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Online and In Conference Diversity Certification, and Cultural Competence Trainer Certification


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A Unique Opportunity for Trainers, Consultants, and Coaches

  • A unique opportunity: There is nothing on the market today that provides you with this opportunity for distant / online certification in two powerful and popular workshops in one certification process from the comfort of your home or office.
  • HumaNext's powerful workshops have been delivered to / used by some of America's leading organizations such as the New York Public Library, Stevens Institute of Technology, Dell, Pearson Ed, Bright Horizons, and others.
  • Now you can get certified to deliver our Diversity & Inclusion at Work workshop and / or Cross Cultural Competency workshop to your internal or external clients from the comfort of your home. All you need is a PC with internet connection. Your certification by HumaNext, one of the most innovative American training companies, gives you many advantages. In this page you will learn about the two workshops available for you to choose from, or get both.
  • Your certification and the Heart & Mind Learning methodology will help you deliver powerful and effective training to your internal or external clients.


Trainer Certification on Diversity & Inclusion and / Or Cross Cultural Competency

You can get certified in either workshop, but you save significantly when you registger for both.

First Workshop: Diversity & Inclusion at Work

Two developments that will enable diversity to continue to be one of the most relevant topics in training today.

  • The first is the unprecedented representation of diversity in the highest office in the United State, which is the Office of the President.
  • The second element is the existence of four generations in the workplace and the growing awareness of the importance of training to respond effectively to this unique organizational need.

Diversity & Inclusion at Work workshop offers help with all aspects of diversity in business including the hot issue of generational diversity.

Optional Second Workshop: Cross Cultural Skills and Global Competency

With the globalization of world economy, multi-national organizations, out-sourcing, and the international executive, the demand for effective cross cultural skills training has accelerated. This workshop will enable you to meet this rising global need.

Plus: Learn to Apply our Heart & Mind Learning Methodology

In addition to the two powerful workshops available to you, with either one you will also learn and get the materials you need to design and deliver training with our unique "Heart & Mind Learning" methodology. Heart & Mind Learning is a way to design and deliver training workshops that dramatically impact your participants and inspire them to create change in themselves and others as a result of the learning. You accomplish this by integrating in your training a number of key insights, tools, and techniques that transform what you deliver from a traditional training to an extraordinary learning experience for participants. Only HumaNext offers this unique Heart & Mind Learning methodology for more powerful training.


Online Certification Registration and Terms

You can register to certify on Diversity/Inckusion for the reduced fee of $1095.00

  • Click to Order at HumaNext Store
  • Add certification on Cross Cultural Skills for additional $495.00 Choose this subject from drop screen

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    Cancelation: You may cancel your registration and receive a refund (by a check) of the amount paid minus 15% administration and processing fee anytime before the start of your certification. Once your certification process starts no refunds will be given.

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    Who Should Get Certified

  • Internal training / HRD/ and HR professionals in all types of organizations who want to be trained to deliver diversity and cultural competency workshops to leaders, managers, and staff in their organizations.
  • External consultants, trainers, and coaches who want to get certified to deliver our diversity and cross cultural skills workshops to their clients. This opportunity is great for both seasoned and new consultants who are starting their business.
  • Organizational leaders and change agents  who are planning a diversity initiative or want to create a culture of inclusion in their organization.
  • Those with their own training practice, or want to break into the lucrative training field: There is nothing on the market today that provides you with this opportunity for certification in two powerful and popular workshops in one certification process.
  • Diversity trainers who want to expand their area of practice by adding cross cultural skills as another workshop they can offer a new stream of clients.
  • Cross Cultural training consultants who want to expand their area of practice by adding diversity as another workshop to offer a new stream of clients.

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    Online Trainer Certification: Here Is How It Works

    You can choose to become a HumaNext Certified Facilitator in any or all of the workshops we offer, each comes with our Heart & Mind Learning methodology. Certification will enable you to deliver the workshops by providing you with the following:

    1. You will receive – by e-mail – in installments, a step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide in MS Word, covering information and facilitation instructions for each workshop.
    2. You will get dramatic PowerPoint slides to accompany all key points of each workshop.
    3. You will receive a Reproducible Participant Workbook Master in MS Word to print and distribute to an unlimited number of participants with no additional fees to us.
    4. You will access several webinars covering the key learning points of the workshops (Webinars are online seminars you can access with an internet connection). Each webinar will last from 60 to 90 minutes.
    5. You will have one additional webinar focused on facilitation strategies and tactics using our Heart & Mind Learning methodology to help you deliver more dynamic training.
    6. All webinars are recorded and will be available to you to access online any number of times for one year.
    7. You will get online assessments / profiles related to each workshop.
    8. Upon completing the webinars, online assessments, and assignments, you will receive your HumaNext Certified Facilitator’s document.

    What Does Certification Mean?

    HumaNext certification does not involve or deliver accreditation by any academic institution. Obtaining a HumaNext certification means you have completed the requirements and thus acquired the rights to deliver the workshops of your certification to your internal or external clients in face-to-face sessions only. This is similar to most other certification programs offered by training companies in this field.

    diversity at work Trainer.JPG

    First Workshop: Diversity at Work Covers All Aspects of Diversity

    • Your certification will cover the key aspects of diversity & inclusion using case studies, activities, and step-by-step facilitation instructions, supported by PowerPoint slides and participant workbooks.


    How Men and Women Can Work Together More Effectively                                             


    Our Diversity At Work training program covers this fascinating area of inquiry into the different ways men and women think, communicate, and work together. The research-based content, case studies, and discussion in this area - often neglected by some diversity programs, adds an important, highly relevant aspect to your diversity program.



    How the Mature Generation Can Work Effectively with Generations X and Y


    Diversity At Work program also covers the new area of Generational Diversity at Work. We cover, with research based content and case studies, the key characteristics of the four generations of workers in today's workplace; The Mature Generation; the Baby Boomers; Generation X; and Generation Y. Participants will be able to identify and better understand the value system and preferences of each generation, enabling them to work more effectively together.


    How to Work with Persons with Disabilities


    Diversity At Work also covers the area of ability and disability at work and offers guidance and case study relevant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its requirements for organizations and managers. Participants will be able to understand what the law requires and how to work more effectively and fairly with persons with disabilities.




    Our Special Approach to Diversity Training: 1- Diversity as a Highly Positive Experience

  • Our training delivers diversity as an upbeat experience that touches the hearts and minds of participants, contributing to a more enduring impact on behavior.
  • From the first moment in the workshop, our "Opening Exercises" deliver mind-opening experiences that shatter participants "comfortable Business-As-Usual" frame of mind. Out Inside-out Learning methodology of training design and delivery puts participants in touch with an exciting new possibility of learning and growing.
  • Participants leave the workshop feeling highly committed to diversity and empowered to celebrate it and live it at work.

    • diversity at work dream.JPG

      2- The Personal Case Leads to the Business Case

      Our extensive experience has shown that people will not commit to the business side of diversity without first adopting diversity as a personal commitment.

      • Our workshop helps participants develop this all important "missing link" of diversity programs.
      • We offer diversity training in a balanced blend between the business and the human sides of diversity. This presents diversity at its best. It helps people adopt it as part of their value system as well a way of doing business in working with colleagues and customers.

      diversity at work teams.JPG

      3- Real Learning: Moving from Awareness to Skills for Working Together

      A lot of diversity programs stop at providing “awareness” of the concept of diversity at work, leaving participants with no specific skills that help them put this awareness into practice.

      • Our training moves from awareness to specific skills in the areas of communication, interviewing, supervision, performance management, coaching and feedback, and teamwork.
      • The workshop delivers real learning, with powerful concepts, day-to-day work examples, and practical skills people can use at work.
      • A skeptical highly educated executive at the largest public library system in the US wrote in the evaluation sheet after one of our workshops:

             "I thought the session would be a waste of time. I learned a lot."

      diversity at work together.JPG

      4- Beyond Training: Diversity as a Force for Culture Change

      Diversity training can be a powerful agent for changing the work culture and creating a positive, productive and respectful workplace.

      • Diversity is not just a valuable concept in itself, but it also acts as a means toward other worthwhile ends. The applications of diversity concepts at work make it a force for helping people work together more effectively in a supportive, respectful environment.

    • Our award-winning HumaNext newsletter brings you free articles, ideas, and tools.

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      Second Option: Cross Cultural Skills and Global Competence

      The Cross Cultural Skills and Global Competence training program enables you to deliver a training workshop to equip participants with cross cultural skills and global competency, including charting the level of cross cultural awareness of participants, and providing group activities and case studies that enhance cross cultural understanding and global competency.

      This Program includes:

      • A complete training workshop with flexible duration from two hours to a full day.
      • A step-by-step Leader's Guide to facilitate the delivery of the training.
      • Dramatic PowerPoint slides to accompany all the key points of the training.
      • A reproducible Participant Workbook to print unlimited number of copies for your participants.
      • Content that's appropriate for both management and staff.
      • Cross Cultural group activities, exercises and simulations.
      • Case studies, role-plays and business situation applications.
      • A model for understanding and contrasting world cultures

      The Cross Cultural Skills Workshop Covers The Following Key Topics

      OVERVIEW AND PREPARATION:  A step-by-step guide for how to prepare for and promote this workshop to ensure success, including guides on delivering the training in various durations. This section includes a Cross Cultural Quiz to send to participants in advance to stir their interest.

      CULTURAL AWARENESS:  This section provides a complete Cross Cultural Skills Inventory participants can complete either in advance or in the session to get a picture of their level of cross cultural competency before the training. This part also covers what culture is and how it impacts values and behaviors.

      EXPERIENCING CROSS CULTURAL DIFFERENCES:  Simulation and real-life case studies that help participants have an 'experience' of cultural differences in the session.

      DEVELOPING CROSS CULTURAL SKILLS: Participants will learn specific insights and skills for understanding and working effectively with cultural differences. This is done in an interactive manner that involves participants in discussions, role-plays, and exercises.

      UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN AND TRADITIONAL CULTURES:  With this section you can provide a deeper insight into the American dominant culture, including its African-American and Hispanic sub-cultures. Americans need to understand their own culture before trying to understand a different one. Others will also benefit from understanding American culture in order to work effectively with Americans.

      WORLD CULTURES: The workshop provides a simplified and unified method to understand three broad categories of world cultures and compare them to each other and to the American culture. This is the easiest and fastest way to develop broad cross cultural understanding without spending countless hours trying to understand the culture and habits of each country in the world.

      CROSS CULTURAL NEGOTIATIONS: The workshop includes applications on cross cultural negotiations that provide crucial insights and skills that help participants conduct successful negotiations across cultural differences.

      Basili's Diversity and Cultural Competency Training Won National Recognition

      The author of our workshops, Francois Basili (currently president of HumaNext LLC) as appeared in his interview piece by Hospitals Magazine, which covered his early pioneering work in diversity and cultural competency training in 1990. The Bureau of National Affairs invited Basili to participate in their video- based training program, "Bridges."€

      In 2003, Basili was twice interviewed by Diversity Inc. magazine on his views of the impact of cultural differences in the situation in Iraq.

      in July, 2003, Basili delivered a presentation on diversity to the attendees of the Strategic Research Institute's conference on Multicultural Equity in New York City.

      Our current work is taking diversity to its logical next step as a force for cultural change. Our training workshop, "Diversity at Work" is already helping leading organizations set a new standard for their diversity and cultural compentency programs.

      Your Certification Includes the Use of Online and Print Profiles and Learning Tools

      • To enable self discovery and evaluation, we provide participants with access to our online learning and assessment center where you will take our online Diversity Profile.
      • You will also take our Cross Cultural Index to chart your awareness and competency in cultural understanding and skills.
      • Your fee covers the use of both of the above learning tools for self understanding and evaluation.
      • These self discovery tools will also be available to you  later to order for employees or clients at reduced prices. Consultants may sell these to their clients at higher prices to generate consulting income from these tools as well.

      certification S.JPG

      Your Certification Will Give You These Valuable Benefits

      1- You will receive complete Diversity At Work workshop facilitation package. This includes a comprehensive step-by-step Facilitator's Guide and high quality dramatic PowerPoint slides to enable you to deliver the workshop with ease and mastery.

      2- You will also receive reproducible Diversity Participant's Workbook Master which you will be able to reproduce for hundreds of participants at no additional charge, unlike many other certification providers who charge you for each workbook every time you deliver a workshop.

      3- You will receive complete Cross Cultural Competency workshop facilitation package. This includes a comprehensive step-by-step Facilitator's Guide and high quality dramatic PowerPoint slides to enable you to deliver the workshop with ease and mastery.

      4- You will also receive reproducible Cross Cultural Competency Workshop Participant's Workbook Master which you will be able to reproduce for hundreds of participants at no additional charge, unlike many other certification providers who charge you for each workbook every time you deliver a workshop.

      5- You will become a Certified HumaNext Affiliate, gaining all the benefits of associating with a training company that offers the most innovative training needed by organizations today. Just take a look at our web sites to get an idea of the range of our capabilities, products, and services. We offer other services, such as a complete online training library at a separate website, and a full training video service at another website. Having a company like HumaNext behind you to give you support is one of the powerful advantages you will gain from this certification.

      6- You will receive a full 20% discount on all training products, programs, and services offered by us (except videos) for as long as you maintain your certification status.


      You will also receive our Heart & Mind Learning

      Heart & Mind Learning is a HumaNext methodology that ensures that a workshop enjoys a number of built-in special design and delivery features that have proven to turn ordinary training sessions into extraordinary learning and changing experience. We have put the best lessons of our diversified training experience in the design of a unique approach to training that we call Heart & Mind Learnin, or H&ML.

      From Instruction to Discovery

      The task of designing training workshops is called “Instructional Design” which is based on the idea that the trainer will provide “instructions” to participants as the way for them to learn.

      Our “Heart & Mind Learning” approach calls for changing this mind-set so that when you design a learning workshop you focus on providing opportunities, activities, and ideas that enable participants to “discover” the learning points for themselves. Instead of engaging in “Instructional Design” you will engage in “Discovery Design.” Not only this is better, more impactful, and more interesting for participants, it is also all that for the facilitator as well.

      With all Tracks, you will also receive Heart & Mind Learning Facilitator’s Guide and PowerPoint slides, as well as access to webinars to hear directly from the author of Heart & Mind Learning on how to integrate it into all your training workshops.

      certification online 350 S.jpg

      Deliverables and Schedule of Certification

      • Register any day. Your certification will usually start the first business day of the following week.
      • Our suggested schedule enables you to complete your certification in about eight weeks from the time you start. This is based on spending two weeks between each of the four Sections of the certification track outlined below and two weeks to complete the last one. But you can go faster or slower as it suites you. When you complete all requirements you receive your certificate.

      Our Online Certification Enables You to:

        • Receive the documents files by e-mail in MS Word or PP slides. 
        • Receive assignments to do to help ensure your mastery of the concepts. 
        • Attend a recorded webinar (online seminar) covering the material on each section. You can access the recorded webinar many times until you master the materials.
        • Participate with other learners in a Wiki (A collaborative  website for posting and editing of articles and ideas. You will learn how to use it.)
        • Do online assessments or profiles covering the workshop area.

      We Offer Certification in Many Other Important Topics

      We offer certification in many vital topics- all online.

      For an overview visit:  


      Can One Person Change the World? Rosa Parks as Model

      If you ever doubted your capacity for making significant impact on your work, your organization, or even your world, just examine the impact that Rosa Parks had left on the world, with one simple, courageous act.

      She did not have special skills that no body else possessed. She did not have better education, or connections, or wealth. She seemed as simple and powerless as they come. Yet it turned out that she was not powerless at all. It turned out that she had all the powers anyone can ever dream of having.

      That power is available to you too. It's inside you, just looking for your decision to release it, as Rosa Parks did when she refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white man.

      One of the amazing secrets of life is that changing the world is a power that lies in the hands of ordinary individuals, if only they realize and exercise that power.

      And you don't have to go to the end of the world to do it. You can do it right where you are now. Perhaps where you work or where you live. Rosa Parks did it on the bus she was riding. By her simple yet powerful act of defiance, courage, and moral dignity, she inspired the civil rights movement in the United States, and many similar struggles around the world.

      Ask yourself: What did Rosa Parks have that I don't have? Ask yourself: In what ways can I change the world by starting from where I'm now?

      This is one of the many stories, activities, profiles, and tools we use in our Diversity Certification program to offer diversity as a force for corporate cultural change. Read more about this program on this page.

      diversity gay marriage.jpg

      Gay Marriage? Diversity Does Not Require Changing Your Belief

      By Francois Basili, President of HumaNext

      People in the US and around the world have different views around the issue of marriage- some believing it should only be between a man and a woman, citing their own religious belief, and others believing that marriage should include gays, viewing gay marriage as a civil right issue. How can an organization, or a trainer / consultant working for it, address the issue of gay marriage in a diversity and inclusion training workshop without infringing upon any person’s civil rights, freedom of thoughts, or religious belief?

      On June 26, 2013, the US Supreme Court ruled that married same-sex couples were entitled to federal benefits and, by declining to decide a case from California, effectively allowed same-sex marriages there. The American public opinion is slowly shifting in this direction as well. In older cultures like those of China, India, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, public opinion is influenced by a religious interpretation that sees marriage as a religion-based sacred tie between a man and a woman. What should a diversity trainer do?

      In the early days of diversity training in the US in the nineteen eighties, some diversity trainers wrongly thought their mission was to force their own views of diversity, at that time racial and cultural diversity were the main emphasis, upon their unsuspected audiences. I saw some diversity consultants and trainers who stood there in front of trainees, who were largely white, barraging them for the discrimination sins of their ancestors. There were no skills to learn, just accusations, insults, and demands for changing one’s “wrong” views by force. This resulted in a negative backlash toward diversity training, and some employees actually sued their companies, charging that the company forced them to attend training that attempted to “indoctrinate” them with particular belief systems counter to their own. Diversity training has grown and matured a lot since those early days. I believe that I myself have played a role in the development of a more helpful and effective approach to diversity training with my involvement with The Bureau of National Affairs in developing their pioneering video- based diversity training program “Bridges”.

      In developing our HumaNext diversity and inclusion training, we used a number of approaches that resulted in a much more effective delivery of awareness and skills around diversity. We based our program on the idea that the main objective of diversity & inclusion training is “to enable people to work more effectively with others across all differences”. At the beginning of the session, we offer a symbolic “Learning Agreement”. The Agreement explains that the training does not require anyone to agree with any values they don’t like. The Agreement only asks them to commit to learning about differences, exploring their own assumptions about them, and applying helpful skills for working together with others across differences. This approach consistently produced positive appreciation of, and learning about, diversity and inclusion.

      With this in mind, you as a trainer do not need to advocate a particular position on the issue of gay marriage, even though you have your own views on it. You can use our non-threatening approach and offer the two leading paragraphs of this article as background information. By admitting that this is a difficult issue and different cultures are still struggling with it, without imposing a particular view, you have a better chance of providing your audience with the comfortable space they need to examine their own thoughts about the issue.

      © 2015 HumaNext. The article is by Francois Basili, President of HumaNext. To discuss your diversity training needs please write to