s guide, most with PowerPoint slides or videos, participant workbooks, and other tools. You can find them at

    As to online learning, HumaNext offers the following libraries that meet different learning styles:

    • Video-based online courses: This format weds the power and simplicity of videos with the interactivity and administrative functionality of e-Learning:  
    • Online instructor-led courses in which a subject-matter expert guides the users, answers their questions, and supports their learning in a personal, two-way style. We offer many topics in this format including some personal and career-oriented courses:

    e-learning-3 ways-360.jpg

    Blended Learning Case Study: Online Courses Followed By Open Discussion

    Blended learning has proven to be one of the most effective ways to achieve long term learning and retention of learned knowledge and skills. There are many ways to offer a blended learning approach to training in your organization. Here is a real world application we received from one of our customers who purchased many of our online courses:

    "In developing a team leader training program, we came upon your website and the many on-line courses offered. We had each team leader purchase one of the grouped classes that is offered and asked them to take one of the courses each month. At our monthly meeting, we then reviewed the course, what was learned, and what they could "take home" from this learning experience. The on-line session partnered with the open discussion worked well for these courses."

    Susan Simmons, Senior VP/Human Resources. First Federal Savings Bank, Elizabethtown KY.