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Diversity & Inclusion and Cultural Competency Trainer Certification Programs'

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You can get certified to deliver Diversity and Inclusion training either completely online or in a combination of attending a live conference followed by a shorter online certification.

For completely online certification on Diversity, Inclusion, or Cultural Competency / Global Skills. Learn more at:

For learning by attending a live conference to experience the power of our programs in action, followed by a shorter online certification, attend HumaNext 2015 Conference on Heart and Mind Leadership.


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Killing of Black Men by Police: Racism? A Training Problem? or Both?

The shooting to death of an unarmed black youth in Missouri, and the choke-holding to death of an unarmed man in New York, received no indictments because, perhaps among other reasons, the policemen involved convinced the jury that they should not be held accountable since they just followed the training they received. The incidents raised anew the issue of racism in America. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “We are dealing with centuries of racism that have brought us to this day”.

The tragic incidents also call to question the appropriateness of the training given police officers across the country. What kind of training is this that often leads to the killing of unarmed men? Both issues, racism and appropriate training, are of concern to us as a training company that delivers workshops on many topics, including diversity and inclusion at work. Training professionals everywhere must be concerned as well.

A participant in our online Diversity Certification program posted the following on the certification website commenting on one of the two incidents: “After reviewing the news for a great part of yesterday (November 24, 2014) involving the Ferguson, Missouri riots, I searched for the statistics of the community. According to statistics there are 4 police officers who are Black and 50 White, yet the population is 67 percent Black. The police workforce should reflect the community it serves. The statistics should show diversity, inclusion, dignity, and respect as these are key components of humanity in any community.”

As trainers, the question we need to ask here is: Must organizations wait until a major problem occurs before giving employees diversity training? Another important question to ask is: How effective is the training on diversity and inclusion your organization is delivering?


Our Special Approach to Diversity Training: 1- Diversity as a Highly Positive Experience

  • Our training delivers diversity as an upbeat experience that touches the hearts and minds of participants, contributing to a more enduring impact on behavior.
  • From the first moment in the workshop, our "Opening Exercises" deliver mind-opening experiences that shatter participants "comfortable Business-As-Usual" frame of mind. Out Inside-out Learning methodology of training design and delivery puts participants in touch with an exciting new possibility of learning and growing.
  • Participants leave the workshop feeling highly committed to diversity and empowered to celebrate it and live it at work.
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      2- The Personal Case Leads to the Business Case

      Our extensive experience has shown that people will not commit to the business side of diversity without first adopting diversity as a personal commitment.

      • Our workshop helps participants develop this all important "missing link" of diversity programs.
      • We offer diversity training in a balanced blend between the business and the human sides of diversity. This presents diversity at its best. It helps people adopt it as part of their value system as well a way of doing business in working with colleagues and customers.

      diversity at work teams.JPG

      3- Real Learning: Moving from Awareness to Skills for Working Together

      A lot of diversity programs stop at providing “awareness” of the concept of diversity at work, leaving participants with no specific skills that help them put this awareness into practice.

      • Our training moves from awareness to specific skills in the areas of communication, interviewing, supervision, performance management, coaching and feedback, and teamwork.
      • The workshop delivers real learning, with powerful concepts, day-to-day work examples, and practical skills people can use at work.
      • A skeptical highly educated executive at the largest public library system in the US wrote in the evaluation sheet after one of our workshops:

             "I thought the session would be a waste of time. I learned a lot."

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      4- Beyond Training: Diversity as a Force for Culture Change

      Diversity training can be a powerful agent for changing the work culture and creating a positive, productive and respectful workplace.

      • Diversity is not just a valuable concept in itself, but it also acts as a means toward other worthwhile ends. The applications of diversity concepts at work make it a force for helping people work together more effectively in a supportive, respectful environment.


      Diversity & Inclusion and Cultural Competency Overview

      Diversity & Inclusion at Work

      We cover all key aspects of diversity & inclusion using case studies and activities. We cover the more recent applications of diversity and inclusion including:

      Ensuring Inclusion at Work:

      • Activities to experience inclusion and exculsion and their impact.
      • Strategies to foster inclusion at work.

      How Men and Women Can Work Together More Effectively:

      • Our Diversity & Inclusion at Work training program covers this fascinating area of inquiry into the different ways men and women think, communicate, and work together.
      • The research-based content, case studies, and discussion in this area - often neglected by some diversity programs, adds an important, highly relevant aspect to your diversity program.

      How to Work Effectively with Different Generations:

      • Diversity & Inclusion at Work program also covers the new area of Generational Diversity at Work. We cover, with research based content and case studies, the key characteristics of the four generations of workers in today's workplace; The Mature Generation; the Baby Boomers; Generation X; and Generation Y.
      • Participants will be able to identify and better understand the value system and preferences of each generation, enabling them to work more effectively together.

      How to Work with Persons with Disabilities:

      • Diversity & Inclusion at Work also covers the area of ability and disability at work and offers guidance and case study relevant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and its requirements for organizations and managers.
      • Participants will be able to understand what the law requires and how to work more effectively and fairly with persons with disabilities.

      Culture Competency:

      • You will learn how to work effectively across cultural differences
      • How to understand your own culture as well as the cultures of others
      • How to contrast cultures using the Cultural Continuum

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      Your Certification in the Programs Will Give You These Valuable Benefits

      When you attend the event and choose the post-event certification webinar:

      1- You will receive complete Diversity & Inclusion at Work workshop facilitation package. This includes a comprehensive step-by-step Facilitator's Guide and high quality PowerPoint slides to enable you to deliver the workshop with ease and mastery.

      2- You will also receive reproducible Diversity Participant's Workbook Master which you will be able to reproduce for hundreds of participants at no additional charge, unlike many other certification providers who charge you for each workbook every time you deliver a workshop.

      3- You will receive complete Cross Cultural Competency workshop facilitation package. This includes a comprehensive step-by-step Facilitator's Guide and high quality dramatic PowerPoint slides to enable you to deliver the workshop with ease and mastery.

      4- You will also receive reproducible Cross Cultural Competency Workshop Participant's Workbook Master which you will be able to reproduce for hundreds of participants at no additional charge, unlike many other certification providers who charge you for each workbook every time you deliver a workshop.

      5- You will receive the complete "Heart & Mind Learning" training methodology program, enabling you to design and deliver great training on any soft skill topic.

      6- You will become a Certified HumaNext Affiliate, gaining all the benefits of associating with a training company that offers the most innovative and comprehensive training needed by organizations today. Just take a look at our web sites to see the range of our capabilities, products, and services. We also offer a complete online courses library and a training video service. Having a company like HumaNext behind you to give you support is one of the powerful advantages you will gain from this certification.

      7- You will receive a full 20% discount on all training products, programs, and services offered by us (except videos) for as long as you maintain your certification status.


      heart and mind learning-172.jpg

      Using Heart & Mind Learning to Creat Great Training

      While learning our workshops' topics, you will also be experiencing our unique “Hear & Mind Learning" methodology. It is a methodology that turns ordinary training sessions into great learning experiences. Heart & Mind Learning is based on the following discoveries:

      • If you don’t arouse the heart, you can’t engage the mind.
      • If you don’t offer inspiration, you will waste the information.
      • People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

      Heart & Mind Learning involves a number or powerful insights we use in designing and delivering our learning experiences, which you will be able to use by getting the complete files and slides that enable you to create great training. These insights include:

      • What people focus on becomes their reality: We invite people to shift their focus from the problems they want to fix to the bigger picture of the exciting future they want to create for themselves and the organization.
      • Taking the best of the past to the future: The most confident way for people to move to the future is to carry forward the best parts of the past.
      • Change starts with you: We invite participants to adopt Gandhi's principle, "We must become the change we want to see in the world."
      • Erring on the side of hope: We hold the belief, supported by research, that the state of being hopeful is one of the key marks of emotional intelligence and effective performance.
      • Learning by Teaching: We involve participants in facilitating segments of the workshop based on the idea that “the best way to learn a subject is to teach it.”

      These are just a few of the powerful concepts of Heart & Mind Learning, which you will learn to apply as part of your certification, enabling you to design and deliver great training on any soft skill topic.

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      What They Said About Our Training

      Over the past years, participants came from Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Ukraine, England, Canada, UAE, and around the United States to attend our unique HumaNext workshops. Trainers and employees at some of America's leading organizations have experienced our workshops. Here are some of the comments participants wrote in their evaluation sheets:

      • "I left the training inspired and energized, and looking forward to using the tools.
      • I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for making the training so impactful for me." - Amy Jaffe Barzac, Co-founder, Boundless Playgrounds.
      • "I have begun to consider the challenge, and opportunity the training presents in my personal life, administrative roles, and consulting practice." - George Roets, Director, Public Health Services, Watkins Glen, New York.
      • I definitely felt as though I was taking part in something very special during the last three days. Thank you for sharing your spirits so freely! -Richard Hammett, Texas A&M University
      • "Thank you so much for the wonderful class in New York, which I will never forget. It was one of the most rewarding classes that I have taken." -Bobbi Ball, Executive Director, Partners in Community Building, Chicago

      HumaNext cert-facilitator.jpg

      What they said about our events

       Video Testimonial by Maureen Staiano, Trainer and Coach at the end of HumaNext 2010