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Profiles & Personality Types / Assessment Instruments


We offer some of the most powerful assessments, personality profiles, personality-types, self-discovery instruments and tools to help individuals and teams better understand themselves and work, communicate, and relate more effectively on the job. Many of these profiles and tools have been used by thousands of managers and employees around the world.

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culture compass TEST.jpg

Culture Compass Profile

A Profile to Discover and Boost the Culture of Your Entire Organization

Building a strong organizational culture, or strengthening a good one you already have, starts with understanding the various dimensions and dynamics of your existing culture. The "Understanding" process involves answering the questions of: What does the data mean? What are our strengths? What are our areas that need improvement? Do various departments have cultures that are compatible with each other and with the organization? How do we know that?

The customizable and reproducible Cultural Compass enables you to find the answers to the critical questions about your culture, and provides you with ways for moving toward a stronger, more positive and productive culture at work. The Compass is a self-scoring paper and pencil tool that takes users through an exciting process of cultural discovery by answering, plotting, and analyzing 48 key questions about their organizational culture. The 48 questions cover four primary cultural orientations; People, Task, Values (and Ethics), and Synergy. The self-scoring results are then plotted on two dimensions; the People - Task dimension, and the Values - Synergy dimension. The resulting diagram reveals, both in figures and in a visual form, the current state of the organizational culture as viewed by the user(s).

Here is what users said about the Compass Here is what users said about the Compass

A consultant who used our Cultural Compass with a client, wrote to us saying that the top executives loved the way the Compass revealed their corporate culture to them. They wanted her to use it with the rest of the staff. They wanted to better understand the values and perceptions that define the work environment and find ways to significantly improve it.

The Cultural Compass is designed to make it easy to uncover current cultural strengths and assets, as well as opportunities for improvement and change. The customizable and reproducible Cultural Compass is also used to uncover and compare the cultures of various groups, teams, and departments, and how to overcome the Culture Gap that might separate them.

A valuable by-product of using the Cultural Compass is to strengthen team spirit, "We Are One Team " becomes more than a nice slogan. The Compass takes about 35 minutes to complete, but the discussion, comparisons and analysis of strengths and improvements can take as much as people need.

A comprehensive Facilitator's Guide explains the culture discovery and improvement process with detailed instructions. The process can be a segment in a training session on leadership, supervision, culture, team building, diversity, ethics, or other training topics. It can also be done in a department meeting to help the department understand and improve its team culture.

To Order the Culture Compass

The Paper-and-pencil version of the Cultural Compass is sent to you in an electronic file in a MS Word format, so you can customize it by adding your organization's logo, mission statement, message from the president or the training department, or any other information easily and quickly.

  • Paper/Pencil- A Facilitator's Guide with One Reproducible Culture Compass / One Facilitator License for face-to-face sessions only $149.00 

    For Multi Trainers in same organization, or multi organizations, divisions, or consultants, or to use on the organization’s intranet, license $495

    Also available online for $20 per user

  • DISCStyles S.png

    DISC Personality Profile

    DISCStyles is the premier behavioral style assessment available today. The goal of DISCStyles is to understand personal chemistry and enhance relationships. Once you know your own personality and behavioral style characteristics, it will be easy to see what drives those around you and your options for dealing with them more successfully.

    Visit our page dedicated to DISC: Click for DISC


    The Training House Assessment Kit: 25 Reproducible Assessment Exercises, Self-Inventories, Tests, and Survey Instruments $195.00

    What makes top-performing managers successful and effective in their jobs? And what do you need to develop in order to achieve similar success? This collection of self-assessment exercises was created to provide every manager and supervisor with professional-development materials designed for high performance.

    Over 100,000 participants have successfully used these materials. The secret to their long-term effectiveness is they are based on the belief that before you can build on your strengths, you must first identify what they are and how they relate to job effectiveness. Each self-assessment is accompanied by information explaining how the scores should be interpreted, thus giving you the information you need to set realistic goals for yourself and to then achieve them.

    Selected Contents: Proficiency Assessment Report... Managerial/Supervisory Pre-training Planning... Management Style Inventory... Process Skills for Facilitators... Personal Development Options... Self-Awareness Profile... The Assessment of Personal Traits Inventory... Personal Inventory of Needs... Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction... Dealing with Groups... Profile of Aptitude for Leadership... Analytical Thinking Test... Self-Assessment in Writing Skills... How Much Is Your Time Worth?... Leadership and Team Building... Group Effectiveness Dimensions... Coping with Stress... Self-Inventory of Managerial Responsibilities...and more.

    200 pp/ 3-ring binder/ Code...THRA/ $195.95


    The Best Seller Alternative to Myers-Briggs: The INSIGHT Profile for Understanding Self and Others


    Have you ever used Myers-Briggs in the past and are looking for something easier to use?

    Thousands of consultants and trainers around the world have come to appreciate the INSIGHT Inventory's ease of use combined with practical skill development. Unlike other instruments that require lengthy, expensive certification, or that apply classifications that stereotype users, INSIGHT's common sense format provides a balanced view of behavior.

    Self-scored, 20 minutes, INSIGHT moves quickly from developing a profile to applying the learning. Participants develop important behavior skills, including how to flex their style to manage conflict, and facilitate team work. The instrument's clarity and uncomplicated format allow you to integrate it into existing training, or make it the center piece of a program.

    Use The INSIGHT Inventory for understanding self and others for all kinds of training workshops, retreats, and interventions.

    Purchase Insight Inventory Form B: Understanding Yourself & Others - Pack of 5 for $74.75 

    INSIGHT 360:

    Use INSIGHT 360 to get the views of others and learn how they see you - a very important step toward understanding yourself in relationship to others and how they relate to you. Pack of 5 INSIGHT 360 for $79.75

    If you want to acquire better understanding that enables you to use INSIGHT for many people , get the INSIGHT Training Manual with 45-minute video and PowerPoint slide presentation/ $295.00


    The Alternative to Myers-Briggs for Teams: Teaming With INSIGHT Inventory - BEST SELLER!

    Have you ever used Myers-Briggs in the past and are looking for something easier to use?

    Thousands of consultants and trainers around the world have come to appreciate the INSIGHT Inventory's ease of use combined with practical skill development. Unlike other instruments that require lengthy, expensive certification, or that apply classifications that stereotype users, INSIGHT's common sense format provides a balanced view of behavior.

    Self-scored within 15 minutes, INSIGHT moves quickly from developing a profile to applying the learning. Participants develop important behavior skills, including how to flex their style to manage conflict, and facilitate team work. The instrument's clarity and uncomplicated format allow you to integrate it into existing training, or make it the center piece of a program.

    Use Teaming With INSIGHT for: Team Building and interpersonal skills.

    A Pack of 5 Teaming With Insight Profiles [Form A] $89.75

    Deliver a Complete Training Module Using INSIGHT:

    If you want to acquire better understanding that enables you to use INSIGHT for many people, get the INSIGHT Training Manual with 45-minute video and PowerPoint slide presentation $295.00

    Discover why INSIGHT is better than Myers-Briggs: Click the link below.

    HRD - Sell-Insight.jpg

    Selling With INSIGHT Trainer's Guide

    Improve your selling skills by better understanding yourself and others using the INSIGHT Inventory.

    This new selling system uses the INSIGHT Inventory to help increase the effectiveness of sales. It will help participants to understand themselves and others better and to use this understanding to improve interpersonal relationships with customers. This makes it possible for salespeople to reduce the interpersonal tension that often develops from style differences between themselves and their customers and to create open, honest dialogue. Sales representatives will be able to uncover customer needs and accurately match them with the most appropriate products and services.

    The Selling with INSIGHT System includes

  • One INSIGHT Inventory for the user
  • Seven pages of interpretation information for the INSIGHT Inventory
  • Four skill-building activities
  • One action planning worksheet
  • Participants will learn

  • Their primary style preferences and how these affect their behavior
  • How they may behave when under stress and how selling situations can bring out this altered behavior
  • How their styles impact their communications and sales approach with their customers
  • How they are likely to be perceived by their customers, both positively and negatively
  • How to flex their styles to sell more effectively to customers with similar styles
  • How to flex their styles to sell more effectively to customers with different styles
  • How to flex their styles to sell more effectively to customers with different styles
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult customers
  • Purchase the Selling with Insight Trainer's Guide / $195.00

    Purchase Selling with Insight Inventory - Pack of 5 Profiles / $79.75


    Leadership Effectiveness Profile

    There are some broad categories from which most good leaders will draw. Ideally, these categories should be viewed as pieces in a "leadership jigsaw." Although no one piece makes for effective leadership by itself, each piece does work in combination with the others to reveal a fully integrated model.

    The Leadership Effectiveness profile is a self-scoring assessment of an individual’s relative skills in the critical area of leadership. The eight competencies that contribute to good (or bad) leadership are viewed separately to create an overall profile.

    The competencies assessed are:

    1. Emotional Intelligence
    2. Directional Clarity
    3. Change Orchestration
    4. Reciprocal Communication
    5. Contextual Thinking
    6. Creative Assimilation
    7. People Enablement
    8. Driving Persistence

    Interpretive information and action-steps for both high and low scores are included. The Facilitator’s Guide includes steps for administration.

    One Trainer's Guide and one Profile $99.95

    A Set of 5 Additional Leadership Effectiveness Profiles $59.95

    Leadership Effectivenes Profile 360 Online For just $75.00 you can use the Online Leadership Effectiveness Profile with unlimited number of "other" raters to collect 360 degree feed back


    Communication Effectiveness Profile

    Getting your message across in a way that is clear and coherent is a critical skill in both organizational and personal life. The Communication Effectiveness Profile looks at the large and often complex subject of communicating with others. A Facilitator's Guide gives you a step-by-step approach to using this powerful communication assessment.

    Communication Effectiveness Facilitator's Guide with one Assessment Profile/ $99.95

    Additional Profiles are sold in packs of 5 for $59.95

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  • ci123cmak.jpg

    Complete Management Skills Assessment Kit: 12 Reproducible Instruments for Trainers $149.50

    In this era of rapid change in training methodologies, one of the most powerful tools available to trainers is a vast range of instrumentation focusing on either the individual, team, or organization.

    The Complete Management Skills Assessment Kit has a special emphasis on the different styles of adult learning. Trainers will become familiar with adult learning theories which will aid them in understanding how each individual prefers to learn. It has become increasingly clear that each employee needs to contribute positively to their own workplace development.

    This series of management assessments provides trainers with user-friendly materials which can be used in a variety of settings. Also, The Complete Management Skills Assessment Kit is fully reproducible saving trainers time and money.

    Contents include: The Change Agent Style Assessment; The Change Leadership Assessment; The Consultant Skills Assessment; The Director's Skills Assessment; The Influencing Skills Assessment; The Learning Styles Assessment; The Listening Skills Assessment; The Motivation Assessment; The Personal Effectiveness Assessment; The Problem-Solving Skills Assessment; The Stress Assessment; The Trainer Skills Audit.

    Complete Management Skills Assessment Kit/ 400 pp/ 3-ring binder $149.50


    Personal Stress and Well-Being Profile

    Understanding the nature of stress at a detailed level is the basis upon which we can start to manage it effectively. The Personal Stress and Well-being Assessment provides a simple but thorough process by which we can better understand our own stress handling skills.

    This self-scoring personal stress tool has been designed to provide a useful template for an individual to rate themselves in a number of competency areas that are considered to be relevant to the existence of stress and personal well-being.

    The Facilitator's Guide includes steps for administration, interpretation, and coaching suggestions.

    The Package comes with One Facilitator's Guide plus one Assessment Profile / $99.95

    A Set of 5 Additional Personal Stress Profiles for 5 users $59.95


    The Valuing Diversity Self-Inventory for Trainers and Consultants - Reproducible for unlimited copies.)


    The Valuing Diversity Self-Inventory Profile is a self-scoring tool designed to chart participants' extent of knowledge, awareness, and practices relating to the issue of diversity.

    • The self-scoring inventory is in an MS Word document so that you may customize it by adding an organization's name or logo, or the title of the training program you are conducting.
    • Reproducible: Make any number of copies of this Profile for use by your team, or your entire organization. Consultants can use it for their clients' employees.
    • You can use this self awareness and development tool on its own to gain a sense of diversity awareness at your organization or team. It takes only about 15 minutes to complete, so you can use it in a meeting or part of a training session.
    • You can use the Profile as part of a workshop on diversity. In this case you can use it once early on in the workshop, or use it twice before and after the workshop to discover the impact of the training.
    Customizable and Reproducible Valuing Diversity Self Inventory Profile- Single User License for One Organization /One Location $149.95  

    Consultants, and Organizations with Multiple Locations, Must Use the One User/Multi-Site License for $189.95  

    Also available online:

    Providing privacy, saving your employees time adding, and saving you time copying, distributing, gathering, and adding.

    Price per user  $25.00 Each 

    Contact us for details and access to a sample at


    Creativity At Work Profile for Charting Individual, Team, and Organizational Innovation- Reproducible


    Do you want managers and employees to 'Think outside the Box' for breakthrough results at work? Do you want to measure the Innovation Gap between people's capacity for innovation and the organization's tolerance for it? Looking for a tool to reveal to people their preferred mode of creativity and how they can enhance their innate ability to innovate? The reproducible Creativity At Work self-scoring inventory is your tool.

    Our popular Creativity At Work Profile is now available at a reduced cost in a reproducible format, enabling you to print unlimited copies for the members of your team or your entire organization.

    The Creativity At Work Profile is a paper & pencil (alternately available online for a different price structure- see elsewhere on this page) self-administered, self-inventory tool that helps the user to uncover his or her preferred innovation style. In both numbers and visual graphs, the user will get a revealing picture of how they think creatively, apply creativity, and act on their creative ideas. Answering 42 questions and plotting the results on a 'Systems- Ideas' horizontal axis and an 'Action - Stability' vertical axis, the user produces a clear visual representation of their Innovation status. The user then is shown how to use this information to Think Outside the BOX." The result is a powerful insight into one's own creative thinking capacity and an opening into a more innovative horizon.

    Creativity At Work Profile goes beyond revealing and boosting individual creativity. With 42 more questions about the user's organization (or department, or team ) and a similar graphic representation by each user to be added together, a collective picture of the organization's innovation status immerges. Users are able to calculate in figures and numbers, the size of the possible "Innovation Gap" between their capacity for innovation and what the organization allows by its current culture. This discovery, which tends to startle and engage the intense interest of participants, leads to discussion and actions towards breaking the boxes that stifle innovation in the organization. The Facilitator's Guide includes added exercises, handouts, and resources to help facilitate the Innovation BOX.

    The paper-and-pencil Creativity At Work Profile takes about 30 minutes for the Individual Innovation Part, and another 20 minutes to do the Organization ( or Department ) Innovation Part. The drawing of the collective organization graph can take another 10 minutes. Group discussions and action planning can follow for about 30 minutes. The 60 to 90 minutes' duration for this powerful tool can be a part of a training session or innovation, organizational culture, leadership, or creative problem solving. It can also be done as a segment on innovation as part of a department meeting, executive retreat, or other suitable settings. It is by nature a lot of fun to do, while providing solid information and intriguing insight into this vital aspect of individual and organizational performance.

    Detailed Facilitator's Guide and Reproducible Creativity At Work Profile-One Trainer-One-Organization License/ $250.00
    Independent Consultants and Multi-site Organizations Must Purchase our Multi-Site License for $289.00

    For Online Creativity Assessment, see product on this page.


    Time Management Effectiveness Profile

    The Time Management Effectiveness Profile assesses an individual's existing capacity to manage his or her time efficiently and highlights specific areas where improvement might be possible.

    This Profile has been designed as a self-scoring assessment instrument that allows individuals to make the most of their time-bask investment. It provides a useful way for a person to rate themselves in a number of competency areas widely considered relevant to good time management techniques.

    Interpretive information and action-steps for both high and low scores are included. The Facilitator’s Guide includes steps for administration, interpretation, and coaching.

    The package comes with one Leader's Guide and one Assessment Profile $99.95

    A Set of additional 5 Profiles for 5 Users $59.95


    Managing by Motivation: Trainer's Guide with Participant Questionnaire

    This instrument is a stimulating new addition to existing supervisory and management development workshops on change, teams, and leadership. The 20-item questionnaire can be completed and self-scored in 15 minutes, and includes brief and insightful interpretive material. A companion Trainer's Guide includes training designs, a lecturette, norms, and references. The result is a complete program of assessment, training, discussions, and development of your managers and supervisors.

    Increase management effectiveness through improved motivation skills. This proven instrument is based on the classic motivation theories of Maslow and Herzberg which identify motivating factors in terms of an individual's security, social, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs. Managers will learn to understand their own motivations as well as take into account employees' motivations as they relate to performance and change issues.

    Managing by Motivation teaches leaders and managers how to capitalize on employees' natural motivators rather than focusing on external motivators that are less relevant to them.

    Managing by Motivation Trainer's Guide with one Questionnaire $49.75

    A Set of Addional 5 Questionnaires $49.75


    Customer Service Commitment Profile

    This profile is designed to help individuals understand how effective they are at providing excellent customer service. This is accomplished by looking at how the individual assesses their own effectiveness, as well as how they think the organization as a whole is doing in the area of customer service excellence.

    The Customer Service Commitment Profile breaks customer service into six competencies: 1- Service Leadership, Vision and Commitment / 2- Feedback and the Voice of the Customer / 3- Establishing Service Standards / 4- Empowering People to Serve the Customer / 5- Customer-Serving Processes and Systems / 6- Rewards and Recognition for Service Excellence

    Interpretive information and action-steps for both high and low scores are included. The Facilitator's Guide includes steps for administration, interpretation, and coaching suggestions.

    Package includes Facilitator's Guide Plus One Profile/ Code CSCP/ $99.95

    A Set of additional 5 profiles for 5 users $49.75


    Dealing with Conflict Instrument and Guide - Best Seller


    Most of us are less skilled at handling conflict than we should be. Although studies show that a negotiating behavior is usually the best response to a conflict situation, negotiation is a difficult endeavor-one that requires considerable skill and thought. The normal negotiating behavior, as typically practiced in business and social contexts, does not generally produce high levels of satisfaction for either participant. The Dealing with Conflict Instrument (DWCI) will help change this by encouraging conflicting parties to shift to a more collaborative style in order to find and pursue shared interests, creating a win/win outcome.

    The Dealing with Conflict Instrument presents five conflict-handling styles. The five styles; accommodate, avoid, compromise, compete, and collaborate, encompass all the effective ways of dealing with conflict. By completing the Dealing with Conflict Instrument-Self, participants will learn about their own natural style tendencies, while the information gathered from the DWCI 360-Degree Feedback set will give them insight into how they are perceived by others when resolving conflicts. The combined results of these assessments indicate which styles of conflict resolution need the most improvement.

    Participants will explore the characteristics of each conflict-handling style which will help them develop greater style flexibility. In order to decide which style is best in a given situation, they will learn to dissect situations, using Conflict Situation Analysis.

    DWCI is a significant improvement over conventional conflict assessments. It shortens usage time, produces clearer and more user-friendly results, and includes helpful support material. DWCI is compatible with most existing training programs and is the easiest way to update assessment materials.

    Complete Dealing with Conflict Package, includes Leader's Guide, one Instrument, and one 360-Degree Feedback Set $59.95

    Additional Dealing with Conflict Instruments are sold in packs of 5/ Code..DCI/ $49.75

    Additional 360-Degree (6 others) Feedback Instruments in pack of 5 $74.75


    POLO Assessment: User's Workbook with Coaching Tips and a Simple Action Plan

    An Assessment Tool for Business Leaders

    by Alexander Hiam

    Where can you focus your leadership to improve employee attitudes and make the greatest difference in their performance? This 60-item leader questionnaire provides the answer for busy leaders—quickly and easily.

    Uncover what turns on your employees about their workplace, work, associates and leaders. Apply what you learn to build enthusiasm, unleash initiative, and achieve your organization's most challenging goals.

    The eye-opening Profile of Leadership Opportunities (POLO) covers 10 essential leadership domains: Commitment, communications, leader's perspective, supervision, innovation, the workplace, transitions, encouragement, decisions, and employee development. The tool is self-scoring, takes only a few minutes to complete, and comes with coaching tips and a simple action plan.

    Five POLOs for 5 users for $59.95  

    Leader's Guide / 3-ring binder $59.95

    what are you saying-151.jpg

    What Are You Saying? Communication Effectiveness (CEP) for Individuals, Teams, and 360

    A Reproducible Paper and Pencil Tool and Guide for Discovering Your Communication Style And Sharpening Your Communication Skills
    This powerful communication style assessment contains three tools in one:
    • An Individual CEP-I Self Assessment tool for discovering, charting, and boosting your own communication style and skills.
    • A Team CEP-Team for discovering and charting Team Communication.
    • A 360 View CEP-360 for five or more "Others" to evaluate your communication style.

    The powerful and versatile "What Are You Saying? /Communication Effectiveness (CEP) delivers many benefits as it enables you to:

    • Discover the characteristics of your communication style.
    • Provide you with a way with which to understand the components of your communication style and the way they affect the people communicating with you.
    • Give you a measurable, comparative frame of reference with which you can relate and evaluate your current and future communication effectiveness, and compare and monitor your progress toward more effective communication.
    • Understand others' communication style and find ways to communicate more effectively with them.
    • Enable a team to chart their collective Team Communication Effectiveness Profile.
    • See a complete 360 View/ Feedback, revealing how others see your communication style.

    Order one master CEP with its Facilitator's Guide and Team and 360 View sections in a Word document e-mailed to you with rights to reproduce unlimited number of copies for one organization $69.00


    Not Just an Assessment: A Complete Emotional Learning System - Online Tool

    The four dimensions of emotional intelligence described by Daniel Goleman (1995) in his seminal work (see figure) are strengthened through our Emotional Learning System (ELS)© and the positive assessment process of the ESAP.

    The ESAP-C© provides a person-centered exploration and a systematic process for learning and enhancing emotional intelligence. The process helps you understand and enhance the related emotional competencies of Interpersonal Communication, Personal Leadership, Self Management in Life and Career (Motivation), and Intrapersonal Knowledge. When approached in an honest and self-valued way, the 13 underlying skills assessed by the ESAP-C© provide a beginning process for developing higher levels of emotional intelligence, achievement and ongoing self-renewal.

    Order one Emotional Intelligence Assessment Process for yourself for just $39.95 – or order for your entire management team to create the emotionally intelligent organization.

    To Order at $39.95 per user

    Volume discount is available.

    For orders of 50 to 99 users the discounted pricce is $35.95 per user

    for orders of 100 users or more the price is $30.95 per user


    T-E-A-M Effectiveness Profile Online Tool

    The purpose of a team is to take necessary action to achieve results. This T.E.A.M. Profile tool provides teams with a profile of their effectiveness in taking action to achieve results. This profile can serve as a map for the team's development, learning, and change to increase its effectiveness.

    Taking only a few minutes to answer 30 questions online, the TeamProfile reveals the team's effectiveness in the six areas that most impact team performance:

    • Mission & Goals
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Processes and Procedures
    • Commitment & Enthusiasm
    • Interpersonal Relationships and Communication
    • Learning & Continuous Improvement

    This self-scoring profile is available online

    Online profile for one user/ $20.00 

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    The Quantifiable Way to Assess and Improve the Effectiveness of Presentations for You or the Entire Organization.

    Your presentations can make or break your career. Improving the effectiveness of your presentations, and those of your team members, can go a long way toward helping you achieve more dramatic results. And now there is a quantifiable way to assess and improve the effectiveness of your presentations in all formats:
    PeP: The Reproducible, Customizable, Presentation Evaluation Profile for you or your entire team.

    Based on over twenty years of experience in the presentations, communications, and training fields, we developed PeP to be an easy to use, self-scoring, and 360 degree others' scoring tool that delivers instant results revealing the degree of effectiveness of your presentations and the presentations of others, and much more.

    How PeP Will Dramatically Improve Your Presentations

    • PeP consists of questions covering the 25 most critical aspects of presentations development and delivery. From preparation and planning, to purpose, messages and messenger, to the use of aides and influencing techniques.
    • PeP enables you to evaluate your own presentation
    • PeP uses a 360 format to give you the benefit of discovering how others see and evaluate your presentation.
    • PeP enables you to quickly identify the areas that need improvements and guides you on how to do it.
    • PeP enables you to keep track of your improvements, in numbers, until you master the art of presentations at its best.
    • PeP also reveals your Blind Spot regarding your presentation's delivery, style, and effectiveness.
    • PeP identifies the gap between the way you perceive your presentation and the way others actually respond to your presentations. This revelation is the most useful insight you can get regarding your own presentation effectiveness.
    PeP is easy and fast to use, takes about 15 minutes to complete for each user.
    • PeP will guide you through the necessary steps toward significantly improving your presentation development and delivery.
    • PeP comes with a Presentation Planning and Outline Creation Template that enables you to quickly create a presentation following the outline and steps provided.
    • PeP is delivered to you in an electronic format (MS Word) so that you can print as many copies of it as you need to evaluate and improve the presentations of all your team members, managers, or trainees.
    The presentation skills of your entire team, department, or organizations can be evaluated, measured, tracked and improved for a small one time investment.
    Who Can Benefit from PeP?
    • Managers presenting to their staff / Sales professionals / Trainers / Teachers / Educators / Communicators / Public Speakers / Lawyers / Public Officials / Politicians / Teams making presentations.
    • PeP is delivered in an electronic format (MS Word). A Complete File of Reproducible PeP (Self) and Three (Others) Profiles, plus a Presentation Planning Template, and a User's Guide. Individual User License for $59.00 

    Consultants and organizations with multiple locations must purchase the One User/Multi-Organization License for $129.95


    The Psychological Type Indicator (PTI) Instrument and Guide

    The Psychological Type Indicator (PTI) has been compared favorably to the MBTI and other widely utilized instruments.

    The Psychological Type Indicator (PTI) is a carefully crafted personality measure that is designed to give individuals guidance about their psychological (Jungian) type using the sixteen types (INTJ, ENTP, etc.) first presented by Carl Jung. The focus of the PTI is on providing individuals themselves, their managers and those who train them, with an understanding of personality and its effect on performance both inside and beyond the workplace


    The initial design of PTI was based on an understanding of Jungian typology and a range of type indicators. The PTI has its foundations in the theory of Carl Jung as a measure of personality type, but goes further by differentiating between personality type, as described by Jung, and behavior, as described by Kurt Lewin's Field Theory. Lewin postulated that behavior is best understood by understanding the influence of a person’s environment on their innate and stable personality.

    The unique design of the PTI scoring system provides the key to seeing personality type in the context of how personality can be influenced by environment. Conditions that fall outside our natural preference boundaries will be less preferred and, consequently, are more likely to be avoided. For example, an individual with a naturally strong preference for introversion may find that he or she can cope with one-to-one interpersonal contact, but expresses anxiety about group social settings. This is clearly highlighted by how the PTI displays and individual's results.


    Powerful, innovative scoring system that highlights the range within which individuals are likely to be comfortable adopting different behavioral styles to cope with changes in their environment and the different life pressures they might face from time-to-time. Simple to use integrated Answer Sheet and Scoring Key with built-in Profile Chart. Presentation

    The PTI is packaged as a Self-Scoring Question and Answer Booklet, with an Integrated Profile Chart. The PTI booklet includes basic information on Jungian typology that an individual can compare to his or her results.

    Facilitator's Guide plus one assessment $59.95

    Additional Pack of 5 PTI $75.00


    Listening Effectiveness Profile

    A relatively small number of people can actually listen with true understanding and empathy. The Listening Effectiveness Profile provides a highly structured process through which to assess an individual's current capacity to listen attentively.

    Listening Effectiveness Facilitator's Guide with one Assessment Profile/ $99.95

    Additional Profiles are sold in packs of 5 each for $59.95


    Management Effectiveness Profile And Workshop

    Are your managers and supervisors skilled in the behaviors vital to managerial success and the management competencies your organization needs to achieve its goals?

    The Management Effectiveness Profile is a competency-based diagnostic instrument that will give your key leaders a valuable snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses.

    Once they recognize their own competencies, they can explore where to concentrate their improvement efforts so they can manage even more successfully in the future. The trusted profile is self-scoring, user-friendly, and validated by research.

    Used in organizations across the country and in individual coaching situations, the tool is a must-have if you want to maximize the power of your most important resource -your leaders. The profile contains 144 questions organized into 12 key categories of management effectiveness: Managing Your Job / Managing and Prioritizing Time / Setting goals and standards / Planning and scheduling work / Relating to Others / Listening and organizing / Giving clear information / Getting unbiased information / Developing the Team / Training, coaching and delegating / Appraising people and performance / Counseling and disciplining / Thinking Clearly / Identifying and solving problems / Making decisions and weighing risk / Thinking clearly and analytically.

    A Pack of 5 Management Effectiveness Profiles $59.95

    Management Effectiveness Workshop:

    Also available: The Management Effectiveness Profile Facilitator's Guide: A complete how-to manual for facilitating a workshop based on the Management Effectiveness Profile $99.95

    Change management Effectiveness Profile.jpg

    The Change Management Effectiveness Profile - Leader's Guide and Diagnostic Assessment

    The Change Management Effectiveness Profile provides a detailed process for assessing an individual's capacity to handle minor or major change.

    This is done by measuring change management ability in several categories.

    Leader's Guide Plus a Diagnostic Assessment Profile $99.95

    Additional Assessment Profiles are sold in packs of 5 Profiles: $59.95


    Learning Style Questionnaire

    (By: Chris Hutcheson) Based on the research of some of the leading experts in the field, The Learning Style Questionnaire provides the concepts and insight into adult learning that every trainer needs. Identify your employees' strengths and weaknesses in the ways in which they learn. Capitalize on their learning strengths and help them improve in their areas of weakness.

    The Learning Style Questionnaire measures a participant's preferred method of learning in four different learning styles: participating, reflecting, structuring, and experimenting. Each of the twenty questions asked in the questionnaire has four possible answers. Each of the answers represents one of four possible learning styles. By ranking the four possible answers according to his or her degree of preference, participants identify their preferred learning style. This also represents the particular stage (or stages) of the experiential learning cycle in which they prefer to operate.

    An understanding of the different learning styles helps participants select the approach for specific learning situations that will yield the best results. With quick and easy administration (under 45 minutes), The Learning Style Questionnaire is an essential resource for trainers and managers involved in adult learning.

    This leader's guide includes a 3.5" diskette with 15 transparency masters. Users can present a PowerPoint slideshow by using the files on the disk.

    Leader's Guide Plus one Questionnaire $59.95

    A Set of Additional 5 Questionnaires for 5 users $59.95


    Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Profile and Guide

    The Problem Solving & Decision-Making Profile provides a highly structured process through which to look at the topic of problem solving. The Profile has been designed as a self-scoring assessment instrument that will help individuals understand their capabilities and deficiencies in this critical competency.

    Seven competencies for problem solving and decision making are looked at separately in order to more accurately gauge an individual's overall profile. Interpretive information and action-steps for both high and low scores are included.

    Leader's Guide with One Profile/ $99.95

    A Set of Addtional 5 Profiles for 5 Users $59.95


    25 Reproducible Instruments for Team Building $149.95

    This new collection of instruments provides team building practitioners with tools designed to assist in the development of individuals, teams, and organizations. The instruments range from very simple, self-scored tools, to more complex assessments that provide in-depth information on teams. All of the instruments are fully reproducible which makes them a very cost-effective alternative to in-house development or off-the-shelf instruments. Provides survey tools for three areas of team development

    Effective team players-these instruments help team members, team leaders, and team coaches identify their strengths and weaknesses and use the survey data to build a self-improvement plan.... Effective teams-includes tools to increase the effectiveness of the way a team accomplishes its tasks. Covers team meetings, high performance, customer focus and other team issues.... Organizational effectiveness-These survey tools address the specific issue of team-based organizations. They measure the extent to which the organizations culture, structure, and systems support a teamwork strategy.

    Instruments include; Team Player Competency Profile/ Team Leader Assessment/ Self-Directed Team Coach/ Being Accountable/ Team Member Listening Profile/ Team Sponsor Assessment/ Ten-Minute Team Member Check-up/ Cross-Functional Team Conflict Survey/ High Performance Profile: A Mature Team Assessment/ Customer Focus Survey: A Mature Team Assessment/ Customer Perceptions Survey: A Team Feedback Instrument/ Management Team Decision Profile: Teaming at the Top/ Team Humor Quotient/ Virtual Team Assessment/ Self-Management Success Factors/ Quick Team Check / Team Trouble Ticket/ Team Meeting Assessment/ Team Success Survey/ Survey of Cross-Functional Teamwork/ Organizational Alignment Assessment/ Team Culture Survey/ Organizational Structure Assessment / Organizational Culture Survey/ Self-Directed Team Readiness Survey.

    200 pp/ 3-ring binder/ Code..25ITB/ $149.95


    Twenty Reproducible Assessment Instruments $99.95

    This collection of reproducible assessment instruments will: Stimulate participant's thinking and awareness about themselves and others; Provide objective feedback about behavior and performance; Serve as a basis for discussion and learning, as well as for personal and organizational development.

    The twenty assessments in this collection are divided into four sections: The first, Personal Assessment, contains seven instruments to help individuals learn about themselves in order to more effectively acquire new competencies and meet the challenge of change. The second, Team Assessment, contains four complimentary instruments to help both team leaders and team members understand the dynamics of the group process.

    The third section, Management Assessment, provides five instruments which may be used by individual managers for self-assessment of their managerial role and effectiveness. The final section, Organizational Assessment, includes four instruments which can be used by HRD specialists or top management to evaluate a company's climate, clarify one's position in the system, and improve meeting management. The 20 Assessments: 1- Human Resources Inventory / 2- Leadership Motivation Inventory / 3- Values Imprint Survey / 4- Quality of Life Index / 5- Relocation Preparation Index / 6-Change Inventory for Leaders / 7- Force Field Analysis Invetory / 8- Group Maturity Analysis / 9- Individual Behavior Analysis / 10- Team Performance Survey

    11- Team Synergy Analysis Inventory / 12- High Performance Management Inventory / 13- Management Communications Inventory / 14- Managing People Skills Inventory / 15- Intercultural Relations Inventory / 16- Inventory of Transformational Management Skills / 17- Organizational Culture Survey / 18- Organizational Role & Relationships Inventory / 19- Organizational Meetings / 20- Management Inventory

    120 pp/ 3-ring binder/$99.95


    Conflict Style Inventory- Managing Conflict Constructively for Individuals and Teams - Best Seller


    Dr. Marshall Sashkin maintains that conflict isn't always a negative influence in teams and organizations. This instrument assesses individual approaches to conflict and shows how to make conflict a constructive, rather than destructive, force in your workplace. This revised and improved edition includes new scales to measure team's approach to conflict as well as each individual's approach.

    The instrument consists of 10 vignettes which describe realistic workplace conflicts. For each vignette, participants are presented with five possible responses to the conflict, and are instructed to indicate which ones most closely describe how they would actually deal with the situation. The results give respondents an accurate assessment and understanding of their own natural approaches to dealing with conflict, and provide a starting point for developing the skills necessary to begin managing conflict constructively.

    An accompanying Trainer's Guide provides explanations of each vignette and discussion of typical responses to each. It also includes workshop designs, a lecturette, overhead transparency masters, norms, and references. The Package comes with

    Leader's Guide with one Inventory Instrument/$59.95

    Additional Inventories Instruments in a pack of 5 for $59.95 Each


    Negotiating Style Profile: Unlock Your Power to Negotiate and Persuade

    A fascinating assessment that will unlock your natural power to persuade others.

    Everyone has their own negotiation style. Now you can quickly identify yours and how to better use it to your advantage. The Negotiation Style Profile is a self-assessment tool that has been used successfully by thousands of businesspeople. It helps measure your current negotiating style and suggests how you might adjust it to achieve better results in the future.

    The 32-questiion, true/false instrument is self-scoring. Once you complete all the questions, you will plot your scores on the effective negotiation grid. Interpretative information is included that discusses each style- its behaviors, body language, pros and cons and positive ways to use it.

    Facilitator's Guide with one Profile $59.95

    A Set of 5 Negotiation Style Profiles $59.95


    Generational Style Assessment

    Chances are, you’ve struggled with someone older—or younger—who just doesn’t see things your way. This assessment will help you understand the differences between the generations and identify ways to “flex” your own behavior to better work with or manage people of all ages.

    The model is based on four particular stages or phases of an individual’s work life:

    • 20s—Gen Y or Nexter Generation
    • 30s—X Generation
    • 40s—Baby Boomers
    • 50s—Builder Generation

    Developed by Dr. Jon Warner & Anne Sandberg, the Generational Style Assessment asks you to read a range of different workplace scenarios and then choose the answer that best describes what you would do in a given circumstance.

    Sample scenarios:

    • A newly hired individual in his 40s is already getting good work results but not without irritating a few team members.
    • A valuable employee in her 50s is taking a great deal of time off to deal with a terminally ill parent.
    • A newly promoted female in her 30s is having trouble managing older male colleagues and the situation is affecting her work.
    • A woman in her 20s has suggested a night out for coworkers and has made reservations for a karaoke bar without asking anyone else.

    Your scores on the response sheet bring together the style you adopt most frequently when talking to people of other age groups, your backup style, and how flexible you are. The assessment explains the four styles in detail and which style is most appropriate for each of the four age groups:

    • Building style
    • Steering style
    • Empowering style
    • Supporting style

    Use this tool to bring age-related issues out in the open and discuss how to improve productivity, job satisfaction, management styles, and personal motivation.

    Facilitator's Guide includes one assessment $59.95

    Generaltional Style Assessments (Pack of 5)  $59.95


    Assertiveness Style Profile and Facilitator's Guide

    Assertiveness is one attribute that helps emotionally intelligent people in managing their relationship with others.

    Using the Assertiveness Style profile helps individuals find out their dominant assertiveness style and some guidance for improvements.

    Assertiveness Style Profile – pack of 5 The Assertiveness Profile is developed by Team Publications. This 32 item, self scoring assessment reveals an individual's use of four distinct assertiveness styles: Aggressively Controlling, Firmly Asserting, Passively Observing, and Warmly Proposing. Full interpretation and explanatory notes are also included for personal action planning and improvement.

    Price: $59.95

    The Assertiveness Style Profile- Facilitator’s Guide The Facilitators Guide for the Assertiveness Style Profile contains a workshop outline, descriptive information about assertiveness styles, several activities to build assertiveness skills, and development planning templates. One profile is included in the Facilitator's guide.

    Price: $59.95


    Influencing Style Clock Assessment and Facilitator’s Guide

    Understanding how we impact others is the foundation on which to build effective communication and influencing skills.

    The Influencing Style Clock, developed by Stewart Mitchell, Mariana Brkich and Jon Warner, will help increase self awareness and identify how to successfully influence others. This 32 item self scoring assessment helps employees identify and improve the ways they influence others at work. It is a powerful tool for leadership, team building, career counseling, personal development and sales training. This instrument identifies four influencing styles:

    The Visioner / The Regulator / The Orchestrator / the harmonizer

    Participants will learn to recognize the four influencing types, identify their greatest style preference and develop practical strengths for influencing others in work and non-work situations. They’ll also create a personal action plan for improving their influencing skills. Influencing Style Clock Assessments – Pack of 5 $59.95

    Facilitator’s Guide: The Facilitators Guide to the Influencing Style Clock assessment provides a half day workshop outline for interpreting the results of the questionnaire and training participants to more effectively and more appropriately influence others at work. The Facilitator’s guide comes with one Assessment. Purchase Price $59.95


    Online Creativity and Innovation Profile for Individuals and the Organization

    • Now you can have your team go online and in a few minutes create their individual and organizational creativity profiles and chart the possible gap between their capacity for innovation and the limitations imposed by their work culture.
    • This fascinating tool has enabled some of America's leading organizations to uncover and look at the gap between their people's creativity potential and their corporate culture's tolerance for innovation.
    • This revealing picture provides training facilitators, consultants, and executives with never before available look, and measurements, of the state of innovation in the organization.

    But can you measure creativity and innovation? Can you expand employees' ability to come up with innovative ideas? The answer is yes- and this self-scoring online instrument shows you how. The Innovation Gap online tool will help your employees measure how creative their workplace behavior is now and identify ways to develop their skills in this critical area.

    The 84-item assessment provides feedback in the seven categories research shows contribute to creativity and innovation:

    • Creative capacity
    • Levels of curiosity
    • Pattern breaking skills
    • Idea nurturing ability
    • Willingness to experiment and take risks
    • Courage and resilience levels
    • Energetic persistence

    Take organizational thinking to entirely new levels. Participants will reflect on their internal drive to be creative, on ways to free their mind from prevailing wisdom to find fresh perspectives, how well they can turn dreams into reality, and much more. After completing the profile, employees will plot their scores to produce their own unique Creativity /Innovation profile and discover the Gap between their creative capacity and what's allowed by the work culture.

    Use this non-threatening instrument in workshops and group settings anywhere in your organization where thinking beyond existing mental boundaries can help your company break new ground, pursue continuous improvements, or develop new products and services..

    For 1 User (1 online assessment) cost is $39.95

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