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Change Tools and Training

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Culture and Organization Change Program and Training

This unique program provides both a process for creating a culture change initiative and a workshop that enables participants to accept and manage any culture and/or organization change.

The program enables you to turn what is normally a scary and challenging issue into an opportunity for positive, exciting action.

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The Man Who Wanted to Change the World

In my workshop on change and transformation, I tell the following story:

In the Chinese folklore, there is the story of an ambitious young man who, on his twentieth birthday, became consumed with the desire to change the world. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.

At age 40, he settled for trying to change China. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.

At age 60, he settled for trying to change his village. For the next 20 years he strived to do that but failed.

At age 80, he decided to focus on changing his family. He spent the next 20 years trying to do that but couldn’t.

At age 100, he decided to focus on changing himself.

But the next day, he died.

The lesson?

If you want to change the world, you better start with yourself.

Ghandi said, “We must become the change we want to see in the world”

So the question to ask ourselves is: In what ways can I become the change I seek to see happening around me?

HumaNext’s new program, “Culture and Organization Change” uses this story and many other tools, activities, concepts, and exercises to enable people to create their culture and their organization. The program helps people move from individual behavior change to organization-wide culture change in a smooth way that makes accepting change possible.

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Off-the-Shelf, Ready-to-Deliver Workshop that Combines Change Acceptance and Team Transformation


Intensive half-day or full-day training workshop that is significantly different from traditional change management training.

  • Purpose: Empowering People to accept and manage personal and team change while shifting to higher levels of collaborative Relationships at Work.
  • This unique experience enables participants to create a dramatic change in the way they relate to their work, their colleagues, and their organization.
  • The result is a totally rejuvenated team that accepts change and works on a higher level of commitment to achieve extraordinary results.

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Below is a powerful collection of change management and training tools and assessments to help people understand, accept, and manage change.

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Don’t Panic! A Recipe for Success in Times of Stress- a Video Program

How can we stay positive and productive when facing stressful situations at work?

We asked 9 people who successfully navigated mergers, acquisitions, economic downturns, rapid growth, layoffs & other big challenges... to come together and tell us how they did it... and to cook dinner.

This program should be of interest to any public or private sector organization that has gone through or will soon go through a major change that has stressed employees and managers – including a layoff or RIF, merger, acquisition, fast growth, expansion into new markets, major budget reductions, unplanned loss of a CEO or other prominent leader…

What distinguishes Don’t Panic!

  •  The program presents 5 key elements to successfully navigating a major challenge
  • The style is fun, combining a reality-type cooking experience and insightful conversation by knowledgeable experts. Cooking demonstrations and other foodrelated programs are very popular these days (have you seen “Julie and Julia”?) and Don’t Panic! successfully integrates that motif.
  • This is practical, not theoretical. The participants have all personally navigated major changes as leaders in public and private sector organizations. They are speaking from experience.
  • Price. At US$625 per DVD price and great volume discounts, this is a bargain! The same applies to our Streamed Learning solutions where the price per training (one person taking one course) runs around $4-$6
  • Great support materials. The facilitation guide is comprehensive. The program also comes with PowerPoint slides and reproducible handouts. Greener Packaging. The DVD program is all digital using less packaging and paper. The guide, PowerPoint slides and program transcript are all on a single CD. The Streamed Learning option is greener yet – with delivery entirely online.

Program Description:

24-minute video with complete facilitation package. Eight fascinating people with experience successfully navigating stressful situations at work come together to cook a meal and share insights from their experiences.

Key points:

  • Know Yourself
  • Build Support Assess your Situation
  • Take Action!
  • Learn from Everything.

Purchase DVD for $625.00

Discounted price available for educational, governmental and non-profit organizations $500.00

Rent DVD for 5 business days $295.00

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Change Management Effectiveness Profile

The assessment focuses on the manager as "change driver". The questionnaire identifies 7 key competencies in behavioral terms that are linked to leader's success in implementing and managing change. Rather than another complicated flowchart of the change management process, this tool gives managers a simple diagnosis of the action/practices they need to do more of - in order to influence their work groups to be more readily adaptive.

7 Key Competencies Assessed
Proactive Thinking - Actions and proactive consideration of future possibilities that could require changed or modified practices or stratgies.
Organization for Change - Proactive planning to simplify, organize, describe and implement change.
Involving Others - Relating to others about changes, and involving them in determinng the form change will take.
Visualizing the Future - Long term consideration of a changed future and describing this future to others n a positive way.
Communicating Clearly - Simplifying change to communicate it clearly and understandably to all individuals.
Breaking from the Past - Taking action to lead change by demonstrating your part of the new order and communicating a firm deadline to others.
Consolidating New Learning - Active role modeling of self-development and consistent behavior that creates a safe environment for others to develop or change without fear.
The change Management Effectiveness Profile is 84 items.
Order the Facilitator's Guide with one profile for $99.95
Order Change Management Effectiveness Profile Pack of 5 for 59.95
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The New Workplace: Leading the Change. Making the Change video training programs


LEADING THE CHANGE. MAKING THE CHANGE - Two powerful video based training programs: 'Leading the Change' for leaders, and 'Making the Change' for employees to help organizations manage and accept changing workplace realities and relationships. $625 Each.(Government and non-profits get discounts)

These extraordinary 2 video training programs bring together a distinguished collection of practitioners and researchers who are leading private and public sector organizations through these fundamental transformations. CEO's, managers, line workers and consultants discuss why changes are occurring and how they impact employees and managers alike, sharing their visions of how we can most benefit from the turbulence we find ourselves in.

The 'Communicating Change' segment below offers one of the metaphors used in this training program.

 Flexible Training: Each segment of the video can be viewed separately and the suggested questions, exercises and activities in the guide used as part of a facilitation process. If all the material contained in the guide is used with The New Workplace videos, it can constitute a two day training program.

Support Materials: The videos are accompanied by a 46 page Facilitator's Guide which includes 9 participant handouts, a bibliography, a dictionary of new business terms, activities, exercises and questions for discussion. With the purchase of The New Workplace series, you are granted license to make as many copies of the Facilitator's Guide or the handout pages as your organization needs.

Available in versions for unionized and non-unionized workplaces. Leading the Change is also available in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese.

Purchase Leading the Change or Making The Change for $625.00

Rent Leading the Change or Making the Change for $295.00

Purchase the two videos for $1062.50

The two programs are available for Streamed Learning.

To place an order or for information on Streamed Learning or to request a free preview, please email your information and request to


50 Activities for Achieving Change - $149.95


Training Objectives: - Outline the process of accepting change; Demonstrate the need for change; Reduce conflict; Improve communication skills.

Activities Cover:- Change in the workplace; Developing goals for change; Change and self-development; Accepting change; Understanding change; Training Methods: 25 activities involve group discussions; 13 questionnaires and instruments highlight current; perceptions and identify resistance to change; 6 role-play scenarios aid the transfer of learning from the workshop to the workplace; 6 written exercises provide an opportunity to express personal thoughts, and reactions to change.

420 pages /3-ring binder / $149.95

For inquiries or to place an order please contact us at:


The Disappearing Sand Beach : A Story for Communicating Change

Want to Help Employees Accept Change? Tell Them About 'The Disappearing Sand Beach.'

Far off in the sea is an island, born of the erupting volcano, with the wind and rain and the pounding waves. And on this island is a wonderful, wide, white sand beach. Since the birth of the island, this beach would not stay put. The sea would take back the white sand when a big storm struck and leave only rough-black volcanic rock. Then the winds would die down, and the surf settle and the white sand would return to the shore and become once again a beautiful, wide beach. It would be wider and whiter than it was before, and the storm would bring more fish to the island, to feed the birds and the animals. It was like this every few years after a storm, for ten thousand storms. The storm would be frightening. Everything would look different for a while. But the beach would always come back, bringing more fish than before. All of the living things of the island understood and accepted. Until the humans came.

A Question for Reflection: How is the storm a metaphor for the change that we are experiencing in many aspects of our lives (i.e., global changes, economy, careers and family)?

This metaphor is just one of many utilized by the video-based training programs: Leading the Change (for managers) and (Making the Change) for all employees. See this page for more information.

(c) Quality Media, Inc. Printed with permission.


At Last: A Simple, Yet Powerful Way to Engage Employees and Change the Culture

Nothing ignites employee engagement like change.

And no change takes place without employee engagement.

  • We offer an off-the-shelf Employee Engagement for Change package:

Below is a powerful collection of change management and training tools and assessments to help people understand, accept, and manage change.

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The Change Management Readiness Survey

How can you ensure that the major organizational change you are planning—to your structure, strategy, operations, production, or culture—will be successful?

Begin the change process with this intense diagnostic of your organization's capacity to change. You can bring problems to light, build commitment to change, gain company-wide support, improve communication and increase your chances of success—quickly and cost-effectively.

Do your homework upfront so that your change dollars pay off.

The user-friendly survey is designed for change leaders, organizational leaders and managers, and consultants who are not simply tinkering, but changing organizations in powerful ways.

Often these change leaders only see part of the picture. This tool will give you a valuable "big picture" view of how a cross-section of senior managers, middle managers and staff throughout your organization view the change process.

Participants will be asked to respond to a brief, 50-statement questionnaire. The results will clearly reveal your organization's strengths and weaknesses in five critical areas of successful change management: • Collaboration • Leadership • Implementation and execution • Culture • Organizational alignment Do your employees believe your organization is focused on the most important priorities? Do they see senior leadership as a well functioning team? Do they think you currently have the talent in place to successfully accomplish this change initiative?

By gathering and synthesizing input into these and other issues, this survey will be an essential ingredient in your change effort process.

Survey comes with 8 assessments /$39.95

For inquiries or to place an order, please contact us at:

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Surviving Workplace Change Workshop

Surviving Workplace Change is a comprehensive one-day workshop that will make any organization more versatile and competitive by reducing resistance to change. Participants enhance their own adaptability which lowers stress and creates career development alternatives.

Surviving Workplace Change is part of Professional Skills Courseware Collection of 8 highly effective, interactive, experiential training programs that comes complete, but can also be edited in Microsoft Word to match your specific situation. Surviving Workplace Change Courseware includes:

Pre and Post Tests / Lesson Plans / Workshop Outline / Trainers Quick-Start / Instructors Guide / Participant Coursebook / Participant Evaluation Form / Self and Supervisor Development Planning / Worksheets PowerPoint® Presentation

Organization Outcomes with Surviving Workplace Change:

By learning to cope with change, participants will lower their resistance to change. / New processes, products and services can be implemented more effectively and efficiently. / The organization will become more adaptable to the need for continuous change, making it possible to embrace continuous improvement with less resistance. / Employees and especially managers will understand the necessity for continuous improvement and build change management tactics into their daily work psychology. / Employees will learn to embrace change and understand the direct link between productive change and organizational/marketplace competitiveness.

Complete Surviving Workplace Change Workshop CD $295.00

For inquiries or to place an order, please contact:


Training in Tough Times: Ideas and Resources to Use

Many organizations in the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world are currently facing very threatening economic conditions due to the financial crisis at Wall Street. This gives rise to an important question: What kind of training should you give to support employees during tough times? But "tough times" does not refer just to the economic conditions. It is actually any situation that exerts more than the usual degree of stress on employees. This could be a result of difficult challenges the organization is facing, from loss of market share to loss of jobs. It could also be a result of major external or internal changes, a crisis situation such as a natural disaster, a lingering internal strife, union problems, low morale, or other situations.

During these kinds of tough times, it does not make sense to ignore the way people feel and just continue to deliver your regular series of training workshops in a business as usual mode. Doing so risks losing your audience's attention and even respect. You will need to re-examine your offerings and consider delivering workshops that address the impact of the current situation and help people cope with it and come out of it stronger. Below we offer a number of possible training workshops and tools to consider during tough times:

Emotional Intelligence at Work: A workshop on emotional intelligence can equip participants with awareness and skills to understand and manage their emotions as well as the emotions of others they interact with. Participants will gain a deeper self awareness and empathy. They will build self confidence as they tackle difficult challenges. For a workshop on this topic see:   

Employee Engagement for Change: This workshop engages employees in a cause larger than themselves and offers them a way to create a new vision and values for the organization. It inspires people to work together to change the culture in a way that turns any negativity into positive action. For a workshop on this topic visit:  

Creativity and Innovation at Work: Most tough times demand a different kind of thinking from people to enable them to come up with novel ideas to meet the challenges at hand. A workshop that helps them tap into their creative thinking abilities will be very appropriate. You may consider our "Creativity and Innovation at Work" here:   

Uplifting Training Videos: A great video with a powerful and inspiring positive message that can uplift the morale of employees is "Celebrate What Is Right with the World". I have used this video to support topics like emotional intelligence and creativity and it worked very well. See:  

Training and Tools on Stress Management: Visit our dedicated page:  

Workshops and Assessment on Change: Most of the training materials on change will be helpful during tough times since in most cases the tough times are caused by some major external or internal change. See the many products on this page.


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