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Creativity and Innovation at Work

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Creativity and Innovation at Work

  • The human brain weighs about three pounds. Yet it is the main productivity tool for people at work.

  • Thinking is the key competency.

  • Employees' thought processes are your organization's major source of value creation.

Introducing: Creativity and Innovation at Work - a workshop for unleashing new thinking that creates innovation, generates powerful ideas, and reinvents the way people work together for breakthrough results.

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Quiz: Two women apply for jobs. They look exactly alike.

On their applications they list the same last name, address and phone number. They were born to the same parents, on the same day, same month, same year. Everything is identical. The receptionist says, “You must be twins.” They say, “No.” How is that possible? Take a moment to try to figure it out before continuing.

The quiz, with a photo of two very similar-looking women, appeared in a full color page of a national magazine. When you turn the page, you see a photo of a car, with the following line below: ...They are two from a set of triplets.

The copy of what turned out to be an ad for a Ford SUV says, “If the answer wasn’t obvious, start thinking differently. Which is exactly the strategy behind the totally new 2003 Ford Expedition. Brilliant solutions are easy to see in hindsight. But, having the foresight to come up with one is something completely different. Smart, innovative ideas require unconventional thinking. You have to think without boundaries. The result-123 major innovations."

We really like Ford's creative ad and totally agree with its premise. Innovations come from ‘unconventional thinking.’ And that’s what we help people learn and in our ‘Creativity at Work’ workshop. The course has a number of similar thought-provoking quizzes and puzzles, with explanations of ways to increase the power of the creative thinking process necessary to think differently about them and solve them. Our pre and post exercises and measurements show that participants in our workshop more than double their idea output capacity after attending this one day mind-expanding workshop.

You can learn to deliver our popular Creativity & Innovation at Work workshop to your internal or external clients by getting certified by HumaNext. Learn more at:  

Read more about our ‘Creativity at Work’ course in this page.

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Creativity Training Certification Program: Train-the-Trainer

We certify you to become a facilitator of creativity and innovation training and give you complete materials and slides to help you do it right. You can get certified online. Use the link below.  


How Do You Put A Giraffe Into A Refrigerator?


Your team will snap to attention with this meeting opener video with 4 problem solving techniques

That's the first problem faced by the man in this new animated video. How he solved the problem? He simply pushed the giraffe into the refrigerator and stuffed it there. The lesson? Look for simple answers first before searching for complicated ones.

What about this second problem: How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator? Will the simple answer work here too? Can the man in our video just stuff the elephant there? He tries hard but fails. He forgot that the giraffe is still there. He didn't think about the consequences of his previous action. Two more problems must be faced by the man in our video before learning the four problem solving techniques offered:

  • Consider simple answers before looking for complicated ones.
  • Think about the consequences of your actions.
  • Use all available information.
  • Focus on the big picture, not just a small part of it.

If meetings and training sessions are an essential part of your organization, you know the importance of getting off to a good start. If your goal is to get everyone to contribute, this quick and quirky video is the way to achieve it. It will challenge any audience to think right out of the gate - and out of the box. Using fun riddles and entertaining animation, this short video will supercharge every ones brain before the real business of the session begins.

Great for: New Hires / Front-line Personnel / Middle Managers / Senior Executives

The complete package includes: Video-running time, 5 minute running time + 5 minute discussion

Tape includes both Linear and Discussion Versions / Giraffe Bean Bag / Two Participant Pads

To purchase at $295.00 or

For a Free Preview email your request and information to:


A New Video-Based Training: Free Radicals of Innovation - Nine Programs in One

Anyone can learn to innovate. Free Radicals shows you how.

In these nine programs, you will learn how to use creativity and innovation to find solutions for challenges within organizations and communities.

Most people appreciate innovations benefits, but few actively pursue it because of a fear of failure. Why? Because people are afraid of change. However, danger and failure can act as a catalyst for innovationspawning adventure, exploration, and fun! Laughter is often the sound of innovation being born.

In Free Radicals of Innovation, you will become more comfortable with risk and learn tools and techniques to create new solutions.

Free Radicals of Innovation Key Concepts

Purchase for corporations $595.00  

For Non-Profits, Govt., Edu, & Consultants price is: $476.00  

Rent it for $295.00  

For inquiries or to place an order, please .


Do you want managers and employees to think outside the box?

You must have heard your boss or a colleague or perhaps yourself, at one time or another say, "we must think outside the box." That sounds good. But how exactly can you do that? Is this kind of thinking something you can learn to do? Many experts say yes. In my creativity training workshops, I've used simple ways to measure participants' creativity before and after the training. In many instants, we measured a 25% increase in participants' ability to generate ideas and find creative solutions to workplace problems. Training Magazine once declared in an article, "Beyond a doubt, creative problem-solving techniques can lead to successful results."

There are several techniques to help people generate new ideas and think outside the box. Brainstorming is one of the most popular of these techniques. Brainstorming was developed in 1938 by Alex Osborn, head of an advertising agency, for the purpose of helping his people come up with creative ideas for advertising campaigns, themes, concepts and slogans. The technique proved very effective and was adopted by other disciplines to use for producing ideas in any field.

This technique is based on the idea that one person's mind can be stimulated by other people's ideas. It's a mechanism for the simultaneous interactive stimulation of a group of minds for the generation and bouncing off of the greatest number of ideas possible.

The Main Characteristics of Brainstorming Are:

  • Quantity – not quality – of ideas is the objective.
  • Outrageous ideas are encouraged.
  • Suspension of judgment.
  • Hitchhiking on other’s ideas is encouraged.

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One of over 70 dramatic slides that come with our Creativity @ Work Course Template

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Get Our Customizable Creativity Training for $195.00 - FREE Sample

"Creativity at Work" Course Template is a powerful, customizable multi-component training program that provides you with everything you need to customize and deliver this innovative one day or two day workshop on your own. You can deliver it as is, or after customizing and adapting it to your specific audience. It is delivered to you in an MS Word file format for easy customization, with slides in PowerPoints: One-Trainer-License is now $195.00

Our detailed "Leader's Guide" and complete set of step-by-step instructions, support materials, and PowerPoint slides allow anyone to easily customize and present this powerful workshop. Just add your organization's logo, participants' department, or any other information to make this course reflect your organization's culture.

(But you can NOT re-sell the Template itself or its Participant Manuals to others.)

For a FREE Information / Sample Package, E-mail us with your business contact information at

Click the link below for more information on Creativity at Work Workshop

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Workshop Template Components:


1- LEADER’S GUIDE: Provides detailed step-by-step course presentation and evaluation plans. Comes with guidelines for adapting the course to the organization’s culture, and to the audience’s specific work situation.


Covers everything the participant needs to actively participate in the workshop. Save hundreds of dollars by reproducing as many copies as you want to train the entire organization.


This is part of the Support Materials file containing additional exercises applicable to creativity training. The file allows you to choose the right exercises for your audience.


These are copy-ready masters you print and distribute to participants before/ during/ and after the workshop. They create anticipation, excitement, and evaluation opportunities before and after the workshop.


A complete set of PowerPoint slides that accompany every major point of the workshop delivery. These slides add clarity , visual impact and change of pace that ensure continued participants involvement.


These materials are part of the Support Materials Section, for the segment of the workshop where participants apply the techniques learned on their own work situation. Before they do, you can show them case studies of what other organizations have achieved through creativity applications, and how.


This is a unique feature of this training module. You get ready to produce materials you can use to inform, announce and market the workshop internally.

You can get this workshop in an Electronic Template format (MS Word documents to print from with PowerPoint slides) for $395 for One-Trainer License
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Get Electronic Workshop for $195


Electronic Format: Creativity and Innovation @ Work training Template: (MS Word files to print from) with Facilitator's Guide, Reproducible Participant Manual, PowerPoints Slides, and Support Materials Section packed with additional case studies, creativity exercises, and activities.

This is NOT a downloadable product. You will receive the product by e-mail within about 24 hours from paying online, provided you have seen the sample. Because it is an electronic product, it is NOT returnable for a refund. That's why we offer a FREE Sample Package to preview before ordering. Request sample before ordering by sending your complete business information and specifying the title of this program to  

To order Single Trainer License for a $100 saving: $195

Or to order Organization License for: $1,995

Or to purchase a license for up to 3 users from the same organization for: $695 please

Creativity Profile 400.jpg

Creativity and innovaton profile


Creativity At Work Profile for Charting Individual and Team Innovation

Do you want managers and employees to 'Think outside the Box' for breakthrough results at work? Do you want to measure the Innovation Gap between people's capacity for innovation and the organization's tolerance for it? Looking for a tool to reveal to people their preferred mode of creativity and how they can enhance their innate ability to innovate? The reproducible Creativity At Work Profile self-scoring profile is your tool.

Our popular Creativity At Work Profile is now available at a reduced cost in a reproducible format, enabling you to print unlimited copies for the members of your team or your entire organization.

The Creativity At Work Profile is a paper & pencil (alternately available online for a different price) self-administered, self-learning tool that helps the user to uncover his or her preferred innovation style. In both numbers and visual graphs, the user will get a revealing picture of how they think creatively, apply creativity, and act on their creative ideas. Answering 42 questions and plotting the results on a 'Systems- Ideas' horizontal axis and an 'Action - Stability' vertical axis, the user produces a clear visual representation of their Innovation status. The user then is shown how to use this information to Think Outside the BOX." The result is a powerful insight into one's own creative thinking capacity and an opening into a more innovative horizon.

Creativity At Work Profile goes beyond revealing and boosting individual creativity. With 42 more questions about the user's organization ( or department, or team ) and a similar graphic representation by each user to be added together, a collective picture of the organization's innovation status immerges. Users are able to 'measure' in figures and numbers, the size of the possible "Innovation Gap" between their capacity for innovation and what the organization allows by its current culture. This discovery, which tends to startle and arouse the intense interests of participants, leads to discussion and actions towards breaking the boxes that stifle innovation in the organization. The Facilitator's Guide includes added exercises, handouts, and resources to help facilitate the Innovation BOX.

The Creativity At Work Profile takes about 30 minutes for the Individual Innovation Part, and another 20 minutes to do the Organization ( or Department ) Innovation Part. The drawing of the collective organization graph can take another 10 minutes. Group discussions and action planning can follow for about 30 minutes. The 60 to 90 minutes' duration for this powerful tool can be a part of a training session or innovation, organizational culture, leadership, or creative problem solving. It can also be done as a segment on innovation as part of a department meeting, executive retreat, or other suitable settings. It is by nature a lot of fun to do, while providing solid information and intriguing insight into this vital aspect of individual and organizational performance.

Detailed Facilitator's Guide and Reproducible Creativity At Work Profile-One Trainer-One-Organization License/ $149.00

For all inquiries or to place an order please

For Online Creativity Assessment, see product on this page.


Online Profile of Individual and Organizational Innovation

Online Creativity and Innovation Profile for Individuals and the Organization

  • Now you can have your team go online and in a few minutes create their individual and organizational creativity profiles and chart the possible gap between their capacity for innovation and the limitations imposed by their work culture.
  • This fascinating tool has enabled some of America’s leading organizations to uncover and look at the gap between their people’s creativity potential and their corporate culture’s tolerance for innovation.
  • This revealing picture provides training facilitators, consultants, and executives with never before available look, and measurements, of the state of innovation in the organization.

But can you measure creativity and innovation? Can you expand employees’ ability to come up with innovative ideas? The answer is yes- and this self-scoring, competency-based online instrument shows you how. The Innovation Gap online tool will help your employees measure how creative their workplace behavior is now and identify ways to develop their skills in this critical area.

The 84-item assessment provides feedback in the seven categories research shows contribute to creativity and innovation:

  • Creative capacity
  • Levels of curiosity
  • Pattern breaking skills
  • Idea nurturing ability
  • Willingness to experiment and take risks
  • Courage and resilience levels
  • Energetic persistence

Take organizational thinking to entirely new levels. Participants will reflect on their internal drive to be creative, on ways to free their mind from prevailing wisdom to find fresh perspectives, how well they can turn “pipe dreams” into reality, and much more. After completing the assessment, employees will plot their scores to produce their own unique Creativity /Innovation profile and discover the Gap between their creative capacity and what's allowed by the work cutlure.

Use this non-threatening instrument in workshops and group settings anywhere in your organization where thinking beyond existing mental boundaries can help your company break new ground, pursue continuous improvements, or develop new products and services..

Cost for 1 user (1 online assessment) is $35.00 .

For inquiries or to place an order, please


Creativity & Innovation Effectiveness Profile - A Diagnostic Assessment

Help your employees discover and develop their creative potential.

Can you measure creativity? Expand your employees’ ability to come up with innovative ideas? The answer is yes- and this self-scoring, competency-based instrument shows you how.  Creativity & Innovation Effectiveness Profile will help your employees measure how creative their workplace behavior is now and identify ways to develop their skills in this critical area.

The 84-item paper-and-pencil assessment provides feedback in the seven categories research shows contribute to creativity and innovation:

  • Creative consciousness
  • Levels of curiosity
  • Pattern breaking skills
  • Idea nurturing ability
  • Willingness to experiment and take risks
  • Courage and resilience levels
  • Energetic persistence

Take thinking in your company to entirely new places. Participants will reflect on their internal drive to be creative, how much they enjoy solving puzzles and questioning why things happen, if they can free their mind from prevailing wisdom to find fresh perspectives, how well they can turn “pipe dreams” into reality, and much more. After completing the assessment, employees will plot their scores to produce their own unique Creativity /Innovation profile. With this new knowledge about themselves, they know where to focus their efforts to improve and can even develop their own personal action plan, using the guidelines provided.

Use this non-threatening instrument in workshops and group settings anywhere in your organization where thinking beyond existing mental boundaries can help your company break new ground.

Facilitator's Guide with one Profile $99.95

Additional Profiles are sold in packs of 5 for $59.95

For inquiries or to place an order, please


Tactics of Innovation by Joel Barker

Tactics of Innovation explores a problem that plagues organizations everywhere, why smart people reject good ideas.

In this landmark video, Joel Barker goes on location to share stories on why people say "no" to new ideas. More important, he introduces a ten step strategy on how to remove barriers between new ideas and people who naturally resist change. These tactics will dramatically increase the acceptance of any kind of idea

Why is it important to understand Tactics of Innovation? Because, "it is natural and logical for people to resist change," says Joel Barker. New ideas upset the balance and change makes things difficult. Only by developing the ability to present your idea from the users point of view will you be able to achieve success.

Tactics of Innovation is an important message for business, nonprofit, government, education, healthcare - any organization that wishes to not only discover new ideas, but bring them into practice.

Key Learning Points:

  • What social equilibrium is and how it impacts new ideas.
  • The value of presenting ideas from the users point of view.
  • A ten-step strategy for getting new ideas accepted!

Rent It (5 days) for $295.00 Or

Purchase It for $695.00

Discounts available for Consultants, Government, Education and Non-Profit

For a Free Preview or to place an order, please email your request and information to:


Everyday Creativity Training Video by Dewitt Jones

Everyday Creativity teaches a surprising truth about creativity - that it's not a magical, mysterious occurrence, but a ready tool that enables you to look at the ordinary and see the ... extraordinary. Hosted by photojournalist Dewitt Jones, longtime National Graphic photographer and Academy Award nominated director, Everyday Creativity shares Jones' inspirational stories, memorable locations, and stunning examples of his work.

You'll feel inspired and encouraged to apply his simple, yet powerful creativity techniques to all of your everyday challenges. And, without a doubt, your new solutions will mean the difference between just getting by and being successful.

Each Everyday Creativity package includes a comprehensive leader's guide, participant workbook, PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM, and pocket reminder cards - everything you'll need to begin training.

Everyday Creativity is one of the most empowering video's I have ever seen. It has the ability to go beyond today into the future. - Dick Wills, UMC

Key Learning Points

  • Creativity is a matter of perspective.
  • There's always more than one right answer.
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Learn to break the pattern.
  • Reframe problems into opportunities.
  • Train your technique.

Rent it (5 days) for $295.00

Or Purchase it for $795.00

Discounts Available for Education, Government, Consultants and Non-Profits

To place an order or for a Free Preview email your request and business information to:

Innovation at the Verge.png

Innovation at the Verge by Joel Barker

Joel Barker has always believed the future is something you create, not something that happens to you.

In this bold program, Innovation at the Verge, Barker teaches how to create your own future by finding your next innovation. Through stories and examples, you will learn how to combine your ideas with the ideas of others as you meet at the Verge.

€œWhen it is done right, Innovation at the Verge creates whole new categories of products and services, wonderful opportunities for improvement, and huge competitive advantages. The power of the Verge is in the combination of differences.€

Length: 18 Minutes

Purchase DVD for $895.00

Special DVD purchase for Education, Government, Non-profits and Consultants for $671.25
5 Day Rental $295.00

To place an order or see a Preview: Email your request and business information to:

Grand Canyon.jpg

Grand Canyon Adventures Package: DVD Version

This team building simulation will take participants on an unforgettable learning adventure! Set in the Grand Canyon, these video management training DVDs offer team building activities for groups, and provide an adventurous backdrop for enthusiastic participant involvement and memorable skill building.

Grand Canyon Adventures were researched on location and written by Carmine Consalvo.

Use Grand Canyon Adventures video management training activities for active learning in:
Team Building
Decision Making
Crisis Management
Creativity and Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution

More than the usual consensus-building activities

The creative design of the participant scenario booklets gives these learning activities a distinct advantage over other consensus-building simulations by supporting participants throughout the activity with helpful techniques and key learning points.

Nine related activities provide new training activities.

The Grand Canyon Adventures package includes interrelated activities on problem solving, collaboration, and consensus decision making, which makes the program extremely flexible. Use all nine activities with your entire team, or split up your group to focus on individualized skill development with a single activity.

The nine simulations are: Overboard in the Roaring River – Action Plan; Lava Falls - Determining the Essentials; Up Deer Creek without a Boatman - Problem-Solving Analysis; Stranded in Grand Canyon – A Creative Problem-Solving Adventure; Incident at Elves Chasm – Action Plan Consensus & Consultation; Incident at Elves Chasm – Priority Setting Consensus & Consultation; Hiking out of Lava Falls – A Creative Problem-Solving Adventure; Up Deer Creek without a Boatman – Collaboration; Overboard in the Roaring River – the Confluence of Crisis and Management.

Inspiring video gets participants involved

Start your session with The River Song, a 40-minute video that sets the scene for the simulations. It is an all-original, breathtaking video tour of the sites within the Grand Canyon where the simulations take place. It will motivate and focus participants on the activities, and ensure high-impact learning. Watch a demo below:

Grand Canyon Complete Package includes:

10 booklets of each of the nine simulations (90 booklets in all)
Scenic 40-minute full color video, The River Song
Comprehensive Leader’s Guide that includes detailed debriefing suggestions, instructions for leading adventure simulations, and valuable tips on involving and motivating participants.

Complete Package includes 40-minute DVD, Leader’s Guide, 10 participant booklets of each of the 9 simulations for $499.95

Additional individual Grand Canyon Adventure simulations/exercises sold in packets of 5 at $29.75.

Order 5 participant booklets of: Over Board in the Roaring River – Action Plan/ $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of: Lava Falls – Determining the Essentials / $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Up Deer Creek without a Boatman – Problem-Solving/ $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of: Stranded in Grand Canyon – Creative Problem Solving / $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Incident at Elves Chasm - Action Plan Consensus & Consult. $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Incident at Elves Chasm- Priority Setting Consensus & Consult. $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Hiking out of Lava Falls – Creative Problem-Solving $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of Up Deer Creek without a Boatman – Collaboration $29.75

Order 5 participant booklets of: Over Board in the Roaring River – Confluence of Crisis & management $29.75

To place an order, please contact:;please


50 Activities for Creativity and Problem Solving $149.95

This exciting collection of 50 activities enables a trainer, a manager, or a team leader to deliver powerful activities that boost the creativity and problem solving skills of the entire team. Training Objectives include: Develop creative thinking; Offer new approached to problem solving; Develop approaches to problems that will not respond to traditional problem-solving methods.

Activities Included Cover: Problem analysis; Thinking process; Finding solutions; Implementation of creative problem-solving methods; and many more. $149.95

To place an order, please contat:;please


The Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Toolbox - Reproducible $99.95

This valuable resource gives you 32 fully reproducible, ready-to-use tools to help you build your know-how to solve problems and make better decisions.

Effective and efficient problem-solving and decision-making are not only valuable individual skills for work and non-work situations alike, but they are also prerequisites for effective ongoing organizational performance and success. If an enterprise fails to identify problems or challenges correctly or fails to resolve them properly, then sales, market share, expenses, customer and employee satisfaction, profits, and shareholder dividends can all be seriously affected.

This “toolkit” aims to give individuals a range of tools and processes to help increase the number of forward options that are available, assist in generating a range of alternative choices, or just apply a series of systematic steps to move forward positively and get to a useful conclusion or decision more quickly and/or more cost effectively.

The Problem Solving and Decision Making Toolbox $99.95

To place and order, please contact ;please


Creativity in Advertisement


Creativity in Advertisement and Marketing: The GAP RED Campaign

You might remember GAP's (Red) advertisement campaign. The campaign itself was creative, but what made it a brilliant marketing concept was GAP’s assertion that it will give half the profits from the (Red) gear to the cause of fighting AIDS in Africa. GAP lined up a list of celebrities for the ad campaign: Chris Rock, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Garner, Penelope Cruz, Steven Spielberg, Don Cheadle, and Mary J. Blige.

Each of these celebrities was shown in GAP’s red gear with a word describing it that ends with the three letters (RED): DISCOVE(RED) / INSPI(RED) / DESI(RED) / ADMI(RED) / ASSU(RED) / CENTE(RED) UNCENSSO(RED) (showing Chris Rock) and / EMPOWE(RED) Both the advertisement campaign itself, and the way it was marketed, show a high degree of creativity.

Quiz: What other words, or short sentences, ending with (RED) can you come up with to describe the way some people behave at work?



(*) In HumaNext’s Creativity & Innovation At Work workshop, we cover many real-world case studies from advertisement, marketing, technology, and other fields to bring the creativity concepts down to real life situations.

  • Our award-winning HumaNext newsletter brings you free articles, ideas, and tools.
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    The Complete Guide to Systems Thinking and Learning $99.00


    The Complete Guide to Systems Thinking and Learning uses the Systems Thinking ApproachTM to guide transformation change in our personal lives and organizations. Systems Thinking was first popularized in 1990 by Peter Senge with his best-selling book, The Fifth Discipline.

    Unlike Analytical Thinking where the parts are primary and the whole is secondary, in Systems Thinking, the whole is primary and the parts are secondary. The Complete Guide to Systems Learning & Thinking explains how to use simple concepts and specific tools to move you from theory to practice and from chaos and complexity to elegant simplicity. This book will enable you to make the shift from seeing elements, structures, and functions to seeing the process, interrelationship, and outcomes.

    Selected Contents:
    • Comprehensive Outline of the Tools
    • Introduction to Systems Thinking and Learning
    • Standard Systems Dynamics
    • Phase A Outcomes: The Customer Edge
    • Phase B Feedback Loop: The Learning Edge
    • Strategic Planning and Other Business Systems
    • The Different Levels of Organizational Functioning
    • The Rollercoaster of ChangeSM
    • Cultural Change and a Strategic Management System
    • Language, Communications, and Key Questions
    • Places Where Real Systems Thinking Is Happening Today
    • Obstacles to Systems Thinking.
    400 pp/ Paperback / $99.00

    To place an order, please contact:;please >


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