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Coaching Skills Training and Mentoring Programs


Build coaching skills and mentoring programs with these effective coaching and mentoring tools, training, videos, and assessments. Register to receive our popular HumaNext newsletter with free ideas and tools for a better workplace.


The Thanksgiving Exercise ---- A Coaching Activity

In the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November. Even if you live in a country that does not have this tradition, and even if you are reading this in a different month, I invite you to do the following valuable exercise:

Go to a quite place and make a list of the things in your life that make you most grateful. Focus on the most important to you both personally and professionally. Look at each item on the list and think of the many ways your life is rich and fulfilled because of it. Spend some time on this exercise enjoying the feeling of gratitude it generates in you. This in itself will have a positive impact on the way you view your life and the way you relate to the people in it.

You may take another step in this exercise by expressing your feeling of gratitude to each person you listed, thanking the persons for the way they are and for what they do that enrich your life.

This short article with exercise is part of our Thank God It's Monday (CommUnicate!) Program

The program gives you the file (Word document) with an entire collection of messages / articles (50 articles / messages, and cartoons) for you to include in your newsletters, website, or Intranet for your employees or customers for the entire year for one time price of just $295


Why Is Coaching Critical? Why Does Mentoring Matter?


Why are coaching and mentoring currently the two fastest growing ways to develop employees? Why has coaching become an industry unto itself, with tens of thousands of people joining the ranks of coaches in the past few years? Who can be a coach? And why are so many organizations introducing mentoring programs? These are some of the important questions surrounding this relatively new field.

The great advantage of coaching as a developmental process is that it provides the opportunity for one-on-one training, guiding, instructing, observing, modeling, evaluating performance, and providing corrective action. All of this can be done on the job or even by phone. It occurs through regular sessions as the person is performing and applying the principles and ideas discussed in the coaching sessions, with immediate feedback from the coach.

At work, coaching can be provided by a consultant, a training professional specializing in coaching, or the person’s own supervisor if versed in coaching techniques and equipped with its tools.

In mentoring, the emphasis is not on providing specific performance skills, but on guiding the mentee to move continuously in the right direction toward the goal of reaching higher challenges and accomplishments.

ASTD reports that over 75% of executives surveyed target mentoring as one of the key factors in their business successes. Business Finance Magazine reports that 77% of companies credited mentoring with increasing employee retention and performance.

Both coaching and mentoring require the use of a host of tools and techniques that help the two persons involved sharpen their focus and move more effectively toward their goals. Such tools can be obtained from various resources including books, training programs, conferences, and online courses.


50 Activities for Coaching / Mentoring - BEST SELLER - $149.95

Part of the best-selling 50 Activities series!

These activities provide stimulating exercises, realistic case studies, and creative role-plays that will enable your managers and supervisors to sharpen their skills in several key coaching roles - as team leader, facilitator, counselor, and director. Each fully reproducible activity is organized in a user-friendly format with detailed trainer's notes, clear objectives, and suggested variations for customizing the activity to meet your group's needs.

Training Objectives:

  • Introduce mentoring concepts and peer guidance techniques
  • Develop skills to express performance improvement goals clearly
  • Create open, trusting relationships
  • Refine managers' skills in providing constructive feedback.

Training Methods:

Team games; Group discussions; Icebreakers; Role-plays; Questionnaires and written exercises.

Time Guidelines: 3-4 activities take 1 hour or less; 6 activities take between 1 and 2 hours

306 Pages / 3-ring binder/ $149.95   


Coaching Effectiveness Profile. Assessments and Guide


A coach's key role is to help individuals improve what they are doing. In business or organizational work, coaching is generally connected with professional development.

The Coaching Effectiveness Profile provides a detailed process for assessing an individual's capacity to coach others. This is done by measuring coaching ability in seven separate categories shown by research to be the most critical for coaching effectiveness:

  1. Empathizing Ability
  2. Listening Skills
  3. Capacity to Confront and Challenge
  4. Problem-Solving Ability
  5. Feedback Skills
  6. Capacity to Empower
  7. Mentoring Skills.

Interpretive information and action-steps for both high and low scores are included. The Facilitator’s Guide includes steps for administration, interpretation, and coaching suggestions.

  • The Coaching Effectiveness Profile Package includes one Facilitator's Guide and one Assessment Profile / $99.95

  • Additional Pack of 5 Profiles: $49.75


Coaching for Results: Print Based Training Program - $99.95


This comprehensive new training program takes the approach that coaching is a series of skills to be mastered. The 12 skill modules can be facilitated individually or grouped in a flexible one day or two and a half day workshop.

A Coaching Skills Assessment tool is included.

Participants will:

Get valuable feedback on their coaching strengths and weaknesses by using the Coaching Skills Assessment

Learn to apply a useful four-step model

Get agreement, seek solution, follow-up, and give recognition

Master 12 coaching competencies including goal setting, delegation, giving feedback, mentoring, and more!

Coaching For Results Workshop Includes: Leader's Guide (300 pages) ; Participant Workbook ; 36-Question Coaching Skills Assessment Instrument ; Lesson Plans and 50 transparency masters ; Handouts for experiential skill building activities. / $99.95

Additional Participant Workbooks Pack of 5 / $74.75 Each

Pack of 10 Coaching Skills Assessments / $29.50 Per pack


Coaching for Performance: A Series of 3 Video Programs - The Leader as a Coach - Free Preview

Winner of the Platinum Best of Show in the Aurora Awards Training Videos Category.

Coaching and performance feedback are emerging as two of the central skills needed by those leading their organizations into the 21st century. This 3 part series of programs is designed to help team leaders, supervisors, managers and others in the workplace learn the skills needed to provide on-going, effective feedback to their team members and the coaching skills needed to maximize employee potential.

MILLENNIUM - Coaching & Performance Feedback Series is a comprehensive learning tool. It comes complete with handouts and facilitation materials and can be used for self-directed individual study or for facilitated group learning. This powerful 3 part series consists of The Leader as Coach (15 minutes)- Providing Performance Feedback (15 minutes)- and Coaching & Performance Feedback Training Scenes (8 dramatizations, 7 minutes each.) Each part can be used by itself or get the three, at a discount, for maximum impact.

Part I: "The Leader as Coach" investigates the coaching skills which are vital to any organization’s learning and success. Topics include: Coaching in the 21st century organization/ What does a coach do? / Effective coaching / Who can coach whom? / The leader as coach...$625.00

Part II: "Providing Performance Feedback" explores the skills needed to support employee development in learning organizations. Topics include: The fear factor / What is performance feedback? / How do you best provide performance feedback? / Who should provide feedback to whom? / Feedback and Leadership... $625.00

Part III: "Coaching & Performance Feedback Training Scenes" consists of 8 short dramatizations. $625.00

All three videos in a complete series $1462.50

The three programs of this series are available for streamed learning.

For information on streamed learning and/or to request a free online preview send your business information and name of video you want to preview or use in streamed learning to: service@humanext.com


50 Activities for Developing Counseling Skills in Managers

Part of the best-selling 50 Activities series!

Comes complete with learning objectives, facilitator guidance, and reproducible materials.

Training Objectives

  • Enable managers to concentrate on the personal views, feelings, and opinions of their staff
  • Encourage person-centered rather than role-centered management Improve interpersonal skills
  • Ensure that organizational goals are achieve

Activities Provide complete coverage of the four stages of counseling:

  1. Rapport and relationship building
  2. Challenging problems
  3. Problem exploration and understanding
  4. Taking action

296 pp/ 3-ring binder/ $149.95


The Complete Mentoring Program: Motivate, Develop, and Retain New Managers

The Complete Mentoring Program is an all-inclusive, turn-key package of tested materials for use by program coordinators, managers, and organizational trainers. This powerful program offers a mentoring self-assessment inventory and provides the mentor and the mentee each with a separate handbook to guide them as informed participants.

The Complete Mentoring Program, by Dr. Norman H. Cohen, is a comprehensive, coherent, and practical approach that is directly based on valid and reliable professional research in the field of adult psychology. The entire program is centered in the mentoring model of interpersonal learning as a planned and collaborative initiative. All the materials are grounded in a theory of adult development that concisely describes the precise behavioral responsibilities of the complete mentor role and directly involves mentees as active and reflective learners.

Many business, government, educational, military, religious, community, and health care organizations have incorporated Dr. Cohen’s inventory, books, and video into their orientation and training programs for mentors, mentees, and program coordinators. Numerous doctoral dissertations have also been completed which utilized his books on mentoring theory and practice, with particular use of the Principles of Adult Mentoring Inventory.

The Complete Mentoring Program Includes nine essential works:

  • 1 copy of Becoming a Mentor: A Video-Based Workshop (Can be purchased separately for $795.00 See above.)
  • 1 copy of A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting An Effective Mentoring Program
  • 1 copy of the Assessment of Organizational Readiness for Mentoring
  • 10 copies of the Principles of Adult Mentoring Inventory
  • 10 copies of The Manager's Pocket Guide to Effective Mentoring
  • 10 copies of The Mentee's Guide to Mentoring
  • 10 copies of the Guide to Mentee Planning
  • 1 copy of the Leader's Guide for the Principles of Adult Mentoring Inventory 
  • PowerPoint Presentation

The Complete Montoring Program / $995.00
Click for more details on the Complete Mentoring Program


Becoming a Mentor: A Video - Based Workshop - BEST SELLER - Watch Mentoring Done Right!


Although the primary audience are mentors and mentees, this video will serve as a very useful introduction to acquaint others with the complete mentor role, such as executives, coordinators of programs, supervisors of mentees, and administrative personnel. The video can be shown as a general overview, as well as presented in modules during continuing training seminars in order to study the six dimensions as separate behavioral functions.

Specific Value for Mentors

As a method of learning, the video specifically:

  • Highlights the key concept and essential mentor behaviors of each separate mentoring dimension
  • Demonstrates the complete mentor role by portraying mentors simulating all six mentoring interpersonal dimensions
  • Illustrates that the complete mentor role is a balanced approach which mentors can learn and apply to developing mentoring relationships
  • Emphasizes both verbal and nonverbal mentor behaviors
  • Communicates the critical point that adult mentoring is an evolving process of active and reflective learning, not just a series of separate, unrelated, or fragmented meetings
  • Creates realistic scenes of mentor-mentee interaction based on principles of adult mentoring advocated in HRD materials
Specific Value for Mentees:

Mentees will be able to share in simulated mentoring experiences by:

  • Observing competent professionals utilizing the specific behavioral skills required of mentors
  •  Watching informed mentees responding appropriately to the interpersonal behaviors of effective mentors
  • Seeing mentees performing in the critical role of collaborative partners
  • Integrated Source of Learning.

The uniform pattern of information ensures that Becoming a Mentor, the Participant Workbook, and all the components of The Complete Mentoring Program can be smoothly and effectively integrated into training workshops, as well as easily accessed by individuals or mentoring pairs who are using these materials to pursue self-directed learning activities.

Becoming a Mentor includes six Videos, Leader's Guide and one Participant Workbook / 3-ring binder / $795.00
  • 30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Additional workbook/ $39.95 EACH
  • Click for more on Becoming a Mentor Video-Based Workshop


    Insights to Better Mentoring - Training Video Program

    Mentoring is critical in today's organizations, but how do you learn to be a better mentor? What about the people being mentored — the mentees? How can they maximize the benefits of the time they invest? Insights to Better Mentoring is an educational video that presents 4 successful mentors and their mentees in a revealing and insightful exposé of what works best in these complex but essential relationships.

    We'll explore effective mentoring with the help of a senior executive at Costco Wholesale, the Chief Information Officer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co., a Fire Chief and a Superior Court Judge. This diverse and fascinating collection of mentors and their mentees will demonstrate the 4 Pillars of effective mentoring and provide insights that will improve any mentoring relationship in any organization

    Mentoring comes in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Some organizations have structured programs that pair mentors and mentees and set out an agenda for them. Others have less formal approaches, facilitating and supporting mentoring relationships but not defining them. Regardless of the way mentoring is structured, there are certain fundamentals that will make these relationships more effective. That is what we seek to explore in Insights to Better Mentoring.

    • 26 minutes - available in English or Spanish
    • Available via online streamed delivery or on DVD or VHS video
    • A comprehensive facilitation package accompanies the program and includes a facilitator's guide, PowerPoint slides, reproducible handouts and program transcripts

    Purchase for $625

  • Discount for govt, non-profits and education $500
  • This program is available for Streamed learning.
  • For a free online preview, or information on streamed learning, send your business information and name of video you want to preview  or use in streamed learning to: service@humanext.com  


    The Leader as Mentor Video Based Facilitated and Self-Study Program


    The Leader as Mentor: In the fast changing world of the new organization, mentoring has become essential for preserving and passing down the history, culture and experience senior managers have accumulated.

    Topics include:
    • Mentoring in the 21st century organization.
    • What does a mentor do?
    • Effective mentoring.
    • Getting started.
    • The leader as mentor.

    The Leader as Mentor comes complete with a 3 part Guide Booklet. Part 1 lays out ideas for reflection about mentoring. Part 2 is a self-study guide with questions to focus learning. Part 3 offers activities and exercises for use in facilitated training. The Guide Booklet can be reproduced to provide each participant with support materials at no additional charge.

    Leader as Mentor Video and Guide/ Purchase for $625.00
  • 20% discount on purchase available for schools, colleges, government and not for profit organizations. Dicounted price applied at settling the order.

    Rent it for $295

  • For a free preview, or to request information on streamed learning, send your business information and name of video you want to preview or use in Streamed learning to: service@humanext.com  

  • King's speech.jpg

    Lessons from the Oscar’s Best Picture- The King’s Speech: How Coaching Changes Lives

    A few weeks ago, I gave you an assignment to go see “The King’s Speech” movie. The film won the Oscar for Best Picture, plus several other Oscars including Best Actor. Its story is simple:

    King George VI, to overcome his stutter, is introduced to Lionel Logue, an unorthodox speech therapist. The two men become friends as they work together, and after his brother abdicates, the King relies on Logue to help him make a radio broadcast at the beginning of World War II, in which he overcame his stutter and deliver a great, moving speech that relied his country.

    The film offers many lessons for anybody interested in leadership, personal development, communication, coaching, and training. The most valuable of these lessons are:

    • Coaching can change lives: Working with a coach, the king was able to overcome his stutter and thus transform his life from a hesitant, angry man to a confident leader. Many executives and professionals spend years suffering from certain behavioral problems because they are too stubborn to ask for help from others.
    • Trust is crucial in a coaching relationship: Only when the two men were able to develop personal friendship and trust did the coaching produce results. So the first step in a coaching relationship is to build trust, not to jump into goals, plans, or techniques.
    • Effective Leadership is a quality of both character and competency. The king had the right character which enabled him to eventually overcome his father’s constant criticism. But he lacked the competency to develop himself and improve his communication. He was able to acquire the competency with the help of his coach.
    • The essence of communication does not lie in grammar, pronunciation, or techniques of presentation. It has more to do with credibility, trust, vision, and enthusiasm. If you have these qualities and you reflect them in your communication with others, you will reach their hearts and minds even if your grammar is a bit lacking, or you speak with an accent.



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    For Organizational / Employee Communication Click here

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    Why Use Coaching To Develop Self and Others


    The great advantage of coaching as a developmental process is that it provides the opportunity for one-on-one training, guiding, instructing, observing, modeling, evaluating performance, and providing corrective action. All of this can be done on the job or even by phone. It occurs through regular sessions as the person is performing and applying the principles and ideas discussed in the coaching sessions, with immediate feedback from the coach. At work, coaching can be provided by a consultant, a training professional specializing in coaching, or the person’s own supervisor if versed in coaching techniques and equipped with its tools.

    The advantages of coaching over other developmental processes can be summarized in the following points:

    1. It provides one-on-one interaction
    2. It focuses totally on the person being coached and his or her developmental needs
    3. It provides hands-on, real-life guiding of the person being coached, not preaching or teaching.
    4. It provides modeling by the coach of the desired behavior in its best form.
    5. The coaching process is modeled after sports, the most common experience people have of developing their skills at an early age in an enjoyable activity.
    6. The close interactive nature of coaching provides close observation of behavior, and appropriate intervention in a timely manner.
    7. Coaching focuses on results and therefore includes tools and processes for measuring these results in the real world, where the game of life is actually played.
    8. Because coaching is experiential as opposed to conceptual, it enables an exhilarating experience of being fully engaged in the moment, aware of the presence of the new skills, and cognizant of the immediate results in real life.
    9. Because coaching enables you to actually feel and see yourself getting better at what you do on a daily or weekly basis, it is the process that most quickly helps people feel more powerful and self-confident.
    10. Because of its intensity and one-on-one interaction, coaching builds a powerful human bond between the coach and the coached. The power of this relationship is a value in itself.
    © HumaNext This article is part of our Thank God It's Monday (CommUnicate!) Program

    The program gives you the file (Word document) with an entire collection of messages / articles (50 articles / messages, and cartoons) for you to include in your newsletters, website, or Intranet for your employees or customers for the entire year for one time price of just $295