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Train The Trainer Programs Online or In Live Events Plus Workshops to Deliver

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Option 1: Train-the-Trainer Online or in Conference and Receive Complete Content to Deliver Great Workshops

For trainers who want to go beyond the mechanics of traditional training: Learn advanced facilitation of soft skills and receive ready-to-deliver popular workshop packages. We offer either completely online or a combination of live conference followed by a shorter online certification. Learn about your options below.

  • Why learn generic "train-the-trainer" techniques only when you can also learn and receive great content to deliver popular workshops in the same process?

  • We teach you our unique "Heart & Mind Learning" methodology for training design and facilitation skills, but we don't stop there.

  • You also learn and get complete materials to deliver your choice of our popular workshops in the process.

  • We go beyond the mechanical skills of basic train-the-trainer workshops and offer advanced facilitation of soft skills training.

  • So not only you learn to become a more effective trainer, but you also become certified to deliver some of our popular workshops like Emotional Intelligence; Employee Engagement and Change; Diversity and Inclusion; Creativity and Innovation; Cross Cultural Skills, or others you can select.

    For Option 1- Completely online Train-the-Trainer certification visit:  

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Train the Trainer in a Live Conference followed by a Short Online Certification

For learning by attending a live conference to experience the power of Heart and Mind Learning in action, then certifying online in a shorter, faster process, attend HumaNext 2015 Conference on Heart and Mind Leadership.



Option 2: Train-the-Trainer Plus Tools to Start Your Own Training Business

HumaNext offers a unique service to those seeking to start or expand their employee training business as well as those looking to enhance their training and facilitation skills. Here is why HumaNext certification is the most valuable service you can find in this regard:

1- It is the only opportunity for you to get certified in more than one popular topic / workshop in the same process. Most other providers certify you in one topic such as emotional intelligence or diversity. Our programs, in-class or online, offer you at least two workshops in the same certification process. Up to eight popular workshops are available to you to deliver the day after your certification.

2- HumaNext offers you a powerful train-the-trainer experience where you learn and get all the materials of our Heart & Mind Learning methodology online. With this training and materials, you will be able to design and deliver much more effective and exciting training on any soft skill topic.

Another advantage of our programs is price. We strive to offer certification at the lowest possible cost, realizing that many participants are just starting their business or are thinking to do so, and we want to offer them high value at affordable cost. We have helped more than two hundred persons in the US and around the world start or expand their training business, and we hear from many of them about their great success. Read some of their messages on this page.

For Option 2:  


Training Videos on All Key Skills by Leading Producers at One Website


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