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Our Annual Event Has Already Taken Place. We Offer Online Certification

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We have moved to our Mobile-friendly site:"

Emotional Intelligence Certification; Diversity & Inclusion Certification; Creativity Certification; Critical Conversations Certification: All Available as Post-Event Online Options


We have moved to our Mobile-friendly site:"

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HumaNext 2015 will enable you to experience the key concepts and activities of heart and mind leadership that creates and deploys employee engagement and change, emotional intelligence, creativity & innovation, critical conversations, and managing differences, inclusion & culture competency.

The three days weave these topics together, taking you from one experiential activity to the next, from concept to application, until you gain a good understanding of these most in-demand topics and their impact on leaders and organization performance.

Specifically, the 3 day event delivers experiences, concepts, and applications on the vital topics below..

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Day One Morning: Applying Emotional Intelligence at Work

  • You will learn a powerful model for developing and applying emotional intelligence at work.
  • The emphasis in our training is not on the research, theories, or EQ measurements, which we cover quickly, but rather on workplace applications in areas like self -awareness, self-management, attitude development, relationship management, emotionally intelligent communication, and more.
  • We use the most popular and easiest to understand and apply approach to emotional intelligence, based on the representation concepts of EQ pioneer Daniel Goleman.
  • And with the post-event online certification option, you will receive all the materials, guides, assessments, and slides to run / deliver this program for your organization, or to clients.

    creativity & innovation vss.png

    Day One Afternoon: Creativity & Innovation at Work

    Creativity is now the most important leadership quality for success in business, outweighing integrity, quality, and global skills, according to a study by IBM. We offer a unique workshop that helps people sharpen their creative thinking skills.

    Participants will..

    • Apply nuts and bolts techniques for unleashing their creative thinking abilities.
    • Learn many techniques for generating an abundance of new ideas at work.
    • Create an environment / work culture that fosters creativity and innovation throughout the organization.

    And with the optional post-event online certification, you will receive all the materials, guides, assessments, and slides to deliver this program at your organization, or to your clients.


    Day Two- 8:45 AM to 5:00 PM- Employee Engagement for Change, and Critical Conversations

    Breakfast by the hotel for hotel guests only: 7:00 to 8:45 AM

    Unlike traditional employee engagement initiatives that require significant investment in money, time, and efforts, our Employee Engagement process is simple yet powerful, and it combines organization change as an integral part of the process. You will learn:

    • How to implement an employee engagement for change initiative that produces dramatic results in a short period of time with almost no budget.
    • The factors that drive employee engagement and how to develop them for your organization.
    • How to create a culture of engagement at work to enable people to accomplish great results while feeling fulfilled at work.
    • How to link your employee engagement process with other organization initiatives to become an integral part of the business of the organization.
    • And with the optional post-event webinar certification, you can receive all the materials, guides, and slides to run / deliver this program at your organization, or to your clients.

    Critical Conver SN.jpg

    Day Two Afternoon: Critical Conversations

    The workshop equips participants with invaluable skills:
  • It provides participants with proven techniques they can use in high-impact situations at work.
  • It helps participants feel confident to communicate about any tough or sensitive issue.
  • It enables managers and staff to engage in constructive conversations even when criticism, evaluation, confrontation, or other tough encounters are necessary.
  • It empowers participants to turn critical communication situations into opportunity to build trust and achieve results.
  • And with the post-event online certification option, you will receive all the materials, guides, and slides to deliver this program for your organization or to clients.

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    Day Three: Creating the Positive, Inclusive Workplace

    In day three you will learn how to develop, celebrate, and create the qualities and competencies that make a positive, inclusive, and innovative workplace. We call such a place "Amazing Workplace".

    • Unlike some consultants and vendors that deliver diversity and inclusion as separate and isolated programs, we offer diversity as an integral part of the wider interest in creating the positive, innovative, and inclusive workplace.
    • Here, diversity is offered as a necessary catalyst for creativity and innovation in the workplace. You will learn how to position diversity as a force for creativity and collaboration, thus as an integral part of the productive and profitable workplace.
    • Not only is inclusion the right thing to do, you will experience how and why it is the crucial element in creating the modern, agile, and innovative work culture.
    See more details on day three below.


    Day Three Morning: Diversity and Inclusion as Part of the Positive Work Culture

    7:00 to 8:45 Breakfast provided by hotel for hotel guests only.

    Our extensive experience has shown that people will not commit to the business side of diversity and inclusion without first adopting inclusion as a personal commitment. Our workshop helps participants develop this all important "missing link". We offer inclusion / diversity training in a balanced blend between the business and the human sides of the organization. .

    Participants will:

    • Be engaged in activities to experience inclusion and exclusion and their impact.
    • Learn how men and women can work together more effectively.
    • Learn to work effectively with Different Generations including generations X and Y.
    • Learn how to relate and accommodate people with different abilities according to the US law.
    • Learn to work effectively across cultural, ethnic, sexual preference, and all other differences.

    And with the post-event online certification option, you will receive all the materials, guides, assessments, and slides to deliver this program for your organization, or to clients.


    Day Three Afternoon: Cultural Competence and Heart & Mind Learning

  • The Cross cultural competency workshop delivers an exhilarating experience that will win people over to the notion of practicing Cross Cultural Skills in their interpersonal interactions on a daily basis at work. 
  • Participants will:

  • Develop awareness of the issues surrounding cross cultural interactions, its dimensions, implications, and applications
  • Develop an appreciation and acceptance of the practical aspects of cross cultural understanding and collaboration and its benefits to them professionally and personally.
  • Understand the business case for cross cultural skills at work and the impact on the organization as a whole.
  • Develop practical skills for working, communicating, and collaborating effectively at all levels with people who are from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Help create a corporate culture that values differences and celebrates a global outlook and understanding for today’s interdependent world.
  • And with the optional post-event online certification, you will receive all the materials, guides, assessments, and slides to deliver this program at your organization, or to your clients.


    You Will Experience the Powerful Heart & Mind Learning Methodology with All Options

    We conclude the two days of Option 2, as well as the third day of Option 3, and the conference, with an activity that reviews and summarizes for you the various techniques of Heart & Mind Learning (H&ML) methodology that you’ve experienced during the learning.

    H&ML is a methodology that infuses any training event with features that turn ordinary training sessions into extraordinary learning experiences. It is based on the following principles:
  • If you don't arouse the heart, you can't engage the mind.
  • If you don't offer inspiration, you will waste the information.
  • People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.
  • H&M Learning is for training professionals, facilitators, and coaches who want to take their work to the next level.

    And with your post event online certification of any topic, you will also learn the H&ML methodology and receive the complete documents that enable you to use the techniques in the design and/or delivery of any soft skill training.

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    The Event's Hotel

    The event's hotel is Embassy Suites Secaucus - Meadowlands, New Jersey - just 3 miles from New York City via NJ Transit bus that stops outside of the front door.

    This stylish hotel offers many advantages including a free “full cook to order” breakfast with omelet station and daily complimentary evening reception from 5:30pm-7:30pm with snacks and 1 drink per person, per day for the bar.

    HumaNest has reserved a block of rooms starting at $149 per night, which includes breakfast and evening snacks with one drink per day.

  • The closest airport is Newark Liberty International Airport.
  • Make your reservation at our special page on the hotel's website from this link:  

    The Plaza at Harmon Meadow, 455 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094 - Phone:(201) 864-7300


    What the US Army Coaching Director Said about Our Event

    The Executive Coaching Program Director of the US Army wrote the following about the three day program he attended:

    I have weaved some of the concepts (of the training) into what I am doing here at the Army... Francois leads his 'Applying Emotional Intelligence' class with a highly effective mixture of kindness, compassion and expertise. He creates and nurtures a cooperative and cohesive classroom environment, where participants are motivated to use their collective synergy to find solutions to their unique challenges."

    - Andy Kirkpatrick, CERDEC Executive Coaching Program Director Employee Resources Services US Army

    Humanext 2015 different.jpg

    Next Generation Face-to-Face Training: Come Experience It and Learn How to Deliver It

    HumaNext-proprietary Heart & Mind Learning methodology enables you to design and deliver transformational learning experiences that go beyond traditional training. Most of the attendees of our events are professional trainers with many years of experience delivering training. Yet, after experiencing our Heart & Mind Learning as part of learning the various topics of our events, they write things like these:
    • "I never shared with you how meaningful the New York experience was for me. Listening to you all and learning from you has changed the way I see the world, and helped me to build a vision far greater than I'd ever imagined. - Holly McLemore, Training Manager
    • I left the training inspired and energized, and looking forward to using the tools. I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for making the training so impactful for me. - Amy Jaffe Barzac, Co-founder, Boundless Playgrounds.
    • Thank you for making this learning voyage both productive and pleasant. I have begun to consider the challenge, and opportunity the training presents in my personal life, administrative roles, and consulting practice. - George Roets, Director, Public Health Services, Watkins Glen, New York.
    • You were all so impressive and inspiring, and the materials so interesting - I definitely felt as though I was taking part in something very special during the last three days. Thank you for sharing your spirits so freely! - Your Admiring Alumnus, Rick Richard Hammett, Full Time Doctoral Student & Graduate Assistant, Texas A&M University.)
    • Francois, Thank you so much for the wonderful class is New York, which I will never forget. It was one of the most rewarding classes that I have taken. - Bobbi Ball, Executive Director, Partners in Community Building, Chicago.


    Terrific and AMAZING WORK! Discover Great Training: What Does It Look Like? How Can You Deliver It?

      Terrific and AMAZING WORK! That’s what one attendee of our HumaNext training wrote in the evaluation sheet at the end of the session. It is a typical reaction to our work even by professional trainers who have been in the field for years.

      Great training is an experience where participants are engaged in transformational learning that produces change in thinking and behavior. The impact is personal and intense. At the end of the training, participants write things like the following actual comments:

      • Francois, Thank you so much for the wonderful class in New York, which I will never forget. It was one of the most rewarding classes that I have taken. - Bobbi Ball, Executive Director, Partners in Community Building, Chicago. 
      •  “Only time will truly tell the enormous impact that you have had on my life"
      • "Listening to you all and learning from you has changed the way I see the world, and helped me build a vision far greater than I'd ever imagined."

      But how can you create such training? You can do it by applying a number of principles we have put together in a methodology we call “Heart & Mind Learning”. People who attend our annual HumaNext events experience this methodology first hand as they learn vital skills like emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, creativity, communication, and cross cultural competency. The Heart & Mind methodology involves several key Insights, some of which are:

      • To influence and win the hearts and minds of others you must first engage your own heart and mind.
        • What people focus on becomes their reality.
        • Taking the best of the past to the future.
        • Change starts with the individual. We invite participants to adopt Gandhi's principle, "We must become the change we want to see in the world." We believe that people are capable of change once they choose it themselves.
        • Heart & Mind Learning delivers many more equally powerful insights that work to create real change in the way people learn, think, and act.

    magic-Humanext training.jpg

    What Is Unique About HumaNext Events and Certification?

    Experience the magic of transformational learning

    You don’t just receive information. You get inspiration. You don’t learn by listening. You learn by teaching. You don’t attend an event. You participate in a unique collaborative experience of shared learning and growing. The difference is significant. The results are dramatic. That’s why participants say things like:

     “Listening to you all and learning from you has changed the way I see the world, and helped me to build a vision far greater than I'd ever imagined”. - Holly McLemore, Training Manager.

    Specific Advantages of HumaNext Learning and Certification

    • It is the only certification that enables you to certify in more than one topic / workshop in the same process. No other certification program on the market today offers this. This way, you can start or expand your own training business by offering a number of powerful workshops to your clients the day after you complete your certification.
    • It is the only program that offers you complete materials, tools, and delivery documents to help you design and deliver great training on any topic, using our “Heart & Mind Learning” methodology. You will experience the magic of Heart & Mind Learning during the sessions, then get the complete program with your certification.
    • Our Emotional Intelligence certification is not based on or revolves around an assessment tool, as are most other EQ certifications, where you basically get trained to use their assessment instrument. We do offer two assessment options, but we also offer a very rich content on Emotional Intelligence and a complete workshop you can deliver without using any assessments if you so choose.
    • We don’t require you to buy any of our other materials or products, nor do we take commission or fees from you every time you deliver our programs, as some other certification providers do.
    • Some of the world’s best organizations have sent their people to attend HumaNext events and got certified to deliver our workshops, from the Mayo Clinic and the US Army in the United States, to organizations and consultants in Canada, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.
    • We keep our fees significantly lower than others, as some charge more than double what we charge, and offer only one topic certification for it.

    Read this entire page to learn more about HumaNext events, our exciting certification options, the many benefits you get with it, and what participants who come from around the world say about it.

    Basili Event 95.jpg

    Lead Facilitator: Francois Basili, President, HumaNext

    • Francois Basili, founder of HumaNext LLC, has more than twenty years experience as a corporate training/HRD and communication executive and consultant.
    • He trained and certified hundreds of trainers in the US and abroad using his Heart & Mind Learning methodology for designing and delivering great learning experiences.
    • He developed nationally recognized training programs, and led workshops attended by executives from around the world.
    • Mr. Basili has given speeches to national and international audiences, and has given interviews to several national publications on critical workplace issues.
    • Mr. Basili will be assisted by a co-facilitator.

    Be the change logo.jpg

    Engage to Change: Creating Engagement and Change for Self and the Organization

    • Whenever you attempt to do anything, you are actually encountering the issue of change. Any new project you start carries with it the possibility of change and the promises that come with it. Our work changes us as we, through it, attempt to change something outside of us. Life is a process of constant change and the only permanent thing in life is change.
    • As you attempt to create a new project, communicate a new concept or campaign, or launch a promising learning event, you need to be prepared for the exciting possibility of change. What makes change exciting is the fact that we cannot change anything outside of us without first experiencing change inside of us. You need to experience self engagement before embarking on a process of employee engagement. You need to experience emotional intelligence before teaching others about it. You need to cultivate creative thoughts inside your mind before asking others to be innovative and produce creative work.
    • You are invited to experience the power of change as you learn the exciting concepts of heart and mind leadership, employee engagement, emotional intelligence, creativity & innovation at work, critical conversations, and diversity, inclusion and culture competence at HumaNext 2015.

    Register today to save. Read more about HumaNext Learning Event on this page.

    Employee-engagement-Cr 155.jpg

    How Friendship at Work Increases Employee Engagement

    • According to research by the Gallup Organization, personal friendships at work can increase satisfaction by as much as 50%. The Gallup’s study entitled Vital Friends: The People You Can’t Afford To Live Without, which was based on more than 5 million interviews, showed that people with three friends at work were 46% more likely to be extremely satisfied with their jobs and 88% more likely to be satisfied with their lives, as well as having fewer work-related accidents and being more engaged with customers.
    • In fact, Gallup’s Q-12 employee engagement benchmark survey includes the question, ‘Do I have a best friend at work?’ as one of the indicators of greater engagement in the workplace, with links to higher levels of productivity, profit, employee retention and customer satisfaction.
    • As a result, your employee engagement initiative should include strategies to facilitate the development and sustenance of friendships among employees. One of the ways to start this off is by offering retreats where employees can learn together. While acquiring vital business-related skills, employees often find themselves making long-term friendships with their co-workers through the sharing of personal development opportunities, experiences, plans, and ideas.

    Learn more about creating employee engagement at work with emotional intelligence, innovation, and inclusin at HumaNext event. Read more on this page.


    Want to Start or Expand Your Training Business?

    Want to start your own employee training business? Want to increase the number and quality of workshops you offer? The answer to both situations is: HumaNext 2015. By attending our annual event, you will learn popular workshop topics needed by today’s organizations, and you will have the option of getting certified in these topics to deliver them to your internal or external clients. In addition, you will learn our Heart & Mind Learning methodology for designing and delivering great training. Register on this page.


    More Certification Benefits: Get Our Assessments at a Discount

    You will receive a complete workshop facilitation package for each workshop you get certified to deliver. This includes a comprehensive step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide and a set of PowerPoint slides to enable you to deliver the workshop with ease, and a reproducible Participant’s Workbook. You will be able to reproduce the Workbooks for hundreds of participants in your workshops at no additional charge, unlike many other certification providers who charge you for each workbook every time you deliver a workshop.

    HumaNext certification gives you access to our online profiling center to start the process of “discovering yourself” by taking inventories of your awareness, attitudes, and skills in the competencies covered in your certification workshop.

    We use the most relevant profiles and assessments in the areas covered by our workshops. For example, for Emotional Intelligence we offer a choice of in print or online assessment to suit your clients’ needs. We also offer a large selection of other print and online assessments covering a wide range of topics and competencies.

    Your certification enables you to offer our assessments / profiles to your clients at a discount and mark it up to make a profit. Here are some of the profiles you can offer your clients:

    • Emotional Intelligence Profile.
    • Creativity and Innovation Profile and Innovation Gap
    • Inside-out Profile for personal transformation
    • Communication Effectiveness Profile
    • Valuing Diversity Profile
    • Cross Cultural Skills Profile
    • Team Effectiveness Profile
    • Culture Compass for Corporate Culture Assessment


    HumaNext Has Helped Many Professionals Build Their Training Business. We Can Help You Too

    Our HumaNext certification program gives you the opportunity to build or expand your training business by certifying you to deliver our powerful workshops to your internal or external clients.

    Some of our certified affiliates in the US and abroad were able to deliver our workshops to clients within a few weeks of their certification. With trainers charging between $2000 and $5000 per workshop, you will recoup your entire investment in the HumaNext certification after securing your first assignment.

    A Letter from one HumaNext Certified Affiliate a few weeks after certification:

    "I had my first run of the Applying EQ at Work seminar with the management team of Samsung (a multinational Korean firm here in the Philippine with 4000 employees). The 2 day seminar worked really fine and they all left with so many "take home benefits" from it. This was evidenced by the evaluation they had on me as the speaker and about the design of the seminar and contents." - Ging Igual, Consultant, Philippine

    HumaNext 2015-398.jpg

    What People Said About Our Events

    • I definitely felt as though I was taking part in something very special during the last three days. I left the training inspired and energized, and looking forward to using the tools. Thank you for making the training so impactful for me. - Amy Jaffe Barzac, Co-founder, Boundless Playgrounds.
    • You were all so impressive and inspiring, and the materials so interesting. Thank you for sharing your spirits so freely! - Rick Richard Hammett, Full Doctoral Student & Graduate Assistant, Texas A&M University.
    • Thank you so much for the wonderful class which I will never forget. It was one of the most rewarding classes that I have taken. I look forward to collaborations with the great people I met at the class and a rewarding relationship with HumanNext. - Bobbi Ball, Executive Director, Partners in Community Building, Chicago.

    Video Testimonial by Maureen Staiano, Trainer and Coach at the end of HumaNext 2010


    Unconference N366.jpg

    Conferences or Boot Camps- Which Are Better and Why?

    Conferences usually offer a large number of speakers covering as many topics, and are attended by hundreds or even thousands of attendees. Conferences are valuable when you want to get an overview of the trends in your field and quickly learn a bit about topics. Due to the mass nature of conferences, you usually spend most of the time sitting in a large hall listening to lecture-type presentations with no participation on your part.

    Boot camps are valuable when you want to become skilled in a limited number of topics on an experiential level. The number of attendees is usually small to give ample opportunities for participation, discussions, activities, and shared learning.

    HumaNext events are all of the Boot Camp type, or “Un-conferences”. We limit the number of participants to about 30 who spend the time immersed in the topics. The boot camps allow for intense, experiential, and personal learning unobtainable through traditional conferences covering dozens of topics and sessions. Moreover, all our Boot Camps are designed and delivered using our Heart & Mind Learning methodology, resulting in a much more powerful and meaningful learning experience for participants. Learn more about it on this page.

    Training-Upside Down.jpg

    How to Engage and Influence Attendees by Turning Your Event Upside Down

    The graphic on the right is not turned on its head by mistake. It’s done on purpose to say that you need to “think different” and turn things upside down as you design and deliver learning or communication events that engage and influence your audience.

    Are you still designing and delivering training or communication / information events the old way, causing many participants to sleep in their seats or not even show up for the event? At HumaNext, since its inception in 2002, we have been working to change this sad state of affairs. In 2007, we introduced a new experimental training methodology called Heart & Mind Learning and applied it to one of our HumaNext train-the-trainer events. Our thinking was: since the business-as-usual way of delivering training is not working, we must try something different; we must turn training upside down. Instead of attendees coming to the session expecting to be lectured to by the trainer, we said: “What if they participate in delivering the presentations themselves?” And you can think the same way about other events that aim at educating and communicating with any audience.

    We experimented with a number of non-traditional approaches to training, learning, and communicating, including concepts like “Learning by Teaching”; “Social Learning”; “Pre-and-Post Event Communication”; “Discovery Design”; “Past-to-Present”; “Remarkable Openers”; “Energy-Generating Moments”, and others. The results astonished us: We received comments like these: “Only time will truly tell the enormous impact that you have had on my life", and “I definitely felt as though I was taking part in something very special during the last three days. I left the training inspired and energized, and looking forward to using the tools. Thank you for making the training so impactful for me. - Amy Jaffe Barzac, Co-founder, Boundless Playgrounds.

    Since that time, our Heart & Mind methodology has been further developed, refined, and integrated into all our events. What is great about it is that you can apply it to any event topic, whether soft skill training or communication and educatation event. You can experience the powerful impact of the Heart & Mind Methedology by attending any of HumaNext public events- read about HumaNext 2015 on this page.

    Humanext 2015 M.jpg

    The HumaNext Un-Conference: Why You Should Attend One

    The learning events offered by HumaNext are best described as Un-Conferences. In a traditional conference, you may get lost among 200 or even 2000 strangers. You have to hurry from one session to another in a different, distant hall, sometimes ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. You sit passively listening to two dozen or so “speakers” overwhelming you with tons of “data” presented in hundreds of PowerPoint slides. You might not even exchange a word with anybody else in the room. After three days of this, you end up collecting piles of handouts, brochures, and books that you bring back to your office and usually never look at them again.

    In a HumaNext boot campe, or Un-Conference, on the other hand, you arrive at 9:00 AM the first day and you are met with a person, usually a colleague, who welcomes you and invites to get involved in a “welcoming activity” that is going on right now. The activity gets you to immediately start walking and talking to one, then anther, then a third colleague. Within 15 minutes of your arrival, you would have met four or more colleagues and exchanged information about the topics, your needs and goals of attending.

    You will then sit with your colleagues, some of them you have already met, in a U shape or round tables so that each person can see and talk to all others as well as to the facilitator. For the next 15 minutes, you will be engaged in two or three “Opening Activities” that together deliver a surprising insight, or shock, to your normal ways of perceiving, thinking, and feeling. These first 30 minutes of your arrival open the way to three days of equally intense, rich, and deeply meaningful journey of discovery and growth in a climate of excitement, fun, and social learning.

    Every hour of those days is designed to deliver to you a unique “experience”, not data. You will not just receive information. You will experience transformation. You can receive information easily by reading a book. Our events primarily and above all else deliver an experience, not just knowledge, ensuring more lasting and meaningful learning. You will be offered the option of “teaching” a short segment of the content. Why? Because we put to test the notion that says that the best way to learn a topic is to teach it. And our experience with this radical concept over the past years has proved this notion to be very true.


    Does Training Work? Can People Change? Here Is the Scientific Proof

    When a leader uses an aggressive or negative communication style that alienates and demoralizes his staff, can training help him? Can he learn to change his communication style, even when communication is connected to such mental traits like thinking and attitude?

    This question lies at the heart of training, as it invites the larger question of “Does training work?” What makes this question more challenging is the prevailing view that people’s minds and personalities are formed by the age of seven, or even younger. So how can we expect them to change by attending a training workshop at the age of thirty or fifty?

    In her book, “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain” Wall Street Journal science columnist Sharon Begley states, "Yes, the brain can change, and that means we can change.”

    Until recently, the reigning theory was that neurons in the brain didn't regenerate. Begley documents experiments showing that new neurons are created in the brain every day, even in people in their 70s. The book provides a convincing account of recent discoveries in brain neuroplasticity. With these discoveries, we can more confidently say that training can be part of a difficult but not impossible change process available to the learner. Yes training does work and yes people can change. But change is not magical nor does it happen at a moment notice. It is a long and difficult journey.

    But you cannot change what you don’t know. So for people to truly start their change process, they must first understand their mind, their personality, and themselves. It’s suggested that a training workshop on change at work covers the following points:

    1. Introduction of the latest research on brain neuroplasticity (ability to be molded) and emotional intelligence concepts.
    2. Exercises to help participants discover themselves using personality type / preferences tools.
    3. Activities to help participants discover their genius, or core talents, skills, competencies, and life-calling.
    4. Activities to help participants turn their discoveries and insights into behavior.
    5. Finally, exploration of ways to apply the learning at work, using role-plays and simulations of daily work problems.

    To experience some of these concepts, attend HumaNext 2015 Event. Read more about it on this page.


    Employee-engagement-Cr 155.jpg

    Performing Better while Having Fun: Possible?

    We have known for a long time that people cannot perform well if they hate their job or feel bad at work for any reason. In response to this, some tried to offer ways that help employees have fun at work. But others worried that if employees have too much fun at work their productivity would suffer. The question became: Is it possible for employees to feel great and perform better at the same time? Thousands of books and millions of speaking hours were devoted to answering this question. Hundreds of ideas were tried and many helped a bit, but no one overall satisfactory way emerged, until the concept of Employee Engagement was born.

    Currently, employee engagement is the one research-proven strategy that enables people to both feel great and perform better at work. A number of “drivers of engagement” have been identified and ways to enable them have been developed. At HumaNext 2015, you will learn what these drivers of engagement are, which three among them are the most potent, and what methodology you can follow to create them at your organization.

    Register on this page.

    HumaNext 2015-351 M.jpg

    To Increase Employee Engagement: Give Up Control and Raise the Thermostat

    • In a recent study reported in, a group of people were given a problem solving test and their scores were recorded. Participants were then interviewed individually and asked to describe a person in their lives that they thought was controlling. For 15 minutes, they were asked to describe the person, their actions and specific situations. After this interview, they were given another (equivalent) problem-solving test and overall they performed about 30% worse. Just the thought of someone controlling us decreases our ability to perform by 30%!
    • When we take control away from people, their ability to think critically, to perform, and to control emotions and behaviors is compromised. They also tend to become less engaged in their work. Research on the factors that impact employee engagement indicates that the higher the level of autonomy people have at work, the higher is their level of engagement.
    • Another surprising factor that impacts both performance and engagement is the thermostat.A new Cornell University study showed that when the temperature in an office is 68 degrees or lower, employees made 44% more errors and were less than half as productive as when the temperature was set at a comfortable 77 degrees.
    • Another study, reported in Fast Company magazine, found that when people are cold, they're more likely to see others around them as less generous and caring, which can have an effect on employee engagement and workplace relationships.

    For the latest on ways to increase employee engagement while increasing emotional intelligence, creativity, innovation, and inclusion / culture competency attend HumaNext 2015.

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    For more information

    For all products on this page whether you have questions or want to order, please contact us at 973-427-3004 or email to

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