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Learn Hour: Learning Programs During Lunch Hour



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Turn Your Employees Lunch Hour into a Learn Hour: Short and Powerful Programs

A Learn Hour program is a training or presentation session offered to employees during a lunch hour. It may be held in employee cafeterias, auditoriums, conference rooms, or even an open space in a department. It's done to inform or inspire employees, cover issues or initiatives, fulfill requirements, or create a workplace of learning, communication and collaboration.

  • Most of these programs require little or no facilitation.
  • The ones that need facilitation come with a Leader’s Guide, Handouts and PowerPoint Slides to make facilitation easy.
  • Those that don’t need facilitation are either video presentations or Table-Top Training Kits for a team of 5 at a time learning together.

Read and choose the programs that meet your needs, and start turning employee Lunch Hour into Learn Hour.

Lunch is often provided by the organization, or a department, as an enticement for employees to attend the training and give up their lunch time. If this is not possible, employees are usually asked to bring their lunch in a brown bag to the session.


Organizations find it beneficial to provide learning programs during lunch for many reasons:

  • Improve employee skills
  • Create the learning organization
  • Reinforce the corporate culture
  • Create awareness of critical issues
  • Introduce new initiatives
  • Compliment training and development programs
  • Improve communication throughout the organization
  • Offer it as employee perk (if company provides the lunch)
  • Build team spirit (people who eat and learn together, work better together.)
  • Raise employee morale
  • Establish a caring organizational climate
  • Satisfy state or federally mandated programs such as health and safety requirements
  • A team may do it to start a project


How to Turn Employees Lunch Hour into Learn Hour

  • Design it carefully to offer a blend of information, interest and excitement.
  • Market it effectively, mentioning that lunch will be provided.
  • Select training or presentation topics that are important, fun, or both
  • Highlight the benefits of attending.
  • Invite key, popular people to participate to show leadership commitment and indicate value.
  • Get maximum mileage out of it by promoting its role as a corporate culture builder and morale booster.
  • Don't spend too much on food, yet don't be too stingy either. Moderation is best.
  • Invite speakers from within the organization but make sure they are effective speakers or your program will lose its good reputation fast.
  • You may get speakers from outside. Some local businesses, social or cultural organizations or personalities might send you speakers at no cost.
  • Your training department might want to offer short, fast, and fun Mini-workshops to support their training efforts

(See below for ready-to-deliver training programs specifically designed for fast learning during lunch hour.)


Our Learn-Hour Mini Workshops offer the following benefits:

  • You get everything you need to hold a complete training workshop or presentation in as little as 45 minutes and to up to two hours if you want.

  • Some programs come with a Leader's Guide and PowerPoint slides which take you step-by-step through the process of facilitating the workshop.

  • Some programs are delivered by e-mail, saving you shipping dollars and time. The others, like the video presentations and the Table-Top Training Kits, must be shipped to you.

These programs are offered at a price not often seen in the world of training, ranging from $95 up to $249


Teach Employees During Lunch How to Work as a Team

A Team Building and Improvement Mini Workshop in One or Two Hours

You get every thing you need to deliver this activity-based session:

  • A Leader's Guide with step-by-step instructions for every minute of the session.
  • Participant's Sheets to reprint and distribute to participants.
  • A set of PowerPoint slides to accompany the materials.
  • A number of activities, exercises, stories, a poem, and discussion points.
  • A complete TEAM Profile, which provides an assessment-style inventory to help participants assess the effectiveness of their team.
  • A Six Part Strategy to strengthen and improve the overall effectiveness of the team.
  • The materials and activities cover the six key factors that impact the effectiveness of any team:
    • Mission & Goals •
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Processes and Procedures
    • Commitment & Enthusiasm
    • Interpersonal Relationships and Communication
    • Learning & Continuous Improvement

Participants will be able to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of their team, using the TEAM Profile
  • Understand the Six Pillars of Effective Teams
  • Work to improve each of the six pillars
  • Create an Action Plan for increasing the effectiveness of their team.

Order The Power of Teams Learn-Hour Mini-Workshop wth Leader's Guide and PP Slides  (one hour) now for $119

Learn-Hour-Face to Face.jpg


Face To Face Communication: One-On-One Influencing Skills to Build Rapport and Achieve Results

With Leader's Guide, Participant Handouts, and PowerPoint Slides

With interactive exercises and role plays, participants will learn the following powerful speaking and influencing techniques:

  • Give Positive Messages
  • Make "I" Statements
  • Describe The Behavior, Not the Person
  • Focus on the Future
  • Be Specific
  • Use Empowering Language
  • Ask, Invite, and involve
Purchase (in MS Word & PowerPoint)for $119.00

Learn-Hour-Comm Style.jpg


Workshop - Developing a Communication Style That Works (Mini Workshop): How To Develop a Style of Communication That Creates Collaboration and Results

With Leader's Guide, Participant Handouts, and PowerPoint Slides

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop awareness of how their personal communication style impacts and shapes the results they obtain from the communication process.
  • Discover the different communication styles available: Aggressive, Passive, and Positive (or Assertive)
  • Understand how each style produces different results
  • Practice and role-play the different styles of communication and assess positive and negative outcomes
  • Develop a communication style that builds trust and respect.

Purchase in (MS Word & PowerPoint) for $119.00

Learn-Hour- listening Skills.jpg


Workshop - Develop Effective Listening Skills For Working Together

With Leader's Guide, Participant Handouts, and PowerPoint Slides.

There has been a lot of emphasis on teaching people how to speak effectively, how to influence others, how to deliver effective presentations, and how to write letters and memos.

But there has not been enough emphasis on teaching people how to listen more effectively to reach full understanding, agreement, and collaboration.

This Lunch & Learn workshop in one hour, with materials for up to two hours of training, fills this critical need.

The program covers:

  • Listening Skills Profile / assessment with interpretations
  • Why is listening a problem?
  • The Three Modes of Listening
  • Listening / feedback exercise
  • Exercise: The Communication Train
  • The Ten Commandments for Effective Listening
  • Listening To Angry People / Customers

Purchase (in MS Word & PowerPoint) for $119.00

table top.jpg

Table-Top Training on Business and Project Skills for Managers and Consultants

The Table-Top Training Series offers several programs that help managers and consultants (each in their own version) set and accomplish project objectives, build strategic relationships, launch the work project, manage the customer relationship, and build and exercise authority and influence to achieve results. Each of the Table-Top Training kits described below is a standalone, self-paced training unit for 4-5 employees that takes 90-minutes to complete. Participants work together to make decisions, solve problems and reach conclusions. The training is highly interactive, entertaining, and effective.

All Table-Top Training kits (described below) are designed to allow a group of external or internal consultants or managers to go through the training in 90 minutes without requiring a facilitator or trainer's involvement.

We offer the following kits in both a Consulting Version and a Corporate Version.

  • Accomplish Objectives
  • Establish Strategic Relationships
  • Project Launch
  • Accelerating Authority

Read more below about Table-Top Training and each of the training kits available.

Table-top 2nd.jpg

What’s So Great About Tabletop Training?

By Christine Lambden, Consulting Stance

One HR Director put it like this: “I don’t know why it works, but it does.” It’s easier to explain what happens when four or five employees sit down with a Table-Top Training kit than to explain why. Invite five employees from a single department or project team to a conference room for a brown-bag lunch training session. Give them the Accomplishing Objectives Training Kit, for example, and sit back to watch. Here’s what you’ll see.

The Born Leader in the group will open the kit and distribute its contents on the table. Will open the Instruction Guide and begin reading aloud while the others examine the rest of the materials.

For the next 90 minutes, your group will work together to perform six tasks. To complete each task successfully, you’ll have to follow instructions, talk, listen and make joint decisions.

Along the way, you’ll find that you each know more and less than you think you do. If you are doing it right, you’ll also have some fun.

Start by setting up your table. Unfold the workmap and place it in the middle of the table so that everyone can see it. Separate all of the cards and place each stack in the appropriate space. The top card in each stack will tell you where to place that stack on the workmap.

Meanwhile, the Organization Junkie and the Multi-Tasker will have found the most efficient method for separating cards, the workmap will be arranged correctly, and even the Grumbling Skeptic and her sidekick, Silent Sally, will be looking over the game pieces with curiosity.

The Born Leader will then turn the page and read the Pre-Brief section, which explains what the training is all about: As you go through the workmap exercises, you’ll probably be reminded of situations in your own experience where these issues have arisen. Feel free to share them with the group. The next exercise reads:

This is an exercise in collaboration, so you won’t need to elect a leader. Everyone should participate. If you are a natural extrovert, try to draw out others’ opinions. If you are naturally reserved, speak up. The Organization Junkie will say, “Why don’t we take turns reading the instructions?”

Over the next 90 minutes, as the group goes through the six exercises in this kit, you’ll see them explaining project or collaboration tasks to one another, working together to understand the challenge in each game, and sharing stories from their own experience as they try to reach agreement. Silent Sally will talk. The Born Leader will listen. The Grumbling Skeptic will say, “I wish we had done this years ago!”

At the end of each exercise, the group is instructed to compare their solution with the kit. You’ll know the training is working exactly as intended if the group, at least once, decides unanimously that their answer is better than that of the kit for their particular environment. Someone may even remember that the kit instructions said, “There is no single right answer.”

Colleagues bond because of shared interests and experiences. They bond fastest over shared victories. The seemingly simple task of assigning critical skills to project phases or putting process steps in the best order gives these participants the opportunity to rely on one another, the requirement to share what they know, and the thrill of achieving something together.

After they’ve completed the exercises, most likely amid laughter and good-natured debate, you’ll listen as they answer the Discussion Questions at the end of Instruction Guide. At this point, they’ll remember this is a training session, not a game. You will hear them talk about the things they will do differently in their work as a result. You’ll hear them agree to help each other apply what they’ve learned.

We offer several Table-Top Training programs to help your team master business and project skills. See below.


Table-Top Training FAQs

The Table-Top Training Series is a powerful, innovative approach to training in both its format (4 to 5 learners sitting around a table doing skill-building exercises) and content (a process based on the Consulting Skills Pyramid). Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about it:

- Do I have to get four other people to do the training with me? Why can't I just do it by myself?

  • For one thing, it's more fun that way. For another, the value in tabletop training comes from the discussions that are spawned when two or more people try to agree on an answer. During the training, you are polishing your skills at persuasion and negotiation just as much as you are discovering new processes for task execution or conflict resolution.

- Why can't I just read the handouts and get the answers? Why do we have to go through the exercises?

  • Tabletop training involves case studies and real-world simulations. In the real-world, there isn't just one right answer, and our answers may not be the right answer for you. By going through the exercises, you and your co-workers will decide for yourselves what the right answer is -- the right answer for you, right now.

- Are the kits re-usable?

  • Yes, you don’t have to buy a new kit every time you have 4-5 employees ready for a training session. We created these training kits as a cost-effective solution to the need for quality skill sharpening. The kits are re-usable, to a limit. You'll find that you can use each kit for a training session four or five times before the cards begin to show wear and tear, and many more times before you absolutely have to buy a replacement.

- I teach training classes. Can I use your training modules as part of my program?

  • Yes! After all of the breakout groups in your class complete the steps of the module, bring the group back together and go through the discussion questions in the De-Briefing section again. Different groups will have different answers for some of the questions and you can reinforce the learning in the class by having them share their results.

TT - accomplish obj..jpg

Accomplish Objectives Training Kit

First Part of the Table-Top Training Series 

The Accomplish Objectives Training Kit is designed for 4-5 people to work together to complete the exercises. Each kit includes one poster-size workmap, case study game pieces, handout packets for each participant to keep and the Training Guide, which contains step-by-step instructions for each of the training exercises and discussion questions to facilitate group learning.

Participants apply their varied backgrounds and experiences to reinforce learning as the training progresses. This module contains one case study and six activities that provide a framework for effective Execution, which is the centerpiece of the bottom layer of The Consulting Stance Pyramid. Accomplishing Objectives is the first and most visible element of your performance. The 90-minute self-paced session is ideal for groups of four or five and includes: Pre-Briefing to introduce the concept of Tabletop Training and ensure that all participants understand what is expected of them.

This type of training is enhanced by active participation from all students. Project Cycle phases, Deliverables and Key Skills required for each phase. Task Execution Cycle, which includes a detailed, consultative process for completing tasks efficiently and effectively and a Symptom-Diagnosis exercise to tie actions to consequences in the participants' minds. Collaboration Cycle, which teaches the key elements of consultative collaboration combined with a Symptom-Diagnosis exercise to tie actions to consequences. Debriefing to review lessons learned, reinforce core concepts and encourage participants to incorporate the lessons learned into their daily routine.

The Accomplish Objectives Training Kit provides a framework for effective execution of project activities based on a common understanding of the process and skills necessary. Participants will see immediate improvement in productivity and collaboration skills. By working together to complete the training, they have the opportunity to tailor the material to their own circumstances, which creates an instant accountability network to provide ongoing support as they incorporate these concepts into their daily working routine.

Prerequisites: None- Time: one to 1.5 hours Price: $249.00


TT- Strategic Rel.jpg

Establish Strategic Relationships Training Kit- Part of the Table-Top Training Series

The Establish Strategic Relationships Training Kit is designed for 4-5 people to work together to complete the exercises. Each kit includes one poster-size workmap, case study game pieces and the Training Guide, which contains step-by-step instructions for each of the training exercises and discussion questions to facilitate group learning. Participants apply their varied backgrounds and experiences to reinforce learning as the training progresses.

This module relates to both building blocks on the middle layer of The Consulting Stance Pyramid: Access and Influence. Identifying and establishing effective relationships with the right people is critical to a consultant's ability to perform on a project and to secure additional consulting opportunities.

The 90-minute session includes:

  • Pre-Briefing to review the concept of Tabletop Training and ensure that all participants understand what is expected of them.
  • Because this type of training depends heavily on active participation, this is essential.
  • Workmap Scenario, which describes the case study to be used for all activities in this workmap. Identify Key Players exercise to determine who are the most important client, consulting and third party personnel.
  • Determine priorities, objectives and "the one thing" that a consultant must do to make each Key Player happy. Reveals both professional and personal qualities important to building relationships.
  • Conflict Roadmap, which provides a tool for resolving conflict and allows the participants to gain practical experience using it in realistic situations.
  • Extend Your Network, which encourages participants to think beyond their own immediate circle for opportunities to expand their sphere of influence both inside clients and project teams as well as in their industry or area of expertise.
  • Debriefing to review lessons learned, reinforce core concepts and help participants apply the lessons learned to their daily activities.

This module develops the participants' instincts for seeing beyond the current project and immediate objectives to enhance your organization's reputation to increase referenceable customers and repeat engagements. Participants will collaborate to make decisions in the game and, in the process, develop new insight into their own interpersonal communication and new tools for handling relationship issues.

Prerequisites: Accomplish Objectives (optional)- Time: 1.0 to 1.5 hours

Price: $249.00

TT - Project Launch.jpg

Project Launch Training Kit- Table-Top Training Series

This module was designed specifically for project teams that include representatives from different organizations or business units working together. Include this module in your project kick-off activities to give all team members a common vocabulary, shared expectations and an opportunity to build productive working relationships from the start. This module includes:

Pre-Briefing: Communication Match Game, which requires participants to match various common communication topics with the ideal, preferred method of delivering that information in this particular project.

Task Execution Cycle, which includes a detailed, consultative process for completing tasks efficiently and effectively and a Symptom-Diagnosis exercise to tie actions to consequences in the participants' minds.

Problem-Solving Process, which teaches a detailed process to ensure that problems are addressed and resolved quickly. Debriefing to review the core concepts and to resolve any issues that have been identified in the course of the training. Prerequisites: Works best when combined with Establish Strategic Relationships as part of an all-day Project Kick-Off event, but is effective as a standalone team activity.

Time: 90 minutes

Because this kit is most often purchased for use as part of an all-day Project Launch program hosted by the Project Sponsors, this kit will also give you access to a downloadable PDF: "Sponsors' Guide to a Successful Project Launch."

Price: $249.00

TT - Accelerating authority.jpg

Accelerating Authority- Table-Top Training Series

This module goes directly to the top of The Pyramid to demonstrate the practical value of increasing your authority in your organization, community and industry.

For consultants, influence and authority are the critical success factors that determine how much work you will have and how well you can do that work. The same activities and level of awareness are necessary for employees in support roles in any corporation. In order for you to participate in the strategic decision-making process, your internal customers have to listen to you and trust you.

Participants will learn the Four Types of Influence, determine which type is most comfortable for them, and formulate an action plan, based on their personal position and abilities, for expanding their influence and, therefore, increasing their authority. This module is highly effective for consultants who do not routinely find additional opportunities for themselves or the organization.

It is valuable for any team that wants to break down the barriers between departments or organizations and provide better value to the corporation. Unlike the other training kits, this kit includes a slide deck presentation. Like the rest of the Table-Top Training kits, it is designed to allow a group of consultants or managers to go through the training in 90 minutes without requiring a facilitator or trainer's involvement.

The kit includes a Training Guide, Authority Worksheets for 20 participants, and a PDF file containing the presentation.

Price: $249.00


The Elephant: A Simple Fable About Communication, Perception and an Elephant - A Short 6 Min. Video to use with your Learn-Hour Program

This excellent session starter is an animated video that illustrates, in rhyme, the importance of the right focus for our communication and seeing the big picture. It shows how we each see things from our own point of view. It emphasizes the importance of communication between teams, team members and departments.

Length: 6 min./ Product Code: LC/430L

5-Day Rental


Purchase (VHS) $320


Bill Gates in Conversation With Stanford President John Hennessy

Program Highlights:

  • Prototypes of new devices that will change the ways we learn and communicate.
  • The web services dream and future of e-commerce.
  • The critical need for research--what we've learned, and what's on the horizon.

In this lively and informative presentation, Bill Gates gives you his perspective on where technology is going from where it is today. Expanding on his belief that we're still "really just at the beginning," he shares his goals for the current decade-advances in networking and application interactivity; increases in reliability and ease of use; and improvements in productivity, as information sharing becomes more and more efficient.

During a candid question and answer session fielded by John Hennessy, Gates responds to issues ranging from privacy to security concerns; and from intellectual property protection to current limitations on broadband access. (2002)

William H. (Bill) Gates is Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft Corporation, the world's leading provider of software for personal computers. He began programming at age 13, and by 1974, while an undergraduate at Harvard, he had developed a version of BASIC for the first microcomputer. He formed Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975. Microsoft today employs more than 40,000 people in 60 countries.

Bill Gates Video Length: 57 mins. (2002)

Purchase for $95.00


Leadership in a Wired World - (Love Is the Killer App) Video Presentation


By Tim Sanders, Chief Solutions Officer,Yahoo and Author of the New York Times best-seller Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends


  • The new value-creators: knowledge, networks, and compassion.
  • The downfall of the barracudas and sharks, and their replacement by the nice and smart..
  • How "niceness" creates - not just good PR - but bottom-line profits.

Tim Sanders doesn't fit the corporate mold. He looks too young; he dresses "mod" and he preaches compassion, telling today's business leaders why they should become "lovecats." But he seems to be on to something. His new book,  "Love is the Killer App" is flying off the shelves, and the rave reviews on Amazon.com average four stars.

In this presentation, Sanders explains his advocacy of compassion, and helps us understand why genuine kindness and caring make bottom-line sense. Sanders believes that, in a wired world, nice guys finish first.

Prior to becoming a senior member of the Yahoo! management team, Tim Sanders developed audio and video broadcast ventures for broadcast.com's Business Services Division. There he was responsible for the legendary Victoria's Secret fashion show webcast, and worked with a variety of clients including Harvard University, Dell Computers, Intel and Ford Motors.

DVD Video Length: 41 mins. (2003) - $95.00


How to Build a Brand: The For Dummies Experience (Video)

Program Highlights: The For Dummies experience. Avoid temptations which dilute your message. "Branding" is more than just a current buzzword.

A successful brand builds customer trust and loyalty by being easily identifying and consistent in quality and presentation. The IDG Books' For Dummies series set the course for the company's dynamic, brand-focused growth, John Kilcullen describes the strategies and tactics that have taken his brand from one obscure computer manual to a publishing empire which touches on an incredible array of lifelong learning topics, from business to sports, from art to wine, from gardening to home improvement, and beyond.

John Kilcullen graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Communications from Fordham College in New York. Before joining IDG Books Worldwide, he spent nine years in various sales and marketing management positions at publishing industry leaders Prentice-Hall, the Bantam/Doubleday/Dell Publishing Group and computer book publisher Que. Mr. Kilcullen has been profiled in the Investor's Business Daily, The New York Times, People Magazine, and USA Today and has been seen in CNBC, CNN, and CNNfn.

Length: 49 mins. (2000) - DVD $95.00


How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People - Executive Briefing Video


Program Highlights:

  • Common assumptions about workers that are totally wrong.
  • Why money is a terrible motivator.
  • People-centered practices that can double productivity.

Challenging the prevailing wisdom that companies must chase and acquire outside talent in order to remain successful, Dr. O'Reilly argues instead that the source of sustained competitive advantage already exists within every organization. O'Reilly's prescription for an overheated labor market: abandon the obsession with hiring high-priced stars and instead, motivate ordinary people to build a great company and achieve extraordinary results.

Charles O'Reilly III is the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Frank E. Buck Professor of Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior. Last year, he was a visiting professor at the Harvard Business School. He holds a BS in chemistry from the University of Texas, as well as an MBA in information systems and a PhD in organizational behavior, both from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. O'Reilly is the author of Hidden Value: How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People.

Length: 52 mins. (2001) - DVD $95.00


The Mastery of Speaking as a Leader (A Video Presentation)


Featuring:Terry Pearce, President, Leadership Communication

Program Highlights:

  • Reaching both the minds and hearts of an audience.
  • A leader's road map for finding and using your voice to inspire others to take committed action.
  • The critical need for authenticity in public speaking.

Today's leaders must connect with their audiences in substantive ways that go far beyond the giving on information. This environment requires that people be committed to actin, not merely to change. Terry Pearce explores and demonstrates ways in which a leader can elevate a public speech into amore powerful and ultimately productive experience for the speaker and the listener.

Terry Pearce's career includes 17 years with IBM as an innovator on the cutting edge of marketing. He then spent five years in private diplomacy to the Soviet Union, where he pioneered U.S. business activities in Moscow. He currently serves as director of the Social Marketing Project for the Institute for the Study of Social Change at the University of California in Berkeley, where he also lectures. His book Leading Out Loud was honored as one of the "Best 30 Business Books of 1995" by Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

Length: 51 mins.(1994) - DVD $95.00


People-First Management: Creating a Culture of Trust (A Video Presentation)


Program Highlights:

  • The cornerstones of good business: credibility, respect and fairness.
  • How to give your employees a vested interest in your company's success.
  • The critical need for setting clear expectations, and acting accordingly.

There's more to AFLAC's success than just simply a duck. Granted, this advertising campaign has skyrocketed AFLAC's brand awareness in the US to 89% (up from 8% just a decade ago), and has helped to triple AFLAC's sales since 1997. However, name recognition carries a significant burden. Once you become a household name, any wrong move you make will be remembered. AFLAC's Dan Amos believes that his company's success has come from a reputation for doing the right thing and for putting employees first. When employees trust the company to go the extra mile for them, they go the extra mile for customers. It is this level of integrity and customer service that has created shareholder returns for AFLAC double the market average.

During Mr. Amos' 13-year tenure as CEO, the market capitalization of AFLAC has grown from $1.3 billion to more than $16 billion. AFLAC has been on Forbes' "Platinum 400 List of Best Big Companies" for four consecutive years, and Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work for in America" for five consecutive years.

Length: 50 mins. (2003)- DVD $95.00


The People Side of Great Business (Video)


Featuring: Libby Sartain, Senior VP HR and "Chief People Yahoo" at Yahoo! Inc.

Great businesses begin with great ideas, but they are sustained only through the dedication and passion of great people. To encourage such employees, Libby Sartain advocates a healthy, high-performance culture based on an environment of loyalty and trust. Such an environment is created by honest, two-way communications; adherence to stated values; and the establishment of clear expectations and rewards.

Once this spirit of dedication is in place, your organization's principles and values become self-governing. As a result, your employees' entire energies will be focused on achieving your company's market and growth objectives. Sartain explains how to unleash the power of your company's foremost asset-its employees-and create lasting value.

Prior to joining Yahoo!, Sartain was Vice President of People at Southwest Airlines, where she directed all human resources functions. She played a key role in developing an employment brand strategy that helped Southwest double employee growth in six years and fostered the company's reputation as a leading employer of choice. Sartain was named fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources, and she is co-author of "HR from the Heart: Inspiring Stories and Strategies for Building the People Side of Great Business."

Length: 51 mins. (2004). DVD $95.00

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