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Learn Hour: Learning Programs During Lunch Hour



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Turn Your Employees Lunch Hour into a Learn Hour: Short and Powerful Programs

A Learn Hour program is a training or presentation session offered to employees during lunch hour. It may be held in employee cafeterias, auditoriums, conference rooms, or even an open space in a department. It's done to inform or inspire employees, cover issues or initiatives, fulfill requirements, or create a workplace of learning, communication and collaboration.

  • The programs below come with a Leader’s Guide, Handouts and PowerPoint Slides to make facilitation easy.
  • Read and choose the programs that meet your needs, and start turning employee Lunch Hour into Learn Hour.

    Lunch is often provided by the organization, or a department, as an enticement for employees to attend the training and give up their lunch time. If this is not possible, employees are usually asked to bring their lunch in a brown bag to the session.


Organizations find it beneficial to provide learning programs during lunch for many reasons:

  • Improve employee skills
  • Create the learning organization
  • Reinforce the corporate culture
  • Create awareness of critical issues
  • Introduce new initiatives
  • Compliment training and development programs
  • Improve communication throughout the organization
  • Offer it as employee perk (if company provides the lunch)
  • Build team spirit (people who eat and learn together, work better together.)
  • Raise employee morale
  • Establish a caring organizational climate
  • Satisfy state or federally mandated programs such as health and safety requirements
  • A team may do it to start a project


How to Turn Employees Lunch Hour into Learn Hour

  • Design it carefully to offer a blend of information, interest and excitement.
  • Market it effectively, mentioning that lunch will be provided.
  • Select training or presentation topics that are important, fun, or both
  • Highlight the benefits of attending.
  • Invite key, popular people to participate to show leadership commitment and indicate value.
  • Get maximum mileage out of it by promoting its role as a corporate culture builder and morale booster.
  • Don't spend too much on food, yet don't be too stingy either. Moderation is best.
  • Invite speakers from within the organization but make sure they are effective speakers or your program will lose its good reputation fast.
  • You may get speakers from outside. Some local businesses, social or cultural organizations or personalities might send you speakers at no cost.
  • Your training department might want to offer short, fast, and fun Mini-workshops to support their training efforts

(See below for ready-to-deliver training programs specifically designed for fast learning during lunch hour.)


Our Learn-Hour Mini Workshops offer the following benefits:

  • You get everything you need to hold a complete training workshop or presentation in as little as 45 minutes and to up to two hours if you want.

  • Some programs come with a Leader's Guide and PowerPoint slides which take you step-by-step through the process of facilitating the workshop.

  • These programs are delivered by e-mail, saving you shipping dollars and time. The others, like the video presentations and the Table-Top Training Kits, must be shipped to you.


Teach Employees During Lunch How to Work as a Team

A Team Building and Improvement Mini Workshop in One or Two Hours

You get every thing you need to deliver this activity-based session:

  • A Leader's Guide with step-by-step instructions for every minute of the session.
  • Participant's Sheets to reprint and distribute to participants.
  • A set of PowerPoint slides to accompany the materials.
  • A number of activities, exercises, stories, a poem, and discussion points.
  • A complete TEAM Profile, which provides an assessment-style inventory to help participants assess the effectiveness of their team.
  • A Six Part Strategy to strengthen and improve the overall effectiveness of the team.
  • The materials and activities cover the six key factors that impact the effectiveness of any team:
    • Mission & Goals •
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Processes and Procedures
    • Commitment & Enthusiasm
    • Interpersonal Relationships and Communication
    • Learning & Continuous Improvement

Participants will be able to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of their team, using the TEAM Profile
  • Understand the Six Pillars of Effective Teams
  • Work to improve each of the six pillars
  • Create an Action Plan for increasing the effectiveness of their team.

Order The Power of Teams Learn-Hour Mini-Workshop with Leader's Guide and PP Slides  (one hour) now for $129.00

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  • Learn-Hour-Face to Face.jpg

    Face To Face Communication: One-On-One Influencing Skills to Build Rapport and Achieve Results


    Face To Face Communication: One-On-One Influencing Skills to Build Rapport and Achieve Results

    With Leader's Guide, Participant Handouts, and PowerPoint Slides

    With interactive exercises and role plays, participants will learn the following powerful speaking and influencing techniques:

    • Give Positive Messages
    • Make "I" Statements
    • Describe The Behavior, Not the Person
    • Focus on the Future
    • Be Specific
    • Use Empowering Language
    • Ask, Invite, and involve
    Purchase (in MS Word & PowerPoint)for $129.00
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  • Learn-Hour-Comm Style.jpg

    Developing a Communication Style That Works


    How To Develop a Style of Communication That Creates Collaboration and Results

    With Leader's Guide, Participant Handouts, and PowerPoint Slides

    Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Develop awareness of how their personal communication style impacts and shapes the results they obtain from the communication process.
    • Discover the different communication styles available: Aggressive, Passive, and Positive (or Assertive)
    • Understand how each style produces different results
    • Practice and role-play the different styles of communication and assess positive and negative outcomes
    • Develop a communication style that builds trust and respect.

    Purchase in (MS Word & PowerPoint) for $129.00

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  • Learn-Hour- listening Skills.jpg

    Developing Effective Listening Skills


    With Leader's Guide, Participant Handouts, and PowerPoint Slides.

    There has been a lot of emphasis on teaching people how to speak effectively, how to influence others, how to deliver effective presentations, and how to write letters and memos.

    But there has not been enough emphasis on teaching people how to listen more effectively to reach full understanding, agreement, and collaboration.

    This Lunch & Learn workshop in one hour, with materials for up to two hours of training, fills this critical need.

    The program covers:

    • Listening Skills Profile / assessment with interpretations
    • Why is listening a problem?
    • The Three Modes of Listening
    • Listening / feedback exercise
    • Exercise: The Communication Train
    • The Ten Commandments for Effective Listening
    • Listening To Angry People / Customers

    Purchase (in MS Word & PowerPoint) for $129.00

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  • videos4training L&L.GIF

    You May Use a Training Video for a Lunch Hour

    A training video is a great tool you can use for a Learn Hour at lunch. Most of them come with a small guide requiring short facilitation.

    Visit our special site for training videos:

  • For Training Videos:

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