Training and Communication for People at Work
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Customizable, Reproducible Training Programs at over $200 Off

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We can also deliver these workshops at your site. Contact us for a proposal. Click email at bottom of navigation links on the left.

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HumaNext Programs: Most Best Sellers are sold at discounted prices for subscribers to our free Humanext newsletter

HumaNext offers more than 500 training and culture change programs in print, video, online, CD, and other formats. Of all these programs, our best selling customizable ready-to-deliver programs are shown on this page. And now you can order them at discounted prices when you subscribe to our free Humanext newsletter. You can subscribe free below.

The programs on this page are all delivered electronically via email. You can get a free sample of any of them before placing your order by specifying the title of the program you are interested in. Please include your business contact information and email to:  

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HumaNext Customizable Workshops Offer Many Advantages

HumaNext Customizable Workshops Offer these advantages:

  • They come to you in the familiar MS Word document and PowerPoint files, enabling you to tailor the content, add, remove, or change as you like.
  • You receive the files by e-mail within 24 hours of ordering. No shipping charges. You save the files on your PC to use at any time.
  • There is no time limit to your license to use this material. You don't need to renew annually at additional cost, and you don't pay for participant workbooks saving you hundreds of dollars.

Types of Licenses Available:

  • Single User License: This license authorizes one user to deliver the workshop to the employees of the company he/she works for in face-to-face sessions- or, a consultant can train his/her clients' employees in face-to-face sessions. Only the Participant Workbook can be duplicated and given to attendees of the training sessions.
  • Organization License: This wider-use license allows the organization to assign the use of the purchased program to an unlimited number of their trainers in order to train that organization's employees/clients. The organization may also post the content of the program or parts of it on their Intranet or  by other forms of distribution to its employees.

We can also deliver these workshops at your site. Contact us for a proposal. Click email at bottom of navigation links on the left.

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Applying EQ at Work

Designed to touch the hearts and minds of people at all levels at corporate, non-profit, and government organizations.

The training delivers an exhilarating experience that will win management and staff over to the notion of developing and applying emotional intelligence in at work.

For details:  

Order the Electronic version now. Single user license

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    Creative Problem Solving & Idea Generation for Breakthrough Results

    A unique workshop that helps people sharpen their creative thinking and problem solving skills through research-based techniques for breakthrough achievements. You will also learn how some of America's most innovative companies have created a culture of innovation at work and how your team can do the same.

    Order the Creativity & Innovation workshop for $195.00

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    Listening for Understanding. Communicating for Commitment Workshop

    "I wish I took this training before my secretary quit" That is what a department director wrote in his evaluation sheet of our Listening for Understanding. Communicating for Commitment workshop.

    Powerful ready-to-use training program to teach communication skills, including speaking, listening, giving feedback, and communicating to resolve conflict.

    At Rikers Island Correction Facility in New York a few years ago, this workshop was presented to managers working in perhaps the toughest work culture in the world: delivering health services to the inmates of the jail facility.

    The dramatic change in attitude and communication practices after the workshop was noticeable to participants and to top leadership that wrote to us in recognition of our work.

    Order now the complete program with Leader's Guide, Reproducible Participant Workbook and PowerPoint Slides

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    Critical Conversations: The Skills You Need to Communicate Best When It Matters Most

    "The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished" - George Bernard Shaw

    Now Trainers and Consultants can solve the tough communication challenges people face at work by delivering this powerful one day or two day communication workshop with dramatic results. This flexible, customizable workshop gives you everything you need to deliver the skills people need most at work: Communicating effectively to reach positive outcomes in difficult situations when the stakes are high and the challenges are great.

    Order now the complete program with Leader's Guide, Reproducible Participant Workbook and PowerPoint Slides

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    The Coaching Leader: Work as Sports Workshop

    What if work became as exciting as play? This is the powerful concept behind this innovative training workshop. Instead of worn-out concepts like the difference between leadership and management, superficial motivational “tricks”, and simplistic, mechanical interpersonal tactics, this workshop goes directly to the source of human behavior, intrinsic motivation, and inspired action.

    The training is based on an exciting comparison between the worlds of work and play, asking the intriguing question: Why can’t work be as exciting and self-motivating as play?

    The workshop examines the factors that make play exciting, and offers ways for the leader to act as a coach to create these factors in his or her team players.

    Order “The Coaching Leader- Work as Sports” for one user  

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    Employee Engagement for Change Program and Workshop

    Facing the Challenge of Organizational Change?

    Want to Ignite Employee Engagement?

    Looking for a Dramatic Way to Inspire Employees to Change the Culture?

    Do It Right with "Employee Engagement for Change", the unique program that combines employee engagement with culture and organization change in one process.

    No Matter the Change Your Organization Is Experiencing, Employee Engagement for Change Is the Solution

    Are you embarking on a major organization change like introducing new technology, merger, downsizing, outsourcing, re-engineering, quality or productivity improvement, customer service overhaul, or other change initiatives?

    Are you concerned about low employee morale, high turn-over, the rumor mill, internal strife and conflict, union grievances, a negative or destructive corporate culture?

    For any or all of the above challenges, you now have a powerful, ready-to-launch program that will guide you every step of the employee engagement and change process, from planning and initiating to culture change, communication, and training.

    Regular price for this 2-in-1 program is $595.00 - Order now for195.00

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    Manager As Communicator: Training Managers to Communicate Strategy And Change to Their Staff

    gives your mangers and supervisors the skills and tools they need to effectively act as the primary communicators of the organization's mission, strategy and goals. Studies indicate that employees look to their immediate supervisor to get the key information they need about their job, the developments that are taking place in the organization and the way these will affect them.

    But without training, the supervisors often do not know how to fill this role effectively, leaving employees frustrated and angry, and causing false information to spread through rumors instead.

    The Manager As Communicator Training Program is priced at 195.00

    Order now at a considerable discount

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    Beyond Train-the-Trainer: A New Way to Design and Deliver Training

    Become a Better Trainer: Use the Powerful Heart & Mind Learning  

    • Heart & Mind Learning is a HumaNext training design and delivery methodology that turns ordinary training sessions into great learning experiences.
    • HumaNext is one of America's most innovative training and communication companies, as evidenced by the depth and breadth of the cutting edge training programs we offer at our three main web sites.
    • We have put the best lessons of our diversified training experience in the design of a unique approach to training that we call Heart & Mind Learnin.

     Order the complete Heart & Mind Learning program with Leader's Guide and PP Slides at $247

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    Diversity and Inclusion at Work Training Workshop

    We have created a comprehensive program to help you deliver a Diversity and inclusion at Work workshop. We put all the key elements of our pioneering Diversity at Work Workshop in a friendly MS Word file template that you can customize and use. You will get all the important information you need to deliver, from the business case for diversity, the value of diversity at work, the respectful workplace, the relationship to Affirmative Action and EEO requirements, to creating diversity councils, and implementing diversity programs.

    Complete Diversity at Work Training Workshop in MS Word and PowerPoint Slides.

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    A Complete Cross Cultural Skills and Global Competence Off-The-Shelf Workshop

    The Cross Cultural Skills and Global Competence training program enables you to deliver a training workshop to equip participants with cross cultural skills and global competency, including charting the level of cross cultural awareness of participants, and providing group activities and case studies that enhance cross cultural understanding and global competency.

    Order the complete Cross Cultural Skills / Global Competency training program now for Single User License

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    A New Kind of Training For Team Building and Organization Change: RelationShifts- A Transformational Experience for Teams

    This unique workshop enables participants to create a dramatic change in the way they relate to their work, their colleagues and their organization. The result is a totally rejuvenated team working on a higher level of commitment to achieve extraordinary results.

    It comes with a detailed step-by-step Leader's Guide, over 50 dramatic PowerPoint slides, and a reproducible Participant's Workbook so you can deliver the workshop to an unlimited number of your employees at no additional cost. It’s a great value and a unique team building / team transformation program unlike anything on the market today.

    Order one user license at a considerable discount.

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    For details:   

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    Culture and Organization Change Program and Workshop

    Culture and Organization Change is an off-the-shelf program covering a comprehensive change process, content for a change communication campaign, and a complete in-class training workshop you can deliver to equip people for accepting and managing change. The programs components will be emailed to you electronically in the following files:

    A step by step Facilitator’s Guide / A set of PowerPoint Slides / and A reproducible Participant Workbook to make unlimited copies.

    Order the complete Culture and Organization Change Program

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    Three Intelligence Based Skills in One Program

    Developing and applying three key intelligence-based skills - emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and creative thinking - in one powerful off-the-shelf program.

    Each of the three intelligence-based skills is offered by others in programs costing up to $495 each - almost $1500 for the three - but our 3 in 1 program's fee is $347.

    “Leading with Intelligence” comes via email with a Facilitator’s Guide, PowerPoint slides, and a Reproducible Participant’s Workbook. Because electronic products are non-refundable, please request a sample first .

    order Leading with Intelligence workshop currently selling for $347.00

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    Create Better Communication Campaigns and Events with Heart & Mind Communication Program

    • Heart & Mind Communication offers you concepts and content, tools and templates, methods and messages to help you create more engaging and effective communication initiatives, campaigns, events, and projects.

    • Heart & Mind Communication is a powerful, innovative resource that infuses your communication campaigns, initiatives, or events with qualities and features that turn ordinary communications into engaging experiences that win the hearts and minds of your audience.

    Order Heart & Mind Communication Program currently sold for $195.00

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    Why Organizations Are Buying an Organization License of HumaNext Workshops, and Why You Should Consider Doing the Same:

    1. You enable every member of your training staff to have a copy of the workshop’s Facilitator’s Guide, PowerPoint Slides and Participant Workbook master to deliver the workshop to their audiences.
    2. You enable every manager, supervisor, and team leader who wants to deliver the workshop to their staff to have a complete set to do so.
    3. You don’t worry about how many people use the material. It can be used by an unlimited number of facilitators / trainers, and managers to train unlimited number of employees.

    Does Training Work? Can People Change? Here Is the Scientific Proof

    When a leader uses an aggressive or negative communication style that alienates and demoralizes his staff, can training help him? Can he learn to change his communication style, even when communication is connected to such mental traits like thinking and attitude? This question lies at the heart of training, as it invites the larger question of “Does training work?” What makes this question more challenging is the prevailing view that people’s minds and personalities are formed by the age of seven, or even younger. So how can we expect them to change by attending a training workshop at the age of thirty or fifty? In her book, “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain” Wall Street Journal science columnist Sharon Begley states, "Yes, the brain can change, and that means we can change.” Until recently, the reigning theory was that neurons in the brain didn't regenerate. Begley documents experiments showing that new neurons are created in the brain every day, even in people in their 70s. The book provides a convincing account of recent discoveries in brain neuroplasticity. With these discoveries, we can more confidently say that training can be part of a difficult but not impossible change process available to the learner. Yes training does work and yes people can change. But change is not magical nor does it happen at a moment notice. It is a long and difficult journey. But you cannot change what you don’t know. So for people to truly start their change process, they must first understand their mind, their personality, and themselves. It’s suggested that a training workshop on change at work covers the following points:

    • Introduction of the latest research on brain neuroplasticity (ability to be molded) and emotional intelligence concepts.
    • Exercises to help participants discover themselves using personality type / preferences tools.
    • Activities to help participants discover their genius, or core talents, skills, competencies, and life-calling.
    • Activities to help participants turn their discoveries and insights into behavior.
    • Finally, exploration of ways to apply the learning at work, using role-plays and simulations of daily work problems.

    All HumaNext workshops; whether off-the-shelf programs on this page, our public events, or our onsite training, are designed and delivered using our proprietary “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology that produces extraordinary learning experiences. Try it in any of our delivery formats, or contact HumaNext at